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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

One Derek McInnes

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C'mon Hayes, your turn to say you've just been stringing Celtic along too.


Has gone a bit quiet, could it either be Hayes staying or the deals changed and Christie on a permanent contract?


Might have been a bit of extra cash coming in for something like that, which has resulted in McInnes staying.


Maybe I'm just getting carried away...

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read on twitter than mcinnes is coming home to try and convince Hayes to stay.


IF (and it's a big if) he pulls that off and gets the increased budget Cormack has mentioned this summer could be huge.



Also... FUCKING YES!  :beers:


That would be epic. Although a cash deal for Christie would also be epic.

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I concur.



Fucking hell! :o :o





Obviously delighted like everyone else. I was in the cinema last night and this was cracking news to come out to. Massive relief to be able to get on with it. I was really encouraged to read Derek's comments about how we'd lost quality but it would be replaced with similar quality. Got to expect that to mean that he some cash to spend.


I'll still be disappointed if it turns out we're only getting Christie on loan but the club is getting into a nice habit of pleasant surprises.


FWIW worth I heard that Christie isn't against signing for us permanently but the issues comes down to us not being able to match his wages so the deal would rely on either a "golden handshake" from Celtic or Celtic continuing to pay half of his wages a la Liverpool when Joe Cole fucked off to West Ham.

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Got to hand it to you big Al. You called it. Sorry I doubted you


Delighted to have been proved correct.

Just gut feeling told me that just too MANY things about The Mackems weren't right and have always believed that SIR Derek (and yes he deserves that title) is an intelligent and astute individual and would be able to see all the inherent pitfalls that could ruin his career and weigh that up against making a quick buck.

Also have heard, rightly or wrongly that Doc was never really in favour of moving there.

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Now moving towards the conspiracy theory that he's only stayed on so he can take the hun job in a year once pedro has been sacked  :wave::rofl:


Have heard that one together with he knew the job was too big for him and thats why he bottled making the move.


Wankers the lot of them Manc.

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The thing that worried me most about him going was a new unknown having to come in and make signings cold.


McInnes will have been planning this summers recruitment for well over a year. He know's exactly how he's going to set his team up next season and he will have identified the guys that will enable this. The fact that he's not taking the risk on Sunderland when most others would have pocketed the extra £'s must be because he believes we can have a better season than last, and up his stock even more.


The pretendy huns will be shiteing it and rightly so.

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Surely we can put a team on the park without borrowing one of the "big team's" players.


Just think Trumpian:


"We will build a team,and it will be an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful team, and we will get Celtic to pay for it."

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