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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm


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  1. Short sighted fuckwit. Guess those other clubs never existed then, did they. Ah well swift leg break will do, fuck him.
  2. Draw is probably a fair result, although I did feel the swiss had another gear in them potentially. Our back line is fucking horrendous, i'm not sure what pictures Ralston has of Clarke, but they must be good ones. Much more heart and desire than the opener though, so that was a massive positive and had that header been a few cm's either side it's either a goal or someone should knock in the rebound. All to play for though and that's the main thing! Thank fuck i'm WFH on Monday
  3. I really enjoyed watching Rama play yesterday. There was a tackle he made midway through the second half which was the exact thing we were missing for most of last season. Well, amongst many other things we were missing too
  4. First half, he was unplayable. He is a joy to watch, which as you say is a hard thing to say.
  5. We were fucked from the outset and our recent form has just been exposed. Absolutely shite from front to the back, a lot of pretenders and imposters out there. As good as the Germans were, we were horrendous, I genuinely can’t recall a moment of positivity, other than the final whistle? Thank fuck this guy didn’t become our manager. also, I don’t buy into this let’s have a sing song and dance whilst we’re being pumped. It’s shite. Needless to say, it was a fucking shite start to my day on a hangover
  6. Library pictures pal have serious fucking fomo from watching all the videos and seeing the photos. Cunts. Good news is that the game is on council tv here, HWFG
  7. Think it’s a bit of everything : - manager turned to shite - didn’t get the move he probably thought he was going to get - believed his own hype robson ruined plenty so I’d hope that Thelin might be able to get a return to his previous form. I’d like to sell as soon as we can to get at least a return on our investment though.
  8. Any highlights for this one?
  9. Hands down. And as I said, it doesn’t make me think less of him. He’s always been a Tim, but never stopped him from putting his all in for the team.
  10. Shame he's not sticking around, big heart and no one can forget what he did for the club / fans during Covid. It does irk me that he's likely joining them, but it won't tarnish my image of him. I've no doubt he'll be a good coach.
  11. Can't really complain about it in all honesty. We did well with the initial deal and I hope he manages to get a decent club. As you say, certainly shouldn't be short of suitors.
  12. Thoroughly depressing to see how this squad is panning out
  13. And it stays safe for another year
  14. They’ve had many a shite keeper. I’m only assuming Bournemouth will loan him out, but seems like he may even come in and challenge their current crop. Missed opportunity for us imo.
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