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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. I wonder, has Glass got the strength to admit it and quit?
  2. He’s killing our club. Get him the fuck oot!
  3. Might have been a better option Glass
  4. Maybe the last “true” Don? Can’t see him playing anywhere else.
  5. Oot church church church (I play in the band) 1-0 St Mirren (Main)
  6. You know what’s going to happen? I have a feeling we’re going to win or draw all our games with the ugly sisters, have a winning record against the slightly less ugly sisters from embra but continue to lose against the traditional bottom 6 clubs!
  7. ‘Twas a terrible attempt at humour
  8. Oot Looking after granddaughter 0-7 Ramirez, Gallagher, JET, Ferguson, Ramsay hat-trick
  9. Oot, having fun with granddaughter ditto ditto 1-1 Gallagher
  10. I’ll still be at work cuntos! Still, expecting a hard fought 1-0 victory and to lose a sickener in the 123rd minute as a result of having all 4 defenders injured during the game and not fit to continue. A moral victory but one that highlights our lack of a squad!
  11. Good! Means none of ours pick up unnecessary injuries!
  12. Seems the LL clubs have just that ambition. An 8 goal and 10 goal win for the arse-cheeks “B” teams this week ?
  13. I see the outright bribery to the LL is paying off. A 9-1 and a 10-0 for the cut-cheeks “teams this week! ????
  14. Oot Church Church Church 2-0 Aberdeen Considine and Gurr
  15. £100,000,000? W. T. Actual. F?
  16. Oot Spending the afternoon relaxing 0-1 No Dons scorer
  17. Oot obviously Dog-sitting Ditto Ditto 2-1 Aberdeen (Kennedy, Ferguson)
  18. I haven’t checked the BBC app or news today, have england won it yet?
  19. According to UEFA he’s on the way to hospital and has been “stabilised”. From bbc text
  20. Just suspended for now I believe
  21. I think he’s gone. I hope to hell not but they’re doing cpr
  22. Got a free trial month of Hulu so I can watch this here ?? 1st game has John Champion and Taylor Twellman (fa?????) on commentary ???
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