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  1. This thread isn't for you to continue your sickness. Communication between us on here has now ceased (again). You twisted that too. My care factor was less than a thousandth per cent, as I expressly wrote and I doubt that it was a "meltdown" in any case, just what you ants and little people would want to believe because unlike you, he gets noticed. Goodbye mutant.
  2. It's because of you three that I got banned here and why after a long absence and a transfer offer I couldn't refuse, I'm back on the hat. We should continue our confrontation over there. It upsets too many sensitive types on here. I'm only waiting for an explanation and/or apology.
  3. If you think having to ignore posts was hard for you MBT, can you imagine what it was like having to waste time and energy responding and dealing with them? It was something that you (and everybody else who can read) had identified and indeed you (and others) highlighted and posted about within a week of it starting. It got ignored - or at least no action was taken - for four weeks. It could have, and should have in my opinion been nipped in the bud with a time investment of less than 30 seconds but that's ok, everybody makes mistakes. I've since been encouraged to stop posting on this forum by the man in charge so this subject of discussion and this thread is the only one available to me now, before I depart (or get the apology I think I'm due from a more sensible human being). BigAl, did you think banning me from the forum was "appropriate action"? If I had known that he was in charge I wouldn't have commented on the cheap shit beach houses, I wouldn't have questioned why he broke the Canadian's nose (he didn't want to explain himself anyway) and I would have pretended that I liked Australians.
  4. It wasn't "abuse" anyway. It was humour. It made me laugh anyway. He just said you're a thick cunt. The defence of veritas protects him from any libel charge ?
  5. I don't think you can take exception to "abuse". Don't you see irony in this? We don't need to remind you of your abusive PM do we? We didn't forget your baiting posts to the two of us on here when you came over. Everyone witnessed them. Now here's the thing; your abuse doesn't bother us, or at least it doesn't bother me (as I shouldn't speak for him but I know he will agree). So why are you getting upset with the currency (abuse) that YOU (and your two comrades) introduced to the forum?
  6. It is their powerlessness that feeds their carelessness. The Lord is their shepherd. They need someone to reign long over them. But they're malleable and manipulatable. We just need them to follow the right things. Modern politics is devoid of this. Thus the requirement for the new system.
  7. Vina Holtonia 2011 Gran Reserva. Ignored Rioja's for a couple of years or so. This is outstanding.
  8. This isn't China, yet. You are speaking from our future, unless we decide to change the course of the agenda. But there is no we. Divided, we shall be conquered. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen then the mutants and the retards (themselves engineered to be stupid by the state) who go - shit, what happened?
  9. Daughter 1 flying home to London tomorrow so as usual, we are swapping books. From my shelves I gave her Peter Camenzind by Hermann Hesse, a short read. Steppenwolf is one of his most famous works but The Glass Bead Game is one of my all time favourites, first read it in the mid-70's.
  10. A sinister use of mobiles is that they tailor the pop-ups, offers and spam to our conversations, irrespective of whether we have disactivated Siri or not.
  11. The problem with the nothing to hide, nothing to fear argument is that it doesn't just ignore the central issue, it fails to see it. Similarly, those who fail to appreciate the surveillance capability of Alexa and these other in-home devices, these are the people Hitler spoke about. Public incredulity obfuscates state possibilities.
  12. The number of hospitalisations in Grampian in recent weeks due to Covid is almost zero. This was Trafalgar Square today;
  13. Fuck you. The mutant offered to bet on the game. Tup said no and gave an interesting reason for it. I flagged up an interruption to go off topic to ask him, he explained, I understood and acknowledged. There was no bickering so don't be so fucking precious. If you could read properly you would see that the constant interruptions of the mutant polluted the thread, not us. We were obliged to combat his shit, because no other cunt gives a fuck enough to curb their poison. Edit: Not that you'd have noticed as you haven't posted for almost a month but the site has been infiltrated, it's the same old same old, it's polluting EVERY thread, it's pissing us all off and nobody is doing anything about it. ONE PM is all it takes, an intelligently-constructed one.
