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  1. AFC the offenders club, pish due dilligence
  2. maybe and knew it was coming .. downed tools
  3. one thing worried me today , considine captain he wasnt beasting players motivating basically joe lewis , there is zero leadership on the park i think he cares but he isnt that sort of guy
  4. same players that were a shambles for umpteen previous games half if them will be away they dont care mcinnes was regularly tactically out thought , if you think glass is going to re work this after 2-3 weeks you are at it
  5. at home in this context means nothing , the players have chucked it
  6. harsh given this isnt his squad , this mob arent good enough
  7. dont think glass is the hairdrier type had this concern while back seems meek and timid
  8. matt kennedy is the worst player i have seen , offers zero and a shitebag as well
  9. disgrace , glass isnt turning this around these pricks dont care
  10. mcginn technique miles ahead of rest of team
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