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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. Possession is meaningless, in a way. Absolutely fine to give up possession if it's passive. A good possession team will drag their opposition out of shape and switch the play quickly. If you can engage the press in a way that you don't lose your shape, the opposition can pass it round the horseshoe all they want. Unless your playing a team like Man City, who will exploit those minor changes in shape and press. If you're shape and press is good, you're negating most teams possession as passive. Then the difference will be in the transitions and the speed and accuracy of those. The interesting thing for me with, what appears to be Thelin's style, is how does that work against teams that are happy to give up possession to us, about 70% of the league. Was that why Robson's team resorted to punting it up-field? "You have the ball so we can play our style".
  2. Harsh pen but what do you expect against the scum when they’re 0-1 down. Unlucky deflection for the second. Don’t think there was a great deal between the teams thought we shaded it, but probably biased .
  3. Last time we won it; Mark Peat, Stephen Payne, Scott Morrison, Terry Kid, Kev McNaughton, Murray McCulloch, Darren Mackie, Ross O'Donoghue, Scott Michie, Fergus Tiernan, Bob Duncan. Subs. Allan Carella, Duncan Jones, Murray Watson, Calum McKenzie, Calum McHattie Last time we were there; David Craddock, Ryan Harrington, Daniel Harvie, Dean Campbell (Captain), Joe MacPherson, Sam Roscoe, Connor McLennan, Seb Ross, Bruce Anderson, Frank Ross, Ethan Ross Subs. Archie Mair, Miko Virtanen, Chris Antoniazzi, Jack MacKenzie, Toby Wells, Connor Barron, David Dangana
  4. I see Micky Duff is on some bookies list. As a bit of a Cheltenham hero as both a player and manager I wouldn’t be averse to this. Turned Cheltenham round quickly. Would have been promoted, I think as Champions, in the Covid season had it completed. Did the following season, highest ever finish first season in League 1, before going to Barnsley where he turned them round too. Rated highly at both clubs. Plays decent football. Just his short stint at Swansea as a blot.
  5. Still today isn't there? I'm not saying were going to pull out a starting CDM, a couple of first choice wingers and an experienced manager today, but theres at least a couple of hours of hope .
  6. 76 year old Neil Warnock? Talk about long term succession planning...
  7. I doubt he put up much of a fight. Purely based on his walk to the tunnel after final whistle last night. Was like he was trying to stare down the red shed, while walking away. Think that chanting got to him and TBF I thought he looked visibly upset as he turned back before going down the tunnel.
  8. Knows how to Captain teams to wins in cup finals too.
  9. I liked the bit when he did a weegie accent in his first interview, hopefully he does the same in Turkey "saa-lad? chilee sawss?".
  10. The issue is that he probably is a rapist, but is not in the eyes of the law. His victim won a civil case on the balance of probabilities. He was never convicted because him and his mate "remembered" a consensual threesome, while she woke up not remembering anything and injuries consistent with them taking turns raping her. The boy doing the interview should offer to have her on to give her side of the story, although I imagine it wouldn't be worth the trauma.
  11. Bit of tit for tat "fuck you", I reckon. Wasn't it the same person that Cormack called out over a previous "ITK" leak? Maybe last season?
  12. Thought the Hearts player was all over him and had a good hold of his shirt. Has a go at pulling him back with an arm over his shoulder. At a time where Bates touching Sakalas shirt is a pen… You may be right on the offside I thought the ball went forward to Shankland so the only way he could be played onside was by Pollock and he was well in front of him. Wasn’t even disappointed when it went in, so sure was I that it would be disallowed.
  13. I can’t see how maseeve-heeds goal stood, was well off. Also how hauling Miovski to the ground was not a pen. Just seen the foul on Marley in the box from before I turned it on.
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