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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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  1. You don’t win matches unless you have a goal scorer. Scotland don’t have a goal scorer. Who the bloody hell is that Dykes bloke? Completely useless, where did they find him?
  2. I’ve managed to miss the entire build up and will only listen to their shite when it comes during matches. I certainly won’t be watching any half time assessments where they always bring england into it, whoever’s playing. The quicker they get knocked out the better.
  3. Unlike Italy to start a tournament well. Really missed them in the last world cup, great performance tonight.
  4. He looked a’right against us. A real pain in the arse. But I haven’t actually seen him against anyone else, or for that matter ever heard of him before the recent cup game. I’m never that keen on players as big as him but he looked nimble enough.
  5. You're probably right Rico but part of me wants to just wright off this season altogether and get him in during the summer. Normally it would be best to see out this season and assess the playing staff etc. but I would say that most of them will be on their way out and the last thing we want is Glass having a losing run with a bunch of sulking players.
  6. I haven't checked but I reckon the goals against column doesn't look that bad. It was utter boredom that was the real problem and you can't blame losing McKenna for that. Has McKenna been getting a game for (whoever he signed for) See, I've been so bored I haven't a clue who he signed for. Nottingham Forest
  7. Nae happy at all about Scott Brown. But if they can keep the mutant away from the public eye then I suppose he's the kind of person we've been needing behind the scenes. Glass? What can I say? Good luck loon, I hope you're brilliant. Overall, he's nae Lennon. If it had been Lennon I would have had to take up interior design or something as a hobby.
  8. Nah, nae deid. Just so bored with the Dons I can hardly be bothered arguing about them.
  9. Get rid of the hun loving bastard NOW
  10. Just read some shite on bbc news about Celtic going out again to inferior opposition. Micky Mouse countries like Hungary and Romania. It’s never going to sink in that Scottish football is no better than the quality in central Europe. Hajrá Fradi (Zoltan Varga’s club)
  11. Nothing special Just Ferencvaros equivalent of C’mon the Dons
  12. How could it be anything else? Hardly a disappointment, give that no one was actually going to be at the games.
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