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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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  1. Genuinely gutted for the team they didn't get the win their performance deserved. But will settle for a point
  2. good, average football IQ probably just went up a point. We, on the other hand, have got Roy Keane.
  3. ITV seem to be interviewing Harry Kane in a Glasgow pub
  4. I put all 500 points on "build giant temple to Ra, god of the sun (Castlegate)". Better weather is important.
  5. Mark McGhee Wikipedia edits 2010-2011
  6. Ah, now I know why my maths doesn't add up 113% of the time
  7. Three years on and he's turned out to be Jamie Vardy's career in reverse. Reckon Vardy must have a picture of Wilson locked in his attic.
  8. Hemmin, don't do that to me, thought for a moment there we'd made the same mistake twice.
  9. I thought he did well moving into a more central spot after the substitutions took place. Very versatile.
  10. negotiations 101 surely "How much do you want?" "how much have you got?"
  11. Is "gentlemans agreement" the new trend in agent blaggery? Makes you wonder why they bother with the burdensome writing down stuff in a contract at all, if it just gets in the way of all this new-found chivalry.
  12. Brown, Gallagher and JET - such youthful promise
  13. Utterly meaningless game for us, which won't stop the inevitable result trumpeted across the media as the crowning glory of Gerrard's Insolvencables. Meh indeed.
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