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  1. Was on Sportsound just now, haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I know mates have said it was horrendous. Will listen to it myself before passing judgement
  2. How are we too good to go down? We’re losing to everyone and not even unlucky about it. Give him a season and we’ll be down. p.s, don’t want cormack out. Not many would have stuck by the club in testing times, for that I’m grateful.
  3. Finished watching Vigil last week. Really good although a few suspect moments. Started watching Cobra, which I believe is a Sky production from last year? Seems ok, although I didn't understand why Sky news would still be broadcasting when no-one has electricity (apart from govt agencies etc).
  4. Well, I did wake up in time for this, but opted not to bother when I saw it was 1-0 them. This is absolute dog shite.
  5. First evening game for a while, great as it means I might actually get to watch it. Round about the boys wake up time. Should be a good boozy crowd for it too, whole days drinking in Dundee , what could go wrong obviously we’re all pretty nervous about this one, right? A lot of teams have managed to get first wins against us this season and sounded like they were unlucky against the Huns but no idea about against the saints. Having only watched our highlights, gone from what’s been said here and a couple of podcasts, it’s been hard to tell whether we were or not so I’m going to go for a score draw here. Our defence is pish and we’re just not clinical enough when we’re in decent attacking situations. Feels like jan is a long way away and too many players not stepping up to the plate. Manager aside, the players are not giving their all. is hedges likely to feature this time? We’re going to rely far too heavily on him but need him to perform. Feels like he might have made the difference last week. As I said, think this’ll be a score draw, our defence is too shite and jittery to cope. Be interesting how McKenzie and Ramsay react to the public criticism from Glass. Form wise, theirs is better than ours, however head 2 head, we’ve not dropped points against them since 2015. out bed home brew day 2-2 , Ramirez and Hayes
  6. Continuing the geordie anguish (sorry Al). I’d find it amusing. And yeah, completely acknowledging your latter point. No denying it. I’m sure I say the same whenever a big money consortium comes in.
  7. I’d find it funnier if they failed completely tbh
  8. So how is life like on the ground in the UK? Has the “petrol” crisis eased now? My folks were saying there’s also a shortage of meat and a few other products in London. Only get snippets of news and I’ve grown weary of the UK press.
  9. How is your dons hiatus going , Jute?
  10. Listening to the sport sound podcast, they really are split about whether it’s going to work out. Many think there are glimpses and periods of good play. Possibly unlucky not to get the win yesterday.
  11. Fuck, I nailed it. If only I was a betting man. I did wake to think thank fuck it was only two. But it seems hard to judge this game, lots of very differing opinions here, online and in chats. how did woods do? I know slim mentioned his distribution was poor, but was there any difference to having Lewis in goal? still, hard to see where these next 3 points are going to come, think we all need to adopt the brace position.
  12. Will check them out , Dad anyone seen the new bond yet? Gonna try book it in the next couple of weeks , babysitters pending. not sure what to make of the prospective new matrix either. Hoping it won’t be a complete let down
  13. Silly season has started early
  14. Not really looking forward to this one, despite what my Tim mate thinks. He thinks we’ll be due our first win in 9 games. Not seen any of them to even make a judgement but maybe it’ll be a score draw. The loss against st. mirren was truly embarrassing. Regardless of going down a man, we shouldn’t have capitulated like we did. I would expect more from a team containing brown. Do we go three at the back and try woods? I’m not sure tbh. out bed bed bed 2-1 Tims , Ferguson
  15. Not sure devlin has anything to do it. The guy was pish long before Lewis started his wobbles. McKenna, yes. Captaincy, yes.
  16. How the fuck have we not won a game since Consi got injured?!? Pathetic. That's not deriding consi, more how long it's been.
  17. I’ve missed quite a few games this season, and he’s certainly looked suspect in the games I’ve seen, but has he really been as bad as some have made out? I’d put a lot of it down to not having a stable defence. Or even a competent one.
  18. I’ve missed quite a few games this season, and he’s certainly looked suspect in the games I’ve seen, but has he really been as bad as some have made out? I’d put a lot of it down to not having a stable defence. Or even a competent one.
  19. So what do we want to see in this game? Other than the obvious win, I wonder if we’ll finally see a reaction from the team and management. International break seems to have done fuck all so be surprised if the following week does much but who knows. I really can’t believe how reliant we’re going to be on hedges actually performing for us to even consider making the top 6 this season. Hopefully we can make something work, as the next few games after that a wouldn’t appear to be point winners at the moment. Has there been any news on Bates? I’m hoping it was just a knock and he’s full fit for the game or we’re in for another shitefest. Gallagher has proved to be yet another dud, his partner must have carried him through that Motherwell team. Still trying to channel pandas optimistic outlook, honest! out bed bed bed 1-1, Ferguson pen.
  20. Does anyone know how Cammy Devlin got on at Hearts today? He'll suit them to a T. If we didn't have a billion CM's, I'd have wanted us to sign him. Another on the Phoenix connection, I see Sheridan made his Dundee debut today. Don't think he'll be scoring many goals, was very much a nearly man here.
  21. It was what prompted my question. I was surprised by that result.
  22. What’s the deal with Spartans these days? They any good?
  23. Take no joy in predicting that loss, but we’re far too predictable at the moment. Early days I know but it’s hard to see how glass turns this around. I don’t think it sounds like he has a clue. It’s going to be a long year.
  24. I don’t hold out much hope tbh. Anything meaningful will still require the arse cheeks buy in and anything that reduces their own personal income would be a non starter. We had that chance.
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