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  1. Outside of the ugly sisters I’m sure that’ll be the first since we did it in 1986? And the first in who knows when since before that!
  2. You may very well say that................. .................but I couldn't possibly comment.
  3. That's consistently fed up and completely embarrassed by a certain poster's obsession with crying "hun cunt" or similar to any player/coach/manager he disagrees with or he has found some tenuous sevco link to (past or present)? You're embarrassing yourself and setting this site up for mockery.
  4. It's not so long ago Man City, even Chelsea, were hanging around in the lower leagues. "Big 6"? "Owned by rich fantasists 6" more like?
  5. ffs, I'm nae blinkered, I can see we've still got a lot that needs addressing, but for our "support" to be forecasting (almost desirous) of a big win for rasellik doesn't sit well with me! Oot Work Work Going home to my new kitty 1-1 Kamberi
  6. Oot Household chores Ditto Grocery shopping 5-1 St Johnstone (Ramsay)
  7. It’s like the reincarnation of another poster constantly referring to our previous manager as a “midget hun c*nt” Are they by any chance related?
  8. Is it just me or is this like deja vu from years of Deek? Pick players and put them in unsuited positions just so they’re in the side rather than pick the players that actually suit the system you’re trying to play? fucking insane, no wonder we’re crap!
  9. Tup quote "get rid of ######## hun bastard/cunt/fucker*" Change the stuck record man FFS! *delete as appropriate
  10. I remember similar feelings about Roy Aitken but he certainly did a job for us as a player
  11. One of my all time favourite goals
  12. So, officially we’re Atlanta 3 now???
  13. Is bringing in Brown not akin the when we brought in Aitken?
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