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  1. Fuck me, if that's your criteria for signing players nothing has changed since the Curtis Main show in the cup semi a few years back at Hampden. With the greatest of respect, I'll pass on that being our criteria for signings Oh and he wasn't even their best player, never mind the best on the pitch
  2. Can't say the standard of player we're being linked with is filling me with any great enthusiam for next season. To be honest, it seems to be pretty much the same bog standard of players that McInnes pursued latterly Don't think it is going to get any better than Brown & Gallacher to be honest
  3. Fucking brutal My eyes are bleeding watching this To think I used to think McInnes was slow to mix things up
  4. WTF Where did that come from
  5. Out Dinner Red TV Nothing much 4-0 (Hedges, Hendry, Fergie & McLennan)
  6. First yellow Second one for taking oot Ryhun
  7. Gary Woods signs on. Pre contract , two year deal.
  8. Won't be a popular opinion but I genuinely believe Taylor has been our most consistent defender this season
  9. Officially signed pre contract
  10. Well what a fucking damp squib that Line Of Duty turned out to be. Massive disappointment in my opinion
  11. The Mauritanian on Prime. True story of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, his detention by the Americans in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in Guantamamo Bay camp, where he was detained for numerous years despit never actually being charged with any crime. Superb performances from Tahar Rahim (BBC - The Serpent) and the evergreen Jodie Foster as Nancy Hollander who takes on his case to prove his innocence and release. 8/10 from me
  12. I'm with Jute on this one. My thoughts on Gallagher have been well documented in the past.
  13. Allegedly we are in the final stages of finalising a deal for Regan Hendry of Raith Rovers. Can't claim to know too much about him but rumoured to have been best central midfielder in the division this season. Started out his career at Celtic, still only 22/23. If true someone from our midfield is surely out the door ?
  14. Great cross and finish. Signing unlikely as rumoured he has a gig lined up in China
  15. Simple Never saw it Nothing in the press all week about him training unless I missed that as well.
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