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  1. Lots of worry and understandably so but I'm willing to give Cormack a chance. He's pumped money into the club at a time we needed it. On the field I think we are getting knee jerk too. Glass wasn't my choice but he needs a season at least. I know we said the same in '95 that we were too good to go down, but I think we are this year. Think we'll be top 6, maybe 5th or 6th. We needed a brand new team and he's been forced to do that. Taylor was bang average at best, and crippled Hoban was getting worse. Andy is old and in decline, despite being reliable he makes his mistakes. We're blooding two excellent young fullbacks and McGrorie, Bates, and Gallagher aren't bad players. I think they are good additions. They need time to develop as a unit. I don't think dropping Lewis was the right thing, mistakes happen when you have a shaky defense. Plus, we know he's a good keeper, dropping keepers doesn't usually make them better, especially when the back up is average. Our best two midfielders (productivity wise) in the last 10 years has been Hayes and McGinn. They're almost done. Wright had potential but left. Ferguson needs to leave. Kennedy and McLennan aren't good enough. Hedges gets injured. We need(ed) a whole new midfield, on top of a whole new defense. Personally I'd drop Ferguson and would even prefer McRorie replacing him in midfield. We had no forwards last year. I think Ramirez is the new Rooney if given the service, plus you'd get a similar return if you give him penalties too! McInnes needed to go and Glass inherited a total mess. We needed a whoe new starting 11 for the most part. Only fair we give him a little time to try to figure it out.
  2. Thought quite a bit about that game the last 24 hours. Reminded me a lot how the Dons have played over the last few of years. Plenty of possession but all in front of an organized defensive opponent, and no central attacking creativity or threat. Like you hear me cry too often, seriously lacking a number 10. Very disappointed in Christie, he can play that role very well but he didn't get much of the ball. Get the #10 on the ball centrally and you attack with Robertson Dykes and Fraser alongside and ahead of you. It was all too slow and predictable. Haven't seen much of Turnbull, is he that type of player? Or is he yet another box to box midfielder. Who else can bring central attacking creativity? Would rather see Fraser there than wide, James Forrest??
  3. I think you may see Fraser at wing back for Patterson and Christie up top. Like McTom in midfield for McGregor, he was good pushing forward against Israel.
  4. Would rather see Christie play, or Fraser up with Dykes. We need more creativity to break down teams like this. Other than that, same team and get it done. Plus Christie takes penalties!
  5. Well, big game tomorrow. Surely the camp is buzzing knowing that a win is a huge step towards 2nd and the playoffs........but I'm not dismissing a disaster against Moldova or the Faroes. See McTom replacing Hanley, would like to see Fraser alongside Dykes, that seemed to be a solid partnership before Fraser got injured. Would prefer Turnbull ahead of McGregor but don't see that happening. Prefer McKenna for pace at the back but really don't know who is better, Hendry, McKenna, Gallagher, or Cooper.......but I'd assume it wont be Gallagher given he's not consistently playing for us and hasn't looked great. Gordon McTom McKenna Tierney ODonnell McGinn Gilmour McGregor Robertson Fraser Dykes 2-1 us, Fraser and McGinn
  6. I am not doubting Lewis' poor play and lack of confidence......but...... Last 3 seasons we've bounced between a back 3,4, and 5. In 3 seasons we've had Logan, Devlin, Taylor, Considine, McKenna, Leigh, Hoban, McCrorie, Hayes, Ramsay, McKenzie, and Bates, Gurr, and Gallagher. That's 14 players. 15 if you add Jon Gallagher. Plus we've had changes in management, coaches, and tactics/style of play. Have we ever really developed shape, formation, understanding, and continuity/chemistry? A strong, stable, and consistent defense always makes your keeper look better. While I rate Ramsay and McKenzie, they are youthful and naive, and they don't have a solid and stable central paring to help them, or strong and consistent players around them. In the past we used to praise the work of McGinn and Hayes when helping Logan and Considine, or Shinnie, our young guys don't have the same experienced and effective support. Lastly, have we had a consistent midfield protecting the defense, particularly a strong holding mid filling that central spot?? Again plays a factor in a shit defense and that affects' a dodgy keeper.
  7. I don’t think he could play the pass, defenders were in the way and if he played it ahead of Christie the keeper gets it.
  8. Can’t stand that attitude. Today is must win, especially since we drew with them at home and they just got pumped by Israel.
