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  1. Basically some should have reminded Cormack of this when he kept going on about data.
  2. Don’t do it while driving or near the bairns or they may learn some new words.
  3. That BBC sportsound interview was total car crash.
  4. Ruth played 90 minutes of Falkirk’s 3-0 defeat from Airdrie. Gallagher played 77 minutes of Forfar’s 2-0 win over Annan. Jack Milne was taken off at half time of Brechin’s 3-1 win at Wick.
  5. All depends on how quickly the Glass experiment is ended and who replaces him. A competent manager appointed in the next month or so would still have time to turn this round and get us into top 6 and maybe even scrape Europe as we do have some decent players at the club. The longer we leave Glass in charge the more likely we are to finish in bottom 6 and looking at playing in league cup group stages. If Cormack sticks by his pal for the season then we could easily get dragged into a relegation fight.
  6. I have no time for him from his support for the Atlantic league through his constant carping about restrictions during a global pandemic to claiming that after an exhaustive search a development team manager from the MLS who just happened to be his mate was the best candidate he has completely called things wrong. I would like him to go if I am honest but financially I am not sure club will survive him going so suspect much like Glass we are stuck with him.
  7. So 10 without a win now and losing to bottom of the league. This experiment needs stopped now.
  8. There is taking no shit and being a mindless thug Gallagher was the latter tonight in my opinion.
  9. He will as no way our shiny teethed chairman sacks his mate.
  10. Dreadful first half. Only positive is we are not behind.
  11. No McCrorie in the team so it’s Bates and Gallagher in front of a keeper who doesn’t keep clean sheets. What could possibly go wrong.
  12. Ngwenya played 90 minutes and Barron played 72 minutes of Kelty Hearts 3-2 win away to Edinburgh City.
  13. Got to ensure we do not concede early in this as 6pm kick off combined with all day drinking could see things turn nasty really quickly if we go behind early. Not convinced this team will cope well under the pressure of a pissed up angry crowd. On the plus side Dundee are shite and rarely beat us so hopefully that continues. Hopefully Ramsey is fit after his withdrawal from Scotland U21 squad. oot Taking bairn to see her gran TV if I can find stream Pub 1-0 Ferguson
  14. Hernandez started for Venezuela in their 3-0 defeat to Chile but was hooked at half time.
  15. Finished 4-1 in the end. Brazil and Argentina are strolling qualification and miles ahead of the third place team despite having played a game less.
  16. Absolute scenes at the end. In 10th minute of injury time (after VAR review on a penalty to Ecuador that was overturned for some reason not made clear) Colombia scored. After two minutes of wild celebrations the ref is advised to look at it again by VAR and after another 5 minute review decides that the ball has brushed a Colombian hand and disallows the goal. From angles shown not convinced it was hand ball and definitely not a clear and obvious error.
  17. For the insomniacs Colombia v Ecuador on Freesports just now. 0-0 after 30 minutes.
  18. Bastard that’s another memory I had spent years trying to bury with drink brought back to the surface. Thanks a lot.
  19. Have to disagree Haar. Don’t think either goal was contentious. As Rico says Last nights was rightly given and 2nd on Saturday should never been disallowed in the first place.
  20. 3 points was the important thing but that was a fucking awful performance.
  21. Got lucky there. Dykes knew nothing about that.
  22. This set up does not work when opposition sit in. Need to get a 2nd striker on and move the ball quicker when going forward.
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