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  1. Was out last night so only just catching up and listening to Dave now on Radio Scotland podcast. Sounds like he is trying to create a real siege mentality and would have been as well telling McIntyre to go fuck himself. John Collins touting himself for the job at some point in the future
  2. Yeah and have I missed the lenghty queue of wealthy folk waiting to buy him out ?
  3. Nope Can't help but wonder who the other outstanding candidates were and who amongst them is still available ?
  4. One thing is certain about today's game. Given the fact that Griffiths should have been serving his ban by now and isn't, then he is going to score again us again. That said I just think we'll have too much for them and think we'll emerge victorious over the piece. Out Golf TV and supping beers Watching some film Dundee 1 Dons 3 (Ramirez, Hedges & Ferguson)
  5. Could you possibly do this for the Moldova game also if we're struggling
  6. Thank fuck Decent ball in from Patterson
  7. Well you should never expect an easy ride with Scotland. Anyone really surprised ?
  8. Possession - Yes Penetrative- No Definitely 2nd best so far.
  9. Fuck sake. Their number 5 is an absolute fucking giant
  10. Very un Scotland like A 93rd minute scrambled winner That'll do for me. Second 45 they were outstanding. Billy Gilmour has a real chance to be Scotland's record cap holder.
  11. Not a cat in hells chance that Jack Hendry doesn't start for Scotland tomorrow and rightly so. McKenna's on the bench Also Fraser not playing first team football so Adams to start up top with Dykes
  12. To pay a six figure compensation fee ? Fair play if they have. Dare say their cash is as good as anyone else's or would we be better cutting a deal for a future percentage of any transfer fee ?
  13. I kind of guessed that's what had happened. Now you'll get what I meant
  14. Can't agree with that Rico English Premier League or Scottish Division 1 ? Not sure that they could afford the compensation we would be due either
  15. Ethan Ross - Queens Park ? By fuck that's some fall from apparently going to sign for Southampton Would you have him back at Pittodrie ?
  16. Shearer with Keegan as director of football
  17. Don't know if I am missing something but why would a club that will be the world's richest hire a manager like Gerrard, completely unproven at that level when they can have their pick of any manager in the world I'd imagine. Glass played for Newcastle. Don't think Dave would necessarily be overly difficult to deal with in terms of compensation.
  18. Just like 1700 dirty smelly bigots singing about Irish terrorists deemed acceptable but an impressionable thirteen year old launching an empty plastic bottle is worthy of such a furore
  19. Heard good things about Hancock. Might he get a place on the bench for first team soon ?
  20. Fucking delighted if this goes through Used to regularily go down to St James when we were playing at home as Newcastle was quicker for me. Haven't been down for a few years now as the football on offer has been fucking depressing. Chuck a few hunner millions into the pot and see how it shakes out.
  21. Outstanding work Caution a 13 year old for throwing a empty plastic bottle at the Dod Michael lookalike but fail to be able to identify and take action against a single one of 1700 smelly Tims from Glasgow's East End singing in support of a foreign terrorist organisation. P.S Not in any shape or form condoning the actions of a 13 year old but merely highlighting just how ridiculous it is.
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