  9. I thought dykes and Fraser paired up quite well when they played together, surprised Clarke didn’t try that today. Also wondering how much the austria game and three games in a week played into who and how we played today. Thought Tierney would have rested today and McKenna play, especially with his injury record. Likewise, I wouldn’t have played Gilmour today. No doubt club managers will take issue with those boys playing all 3 games.
  10. Brutal. Yes we missed a ton of chances but they were truly awful. As has been mentioned, no consistency of players or formation. We have no style of play or continuity, not exactly sure what we are trying to do when we have the ball. I understand you can only pick the available players, but at least implement a system and formation for a squad to learn. he scored the winner but I think dykes looks worse with every game. He and Nesbit are not a partnership either.
  11. Maybe maybe not. Dykes certainly had a rough euros but do we create enough chances for any striker to score? Can’t blame the forwards if we don’t create. I rate Adams, don’t know enough about nisbet, but as a true 9 on the last man I think Adams does a job. Play Christie at 10, and width from Fraser and Forrest for example. Or perhaps Christie wide and turnbull through the middle at 10 because I know we really don’t have a left winger. problem is, much like Aberdeen, we have an abundance of box to box or holding midfielders, mcginn, mcgregor, mctominay, Gilmour, McLean, fleck, jack, that we cater to. Add Ferguson to that list. We don’t play flair, and don’t create enough. And yes, we are limited with creative wingers, i’d even play Robertson as left mid/wing ahead of Tierney at LB. I think we’ve got a decent squad to play a 4-2-3-1 but obviously need players fit and available. Plus in Paterson and Ramsay I think we are set at right back for a long time. Much as glass has done with Ramsay, clarke needs to pick both in the squad and play them. They are good enough.
  12. Here’s what I see, same applies to us at club level too. we dont work hard enough. When we have the ball we cannot keep it. Other teams force a mistake or force us to go long. We’re also desperate to go forward instead of keeping the ball so play it long. Keep it until theres an opportunity to really go forward. Boring going sideways and backwards but it’s a game of chess, not route 1. We don’t work hard enough off the ball to create simple passes. Other teams do. That’s coaching and tactics. defensively we dont work hard enough. Other teams make it hard for us to play, we don’t make it hard enough for them. Case and point Denmark’s first goal, far to easy to play the ball forward for the boy to score. Horrible goal to lose (regardless of tierney’s shit defending.) when we played England we worked hard enough. Still went long too much but we rarely see that effort. I also think it’s an excuse to say we don’t have the players. I think we do, our premiership players, plus a few from Scotland, are good enough to field a solid national team. The primitive tactics and poor effort prevent that. I agree about minnows having flair players. Same reason I’ve cried out for the dons signing a true #10. I’d play Ryan Christie every game. But he doesn’t fit the more direct style of tactics. Just like the dons, we naturally go long when we have a target man, dykes or Sam cosgrove. Change the mindset and play through and around teams. We do have the players at national level and we see many of them do it in the style of play their club team plays.
  13. I always think the start of the season is tough because with Europe it’s two games in a week while still trying to piece a squad together. Realistically we will sign players at the end of the window and, like this year, by the time we get to the crucial stage of Europe we’re restricted with personnel, injury, and ultimately little practice/training. It is what it is. Add to the fact we’ve a new manager and coaching staff, they basically coach and try to apply new ideas during preseason then it’s very little on field training when it’s pre game prep and post game rejuvenation. Today was interesting, I think we started the game with 4 central midfielders, minimal real and natural width, and none are overly creative. I really hope, but don’t see it, that a natural winger and a creative midfielder are signed. Rumors have been said about Ferguson, have to assume with longstaff and jenks signed that lewis is away.
  14. Another game where our lack of individual creativity kills us. We were by no means bad but we’re incredibly predictable. We need a #10 who can cause problems centrally. He’ll score, create for the #9, and suck in defenders giving our wide guys more space. Other than hedges jet (who doesn’t seem to know how to use his ability) and young Ramsay we don’t seem to have anyone who is dangerous on the ball. Maybe samuels too but we’re mainly huff and puff athletes. for what it’s worth, Ramsay is a total stud. Best players we’ve produced in donkeys. Going to be another Andy Robertson.
  15. I’d suggest we’re a more long ball league and he’s pretty solid in the air. Gets less exposed for his limitations up here.
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