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UEFA Europa Conference League Qualifier:

BK Häcken v Aberdeen

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  1. Olympic football has been really entertaining so far
  2. manc_don


    Queensland gets good press here, probably Vic slightly less so but I think they along with the SA premiers seem to have done a good job. People first and economies will follow strategy has paid off, certainly has for NZ with ours being stronger than pre covid levels now. Of course no one can afford to buy now but hey Ho
  3. manc_don


    Certainly most folk here think the UK are on a suicide run. Whilst our vaccination progress has been slow (due to unavailability and sticking with Pfeizer) most people think that our govt have taken the right approach. No one I know envies the UK right now. It's also worth noting that whilst Ozzie have lockdowns at the mo, Sydney's premier is the least sensible of the lot so it's hardly surprising they're fucked.
  4. Looks like there is some definition on the shirt so hopefully not just a plain blue. It looks sharp imo.
  5. Definitely started this season brighter than we did the last! Strikers: Ramirez - 1 Midfielders: Ferguson - 2 McLennan - 1 Defenders: ConsiGOL - 1 Goalkeeper: O.G:
  6. From what I saw (mainly around the Fergie ping) we looked very good and they looked very poor. But promising signs indeed! Be great if this is a sign of things to come.
  7. 4-2 in the end, some good goals! olywhites with their first win in Olympic history, beating South Korea 1-0 courtesy of a chris Wood goal. Deserved it from their second half performance
  8. According to another mate he’s going to be a very good signing and was disappointed we didn’t get him.
  9. Well, that's what you get for not playing Hernandez...
  10. Definitely, he was a terrible on field captain. I'm really hoping that it helps regain his focus and performance levels.
  11. Noticed they said he was team captain and Lewis is club captain? Is this just a PR thing?
  12. Nah, I don't think we've been good enough. McIness was generally shit in Europe. Not taking away that there were a couple of games we were unlucky given the stature of the opposition, but he generally shat the bed. Anyway, can't see us doing anything in this fixture. It doesn't appear we're ready but who knows what's been going on behind the scenes. Like Jute, 3-0, no dons scorer.
  13. But I wouldn’t say that they’ve been a detriment unlike the Dutch system. Dutch footballers are no where near the level they used to be. Van dijk is probably the closest and even then he was pish against us
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