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  1. Main, Taylor and Wilson were all signed early in their windows, as were Gleeson, Forrester, Tansey and Ojo. McInnes regularly signed players early in the window giving himself plenty of time to recruit further when he realised his signings were absolute horseshite.
  2. Agree with this. We haven't had anything from the bench that caused confusion and made life difficult for defenders since magennis. That said, I don't think jet really bothered anyone with hold up play, it was more when he got turned and facing the goal when he caused problems. He barely won a header against Considine but he was half decent when shifted onto McKenzie. I'd like to see us do better.
  3. Thought there was a fee due? According to Martindale.
  4. Because "optics". It's made to be a thing because football is analysed to an absolutely insane degree and for some bizarre reason held to some ridiculously high level of social responsibility (I'm more than guilty of that too of course, see the Scott Brown thread for my hypocrisy in action). You normally would never hear who the offender in Russell's situation was, other than a brief mention perhaps, it's only his association with England that gets it in the news. If he'd been the driver, there'd be more of a case here. To be honest, I didn't even know that "letting someone drive your car" was
  5. Meh, sounds like an absolute non-story to me (not to belittle the injured party) as far as Russell's involvement. The insurance thing is an irrelevance, it has zero bearing on whether an accident occurs or not. If my brother told me after two pints (double the limit) that he was fine to drive, I'd just believe him. I'm always a bit wary over stories like these, where the effects of alcohol are possibly overstated (I think the drink drive limits are correct). A 39 year old man after two pints? Probably about the reaction speed of a 70 year old, or perhaps someone older than 50 on medication. Or
  6. Been released by Shrewsbury....
  7. They had no idea when the season would start, but had to assume early August or earlier depending on Europe (1st August in the end), with players returning start of July. April to June would have been the additional cost, so 3 months would have been the assumption. They did have the foresight too, as they addressed it at the time and said that they'd rather players did "work" for the community trust. It was a political decision really to be seen both to be working in the community and also be seen not to be taking hand outs in what is a well paid entertainment industry. I agree with their deci
  8. Will more than likely tune in for the last home game of the season, so we can give Logan a virtual applause for his service (assuming McGinn will get another year). Hopefully we'll tank them. Be interesting to see if Hedges starts, he looked a bit off the pace against Livi despite his goal. Hopefully another week will get him fit enough for the first hour.
  9. Was it three months they were out of training for, four maybe? It would have had zero effect on the season ticket decision. Those salaries were, in effect, baked in to last season's costs already. We only missed out on four games' worth of gate receipts compared to a normal season, probably the equivalent hit to finishing in the bottom six. I knew there was no guarantee of seeing a match, just as there will be no guarantee this season. I'd rather the club was kept on a stable footing if possible and not in huge debt to Cormack or whoever.
  10. They were a good team who hadn't played a single game with 8 players missing and were visibly way off the pace. We played a classic McInnes match of overly cautious pish for 90 minutes.
  11. Could be a blessing for Clarke as he likes to show loyalty (for good reason). A few guys like McBurnie and McLean missing should give him a bit of room for trying some of the players that might change a game. McLean has been good enough, but he's not come on and turned things around in a game. Hopefully McBurnie will chin fleck in the run up to the tournament and he can get dropped too. The margins are so fine at these big tournaments you need to take risks on game winners.
  12. Just paint "Man utd" across the front of them and send them to the far East. They'll love them.
  13. Aye, I think that's where both Salmond's twat party and the instruction to vote tactically by the unionist party gamed the system. The SNP must have been aware that their ability to gain seats via the list was minimal, but after alba entered they had to instruct an SNP 1 and 2 just to avoid being tainted by salmond. Without alba, they'd likely have said nothing about SNP 1 and 2 and the greens would have hoovered up the list as the other independence party. The only other option, tactically, would have been for the SNP to tell their supporters to vote green on the list, which is never a good l
  14. Apologies, I thought you were speaking about when he was with us that he was made of glass. I think it'd be a poor signing, yes. I don't think he's better than Considine and I can't help but think we're only being linked with him because he fancies coming home.
  15. He was young though, he was quite tall and wasn't afraid a challenge but just too light to actually win any. It was clear he would bulk up a little and didn't have the stamina for left back.
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