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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. What's McInnes up to these days?
  2. Now said rag are claiming another exclusive regarding links with Norwich, Man Utd, and Leicester. Can't wait to hear what next weeks episode from Calvin's agent reveals.
  3. Based on prior experience of the Big Four, I fully expect Deloitte to recommend that lots more Deloitte resources are brought in to conduct further Deloitte-scoped work deep diving into the issues initially identified by Deloitte.
  4. Good man, don't rise to the bate.
  5. Now that's a proper definition of "token".
  6. Austin "Senior goal" Samuels to score a hat trick and we lose 3-3 on penalties. Mustn't overdo the optimism.
  7. Just got the game up and by christ, that pitch. If this was the replacement can only assume it was because the original pitch was ready for harvest.
  8. Don't want to take this personally but it feels like Glass has chosen this lineup just to mock my predicted scorers ?
  9. I get where you're coming from min but none of the teams you mention won any of those games - on aggregate Saints lost 6-3 to Monaco, Raith 4-1 to Bayern, Well 3-0 to Dortmund. The problem is that your argument is based on the premise that we will lose the game anyway, so better to lose it to a more glamorous name. I'd much rather actually progress in the competition than revel in short-lived glorious failure in the first round, it feels too much like the football equivalent of the elderly pub drunk mumbling about how he "could've had" the hulking punter that's just laid him on his arse. Anyways, if we reach the group stages we both may get to have our cake and eat it - progress in the competition AND an arse-kicking from some more glamorous names into the bargain.
  10. 1-3 Dons (Ramirez, Hedges, Considine), looks like we've remembered where the goal is but clean sheets are going to be like hens teeth this season.
  11. There goes Slim's hopes for beating them on paper, guess we'll have to just do it on grass
  12. Can only assume Ojo has fallen asleep too near an strange pod and been replaced by a sinister replicant as part of an alien invasion seeking to infiltrate humanity. I for one welcome our new overlords.
  13. Some prematch viewing - the fight to play the winners of our match is on at 6pm http://www.hesgoal.com/news/84616/Karabakh_vs_AEL_Limassol.html
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