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  1. That as well. His fitness records not the best either.
  2. Livingston fans elsewhere claiming there is an extension option that Livingston have triggered but a gentleman’s agreement between the player and Martindale that he can leave for free if deal in Far East that fell through is revived.
  3. Now we know why Russell was given all clear as English FA knew they were likely sacking him. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/14949307/england-football-coach-axed-by-fa-car-smash/ Apologies for the source.
  4. From what Joe Lewis said at the end of the game the players have been told there will be wholesale changes in the summer. He also suggested that the out of contract players will all be going.
  5. Seen a few Motherwell fans saying on line that they will buy an additional season ticket this season.
  6. 1-0 down. Hibs going after McLennan at right back eventually paying off.
  7. Ngwenya played from the start of Cove’s 3-2 defeat in play off semi final to Airdrie.
  8. Bigots reserves to play in Lowland League next season. No way this is just for one season as claimed. They will be in league system now and we will never get them out. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12303106/rangers-and-celtic-can-enter-b-teams-in-scottish-lowland-league-for-one-season-only
  9. Massive apathy. I suspect I will watch it as it’s last game on the season ticket but fucking up cup along with signings of Brown and Gallagher have just increased my disenchantment with football at the moment. Oot Working TV Flat 1-0 Hendry.
  10. I live here, I am not from here. There’s a difference...............honest.
  11. Guessing this means McBurnie will definitely be missing the Euros. https://talksport.com/football/878916/sheffield-united-twitter-video-oli-mcburnie-news-punch-fight/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  12. Not used this lot myself but they take donations of shirts and give donations to a couple of U.K. charities. https://www.footballshirtsfc.co.uk
  13. Living in Leith I am desperate for these spoon burning fucks not to win it but expect them to.
  14. Hernandez on the bench for Atlanta’s 1-1 draw with Inter Miami.
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