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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. I miss the Donalds and Chris Anderson
  2. Dons captain ‘66 to ‘68
  3. Rico, I’m assuming if we win the cup or qualify for European football by the end of the season you’ll still be calling this a joke and be even angrier?
  4. Oh just fuck off and support your team!
  5. We get the message, now give it a fucking rest and support your team!
  6. My God min! Do you not remember the late 70’s early 80’s? No way I want Morton!
  7. Fuck me! A bunch of pessimistic, psychiatrists and mind readers on here. Am I delighted by NW, no. Do I think it’s a publicity exercise or puss take, no. Do I think Warnock will take it seriously, yes. Do I think he’ll pick our best team (once he gets a chance to figure that out) yes. Do I think he has the capability to have a plan B, C, or D during games, yes. He’s a better chance for us finishing higher up the league than Barry, and if he puts his boot up Cormack’s arse (nothing to lose, no need to be a yes man) maybe that’s the best part of this appointment. I trust him to be professional (regardless of how he presents to the weejia) and do his best with us. Not a happy clapper by any means, but I’m not pissing in my nappy either!
  8. Oot Sleeping Therapy appointment Watching Barclays 7 - 0 to them (at HT )
  9. Not optimistic at all. Oot Making breakfast Therapy appointment Watching FA Cup games 4-1 diets. Duk
  10. Yeah, loan ‘em in, can’t play ‘em against them, weaken our team when we play agains ‘em, frustrate our youngsters trying to come through so they fuck off elsewhere, fuck up our wage structure, prostitution. But, hell yeah, suck the tittie!
  11. Defeatist attitude Rico. You’re feeding into their “hype”
  12. Ok, let me qualify that…. ”established” hun/tim players not “fringe” or “young”
  13. Another problem with trying to sign bigot brother’s players is that, having played for the gruesome twosome they tend to think they’re too good for any other Scottish side.
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