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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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  1. 1:1 coaching in pre-season at this rate.
  2. Bocelli’s Nessun Dorma, brought back memories of Italia ‘90 and consequently made me greet a wee bit. Good first game of the tournament brought a bit of enthusiasm and the Italians looked good.
  3. If true, and surely he’d have signed by now if not, got to assume a “bigger” club has offered him more than we have. Shame as pretty sure he’s an Aberdeen fan? Any English clubs with only 3 stands and new Russian owners?
  4. Isn't he only 19? Hardly at an age where we can be passing judgements on his future ability.
  5. Maybe? Or they just know more people who take these decisions. I searched "asylum" on here and got this. If I remember there was nothing more we could do as they had to go to France, then all of a sudden he signed for the huns a few weeks later.
  6. Remember when we had that youth player who was an asylum seeker that we had to release because his families case was dismissed (as they had settled for a month or two in France before coming to the UK) and we couldn't secure a work permit for him? Then a month or so later the old huns signed him and got him a work permit. It's just another symptom in the glasgow 2 disease that infects Scottish football.
  7. Fair enough, seems to have a decent record albeit Dutch second division. Looks like a big lad and surprisingly white.
  8. Where's this coming from? Looks to be available on a free, but English Championship clubs were supposed to be trying to sign him in January. See NAC also have Uwe Rosler's son on their books too
  9. And here we have the secondary reason for his selection. Get him in the shop window for the huns.
  10. If I was you min, I'd be more upset by the fact that she has a photo of her dogs on her twitter wearing hun scarfs.
  11. Didn't we offer him a contract a few pages ago?
  12. Sheerin of to Falkirk.
  13. Aye, there was the Korean player that he commented about chinky's, slanty eyes and eating dogs. "having a go on" the female agent's (possibly) fake tits. And slagging the overweight Jewish football agents penchant for money and overall greed. It was with a colleague or colleagues on work mobiles, not private conversations? Not entirely sure that's "banter" either as none of the people being discussed were involved in the "banter". To me it would suggest an endemic workplace culture, and his attitude seems to be that he can say and do anything.
  14. I don't doubt he is. I'd say it's impossible to be worth about £300 million, by being a nice guy. More the family image he likes to portray for his football club, doesn't really fit with MacKay's racist, misogynistic public persona.
  15. Campbell should definitely be there. Maybe a case for Calvin Ramsay and Jack MacKenzie. Was surprised at the inclusion of 6 huns until I saw the opposition. Daniel MacKay is apparently a hibs player now.
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