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Next Match:  Rangers v Aberdeen

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  1. That’s depressing. Along with the fact that we only scored a couple more than Hamilton this season...the big changes need to be the right ones. No room for error.
  2. I see Motherwell have carried over season tickets into the next season. Decent move, are they fan owned now?
  3. Where the fuck is everyone?!? Know the pubs have opened and all that but still Official club preview below: https://www.afc.co.uk/preview/match-preview-aberdeen-v-hibernian-3/#match-preview
  4. Hope they do it, just fuck off the hibbies
  5. 6 pointer this one. Win and we go level with them on points, which frankly after the season we’ve had, would be baffling. Only a financial and pride hit by making third place. Has no impact on the euro qualifiers but still, rather us than them. was great to see Hedges make a surprise return recently, hopefully he builds on his performance and gets another one this week. Obviously our form against them this season goes out the window with the new manager so be interesting if he tries to keep it tighter. out bed work work 1-1, hedges
  6. You’re probably right, Tom. It just seems a potential step in the right direction, but given it is ACC it’s doubtful they’ll take it. still, I’m hopeful the stadium is a goer, it makes so much sense and would be a true legacy for the chairman (providing we’re not saddled with debt of course).
  7. Absolutely. Couldn’t believe it ended the way it did. Definitely not as strong as previous seasons. handmaids tale on the other hand has been excellent and dark as the previous. also started watching mare of easttown, decent so far.
  8. Will add a bit of steel to the team. Definitely prefer him over Taylor.
  9. I saw there was also a market proposal for Aberdeen, be nice for the city to finally join the latter half of the 20th century. The city is decades behind other cities in Scotland. Fingers crossed both these schemes go ahead.
  10. Aha! Excellent, thanks for that. I do vaguely remember that now
  11. I see Gallagher is rumoured to be signing on a three year deal. Jute, what's you beef with him? I can't remember why he's a cunt.
  12. If we sign JET, hope we see a return of the red arrows corner routine for his first corner
  13. Sounds like a promising future...
  14. Well, well , well. Something to play for and a response from the team. Great to hear ! Had no idea hedges was due back today so another positive. that said, no difference (apart from financial) for finishing any higher (3rd)
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