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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

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  1. County 1 up at the moment against St. Mirren, major pressure on the team if they fail to win tomorrow
  2. Saints aren’t on a great run of form either but a win would see them level with us on points. Mental that were at this point tbh. We haven’t lost to them in 2 years but the last two games have been draws and I’d be surprised if that run changed. That said, given our current shit show, who knows. we just need 3 points. If top 6 is even something to mutter, we need this. out bed bed weather dependent 1-1, miovski
  3. Massive game for us, and we desperately need 3 points but I wouldn’t be disappointed with a draw. I’m not convinced we’re going to get anything here. Don’t appear to really be making much progress, and I would be amazed if we make top 6. Top four is out the question imo, and I am ready for the season to end. Just need someone competent at the end of it! anyway, I digress. They’ve got some good players that can hurt us and our form there isn’t amazing. Regardless, 3 points please out bed bed heading into town 2-1 killie, miovski
  4. You’d like to hope that he comes back into contention for the dons first team next season.
  5. Would be a great signing if he's fit. Definitely better than what we have (aka nothing).
  6. Really need to get 3 points here or top 6 is going to be a tall order. Would help if we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot by starting a completely idiotic line-up, and i suspect we won't. They haven't won in the league since the start of December, and their only two wins since have been in the cup against lesser opposition. I'd say we should be confident, but I've no idea what to think anymore. We haven't actually beaten them at home since 2022. Anyway, hopefully the 'Well game opened Warnock's eyes and we don't see Morris anywhere near the squad again. Clearly he knows we need width and i'd be very pleased to see the potential signing sign on. It was great to see duk back on the scoresheet, so fingers crossed, Warnock manages to reignite his career with us as I'd imagine Miovski will start to get marked out of games. Out Bed Bed Picking up the folks from the airport 1-1, Duk
  7. Good finishes for all three of ours goals, although was the second duk goal deflected in? The watched on my phone so couldn’t quite tell. Still, looked like he had a bit more about him than he has all season. sounds like I need to retract the kudos I gave for him actually changing it in the first. I mean, I didn’t understand the tactics in the first place, but it must have been something special to hear such toxicity?
  8. Didn't watch any of it, but great to see Duk in amongst it again. We need the likes of him, midfield and defence starting to contribute in goals. Cannot rely on Miovski alone. Shite result though. Just less shite than what it appeared it would be after 25 mins. Helluva call by Warnock and it paid off.
  9. Post VAR check, DUK goal stands. Instant impact.
  10. Oh dear, 3 at the back and what happens.
  11. Why are we as a back 3 against motherwell? I thought we'd moved on from this pish.
  12. Match day! Would like to see a decent performance and progression into the next round please. Thats all I ask
  13. From the club: Help us fill Pittodrie with colour as we welcome Neil Warnock this Saturday for the first time for our match with Bonnyrigg Rose. The Display Team are arranging a Tifo in the RDS Lower for Saturday’s match and a number of flags will also be set out in the South Stand to be used as the teams emerge from the tunnel. If you are available to assist in the set up please send your name and Dons ID to marketing@afc.co.uk. Time: Saturday, 10am-11.30am Place: Sir Alex Ferguson Statue outside RDS
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