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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Newcastle should be a big club. No hunnish-ness involved, neither projected nor real. They’re a proper working class football club. With a history of glorious failure. Stadium in the city centre, passionate local fan base, no southern affiliations (they fucking hated Ashley et al for being cockney wide-o’s). Absolutely no way they would let their club get liquidated EVER, even if this Saudi experiment goes tits up. On fan base alone they’d be top? 1? They could double the size of St James’ and still fill it (with a hint of success). The only way to win anything anywhere now, is with billionaire sponsors, they’ve got the billionaires of billionaires. It’s a risk but let them enjoy it.
  2. I don’t mind it because on the whole I couldn’t give a shit about English fitba. EPL is a different sport really. In fact not a sport it’s just entertainment. I live down here and the club I started going to 24 years ago are run like a proper club. I’ve watched them in conference, 3rd division, league 2 and league 1. The best season by far was the season they were back in the conference. Cheltenham were approached by the Russians that then bought Bournemouth. Chairman at the time gave them short shrift, would not sell to anyone who might threaten their existence. Board turned down Dale Vince (of FGR) too. There was a point, in the late 90’s where the 2 richest people involved in British football were on the boards of Aberdeen and Cheltenham.
  3. Fair enough, I can get that. I’ve never minded the geordies.
  4. Why. I’m not in favour of the Saudis or their regime but let’s not pretend the the EPL don’t have Russian, Italian and American gangsters as owners already.
  5. Gerrard would be an idiotic appointment unless they bring Beale and MacAllister as well, at that point they’d be as well appointing Shearer with those two. Can’t see the geordies being as enthused with Gerrard as a figure head as the huns are. Someone like Mancini or Rodgers would make more sense. Looking forward to another team upsetting the self appointed “big” clubs.
  6. I get that, the point I was really making was why wasn't he called up prior to the last two times when his form probably warranted it? Why now after this summers pushing for a move to England and his fathers derogatory comments in the media? You're probably correct that Patterson will continue to get called up, but if we're truly selecting on form and playing time Ramsay should be there ahead of him.
  7. We all know that Patterson will be out of the Scotland squad as soon as the rat is back playing for the huns. What's confusing me is Ferguson's inclusion, now his form for his club has been about the poorest it's been. It's almost as if there's an old boys club, in Scottish Football's higher echelons, who look after their own. It's not as if he's picked as a token Aberdeen player so will be interesting to see what happens when there is no need to pick Patterson as the token hun. Will Lewis get dropped for the rat and Patterson dropped for Ramsay?
  8. Odd goings on there. Some hun loan,Williamson, told not to play and rest for 24hrs following a “post covid blood test” Top Don Bruce having a diabetic fit. Styjek and Fitzwater chucking up at half time. Both subbed and Sibbald also off and involved in some way. Reckon the huns have sent a Trojan horse into Livi to try to infect the whole league.
  9. Disgusted we sold him to the huns at all. Also concerned about the economy due to the clear hyper-inflation.
  10. I think the huns calculate player values at around £1 million per first team game played (once they've had a NT call up). Guess that means Ferguson is now worth around £130 million? ?
  11. When is the rat going to be fixed, so we can stop pandering to the huns and get a right-back that actually plays club football (and the best young right back in Scotland) involved? Also when is Fergusons transfer going to be announced?
  12. Fair play to Payet for chucking the bottle back although the throat punch from the coach is a thing of beauty. French have always had the right attitude, "My best moment? I have a lot of good moments but the one I prefer is when I kicked the hooligan." Eric Cantona.
  13. The second goal was a really basic error. He had no idea Zanata was closing him down on his blindside. He didn’t get his head up and look and he was clearly concentrating so intently he did not hear the 3 or 4 players who must have been screaming at him that there was a man on. A half decent player at that level would have adjusted their body shape at the last second and gone to ground for FK or as has been said adjusted earlier and banged it high and clear.
  14. McGregor should have been sent off. Fuck knows why not. Got to assume they’ve somehow managed to kidnap the real ref and replace his with a Scottish one.
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