  14. Who other than a sick cunt and/or a loser seeks to drag up something that may or may not have happened years ago in a pathetic attempt at oneupmanship? It gives him away. It proves he's got nothing substantive nor fresh, it shows that he's hurting (most probably because some of us pointed out the shit they post) and most of all, it illustrates great bitterness and unhappiness. It demonstrates a lack of grace and intelligence too, like no man never made a mistake and they can never be forgiven for it. They don't appreciate the value of making mistakes. Every winner made mistakes. It's how they learn.
  15. Aye it's boring as fuck. Their m.o. can't go beyond Fabricate-Repeat-Believe. I agree that bandits and roulette machines etc. are evil and whilst it's only the stupid who play them, perhaps they do need protected from themselves. Good point.
  16. (to signify going off topic and away from the game) I've heard you say this before. It's quite quaint, and perhaps old-fashioned. Orwell said that football, gambling and beer was what the masses needed. Anybody who has ever started a business is a gambler and a risk-taker. But I'm sure you referencing punting, and perhaps exclusively the business of the bookies and the casinos? Personally, I don't have a problem with consenting adults speculating on outcomes and putting their money up against it so I wonder what the devilment you describe is? Is it to protect the weak and feeble-minded? Do you therefore consider the fool who parts with his money to have been stolen from? There is no doubt that the game is rigged. 37 number possibilities in roulette and it pays 35/1, 38 in the US with the 00, which tickles my goat and fits my theory of the stupidity of the average American. Horses and football is rigged too, with the overall book never losing, year after decade. I just wondered where the evil you describe in gambling actually occurs?
  17. I don't know why you would expect another poster to know this. He only said what Snowden warned. He then made a very good point about mobile phones being capable of being the new "heat maps", something I'd not considered before but which makes perfect sense. The asking for evidence implies that it can't be true until you see it (the evidence). The imagination on the other hand conjectures and proposes scenarios that might be, whereupon the evidence for the proposition can be looked for. We need the thinkers and the dreamers to look outside the box, or in this case outside the establishment narrative before truth can be found.
  18. This view calls it the scamdemic and speaks about "the great reset", a term I'd not come across before: - https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/covid-19-scamdemic-part-1-hard-road-new-world-order
  19. My instinct is repelled by the sight of Elon Musk. I don't know much about him but from what I have read it's pretty disturbing, the most fucked up being the naming of their child X Æ A-12 Musk.
  20. On the contrary, I welcome challenges. It's how I live my life. It's how I taught my children. It's what I demand of my clients as much as I challenge them. The problem here however, is that you mutants don't give challenges. You deal only in infantile insults. You seem incapable of using words to construct positions, arguments and debates. You have been polluting every thread and you have been pissing off a lot of people. Personally, I don't know why you are here and why you three all came over at the start of the month? It looks (to everyone) like your sole objective was to bait me and I have no problem with that. But there are limits. Everybody has thresholds. One month of this is three and three quarter weeks too long. If I can accept that you are "sexually superior" without questioning the preposterousness of the proposition, can you do something for me? Grow the fuck up. You're FIFTY FUCKING SIX YEARS OLD. Either act your age or fuck off and if you don't change, the decision to fuck off won't be yours to make.
  21. Mon te fuck min. Can we not keep it on topic? Probably.
  22. This is very common. The accusing of the opponent of what you yourself was accused of. Not only does it exhibit a gross lack of imagination, it proves that the originally-accused has reached the end of his road. Just fuck off mate. You don't have anything to say. And if you're only here because they binned you from there, how fucking much of a cunt of it did you make? You are pollution. You are poison. You are Matt Hancock without the shin guards. You are Kirsty Wark without a bra.
  23. Unfortunate attempt at humour. By reason that only real fucking idiots would have one of those things in their house.
  24. I think you'll find that you just said it. But it's terribly sad. You people are so cynical these days. We pay our taxes for a world-class criminal justice and criminal rehabilitation system. I know the world-class track and trace system has had more publicity recently but perhaps we ruling classes need to educate you delta and epsilon plebiscites better and engage some professionals in PR and communications/marketing/advertising etc. to get our message across. There's a bunch of people in London we should get in for this purpose and given what they charge, they can't not be good. The man failed to steal because his five convictions WERE IN THE PAST. We taught him to walk on by. We even commissioned a song about this. Sung by fuck knows who.
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