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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. That's the sort of lazy attitude that leads us to discussing former St Mirren players on two separate threads.
  2. It's been in the other transfer news thread for a day, it's old news. Next you'll be telling us about a general election. In the Scotland squad thread.
  3. There should be a different thread for this type of news.
  4. Christ, his agent does seem to have undersold him a bit. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they're another side that has been bought by large pocketed foreigners or whatever. I have to admit, he didn't impress that much last time we played them, compared with the previous meeting, but he still seemed to be a midfielder that covered a lot of ground, which is what we'll need. Anyway, once Barron signs a new four year deal, we'll quickly forget about him.
  5. I expect Jack is there because Clarke is loyal to his players. I expect that him and Kelly will drop out of the 28. I'd also probably have Souttar ahead of one of Hanley or Cooper (we've actually got seven centre backs, as Tierney will definitely be playing left of the three). Clarke does seem to have a tendency to let his squads get a bit stale because of his need to remain loyal to those that played in qualifying. Surely Doig in for one of the centre backs, Barron in for Jack and Johnson in place of one of the goalkeepers would have aided the transition. I expect we'll see quite a few not play again after this tournament, without having featured, or only minimal minutes on the park.
  6. I thought Tierney was honking anytime he played right back previously. It was like playing with a man down. Maybe he's improved, but I'd probably stick with Ralston or McRorie. I'd normally agree about guys who aren't playing, but I'd make an exception for a young player coming through (like we did with Gilmour). I'd forgotten about Stewart, might be a good shout. We just have very little depth and nothing different coming off the bench. Armstrong and MacLean are okay in qualifiers against poorer opponents, but they're probably not going to swing a game against the Germans with some dazzling bit of footwork. The BBC mentions that Tommy Conway has scored 12 this season for Bristol, so might as well take him and McRorie so they can share travel expenses.
  7. Disgusting article on the BBC regarding the squad to be announced tomorrow. No mention at all that Dons legend Nicky Devlin is a right back who isn't doing anything else this summer. I'm assuming it'll be Ralston, and maybe McRorie. The squad looks a little lacking though and I can't help but think we're going to need a surprise inclusion or two to give us something off the bench. Assuming that none of the English losers are going to suddenly manifest their Scottishness, I'd be inclined to throw Doak in. He looks a little bit off first team level, but he may just provide something when we need it with his direct running. It's also a good way to introduce him into the squad for future campaigns. When you look at the defenders in the squad, do we really need all of McKenna, Cooper and Hanley (the latter two didn't make their sides for the recent playoff)? Clarke values loyalty, of course, but at what point does that bridge into Craig Brown territory of resisting continuous squad development?
  8. Yesssssssss. Bottom six champions. What a season
  9. Unlucky from MacDonald, definite red. Think there was probably a foul on Devlin, but would have been soft. Random subs from Leven there like, a right sided centre back on for MacDonald and the hardworking Duk on when we go down to ten.
  10. Another good goal, great run from Sokler and did the right thing just squaring it. Slightly lucky touch from Hoilett, but a great cutback for McGrath for another assist. Eleven goals for McGrath is a fantastic return.
  11. Sokler. He's really good in the air like. Well played by Barron.
  12. Great start. MacDonald on the left isn't going to be the answer. Murray an intriguing prospect....
  13. Interestingly, Austin Samuels is actually Gaelic for Shayden Morris.
  14. 0-2 to accies now. ICT needing three. Much as I like to see a team from the North doing well, I do like the fact that Duncan disorderly is failing miserably at management. The number of times he was touted for us despite having zero experience was fucking annoying. Nothing against the guy like, just hopefully put people off suggesting guys like that in the future, based on nothing more than being a name, or hard, or takes no shite or the myriad of other reasons.
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