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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. Well I'm back after 2 1/2 years, maybe he'll show up noo? Is he hiding over on the hat?
  2. Lisa-Marie gone, 54 ffs, sad times when it seems more folk younger than me are popping off than older than me
  3. Man a long time since I posted here, and yes I was Hugh, was a bit boozy when I got a "warning" in my inbox, telt em far to stick their guffy ways involving lots of swearing and calling them Huns ?
  4. Rocket min, do us a favour, go and sign up to Golf Monthly forum, just got banned on a second account their, Totally run by guffs, first account banned for insisting on calling Huns Huns. Second ban today in the scottish independence thread for saying literally "shit". What a bunch of absolute guffy fannies. I think you would go down well there
  5. As of right now, only Paddy's are offering odds, and they are 5/6 each. The bookies literally can't take a view, so they're in hiding. They're offering odds on next SNP leader for instance, which could be a decade away, but only one bookmaker is prepared to offer anything on indyref, and they cant make up their mind. You can't go on what the bookies offer as I've said a million times, but, with just about any possible market available on british politics, they literally don't have a clue on this one. Astonishing times
  6. We'll win indyref2, especially if your political forecasting record continues
  7. hey arse sitter, a hung parliament was never odds on, but if you look back I said it was lookin bad, you ridiculed that saying I must be some sort of retard, I was right, despite you backing the "heavily Odds on option". If you'd had the ability to think for yourself instead of just following the bookies maybe you'd have seen what was coming. Anyway, fair enough, in the most canvassed constituency in Scotland, you saw no snp team, but you did see our tory canvassing even tho he did very little of that. Good to know. Where do you live because this seems like a load of shit to me?
  8. I came down to Portlethen on the last Sunday, we did the tree named streets and then up to schoolhill area late afternoon. The Portlethen mob were out all the time.
  9. WAK was the #1 canvassed constituency in Scotland, wherever I was the shift was generally 11-4ish due to daylight, there would have been evening shifts in a summer election. I believe you're in the Stoney & Mearns area? I never went down there, but they hit every village in their area afaik, maybe you just weren't in? I can't explain lack of canvassing card left behind mind you. By contrast every reponse on the doors was that they'd seen no-one from any party. Bowie only knocked on doors the two times he had a "big-name" up from London, once in Aboyne and I think the other in Banchory but not sure on that one, the rest of the time he just leafleted. So I'm afraid once again you're talking pish. You really don't know much about this stuff eh? How's that hung parliament worked out? Edit - Banchory was Rooth, think only Maybot in Aboyne came up to help him, rest of time it was Burnett, Liam Kerr & local tory councillors.
  10. Well because deadbeats like me got off our fat arses, and hit the streets to drum up voters, whereas fat arses like you spend your time spikkin shite in places like this, then criticise those who've made an effort, and made a difference. That's the difference between you and me, I'm a do-er, you're just dour.
  11. 1. She was celebrating Amy Callaghan's amazing win, on the back of fighting off cancer, she fought off a UK party leader. 2. I met her couple weekends back when she toured the local constituencies, room of 50 people, spoke to every single one individually. A quite amazing presence she has. Probably beyond your wit though?
  12. 8000 majority down to 800. I won't be needed again, Scotland won't have another Westminster election
  13. Aye, well done the appropriately named "rocket". I won't expect an apology from someone like you, but what a load of shite you've spewed about politics, particularly this.
  14. Snp 48, tory 8, Labour 1, lib-dem 2, Hair, Clark & Kerr the losing Tories, with two permed from the rest.
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