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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. I wonder, has Glass got the strength to admit it and quit?
  2. He’s killing our club. Get him the fuck oot!
  3. Might have been a better option Glass
  4. Maybe the last “true” Don? Can’t see him playing anywhere else.
  5. Oot church church church (I play in the band) 1-0 St Mirren (Main)
  6. You know what’s going to happen? I have a feeling we’re going to win or draw all our games with the ugly sisters, have a winning record against the slightly less ugly sisters from embra but continue to lose against the traditional bottom 6 clubs!
  7. ‘Twas a terrible attempt at humour
  8. Oot Looking after granddaughter 0-7 Ramirez, Gallagher, JET, Ferguson, Ramsay hat-trick
  9. Oot, having fun with granddaughter ditto ditto 1-1 Gallagher
  10. I’ll still be at work cuntos! Still, expecting a hard fought 1-0 victory and to lose a sickener in the 123rd minute as a result of having all 4 defenders injured during the game and not fit to continue. A moral victory but one that highlights our lack of a squad!
  11. Good! Means none of ours pick up unnecessary injuries!
  12. Seems the LL clubs have just that ambition. An 8 goal and 10 goal win for the arse-cheeks “B” teams this week ?
  13. I see the outright bribery to the LL is paying off. A 9-1 and a 10-0 for the cut-cheeks “teams this week! ????
  14. Oot Church Church Church 2-0 Aberdeen Considine and Gurr
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