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UEFA Europa Conference League Qualifier:

BK Häcken v Aberdeen

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  1. Most embarrassing one for me was occurred at a pub quiz in Weeg. Question was what was score in Aberdeen’s 1983 cup winners cup success and for bonus points who were the scorers. Had a total blank on Black being first scorer. Rest of team knew and not one was a Dons fan. Very embarrassing.
  2. Japan pull off shock and beat Mexico 2-1 in Olympic tournament. Mexico were reduced to 10 men. Germany were reduced to 10 men for 2nd game in a row but managed to beat Saudis 3-2
  3. Gallagher came off the bench in Forfar's 5-2 defeat by Dundee. Hernandez started at left back for Atlanta in tonight’s game against Colombus. Currently 0-0 at half time.
  4. Didn’t see that one coming. Ferguson was brilliant. Emmanuel Thomas was also excellent until he tired. Ojo was a revelation at left wing. Great start.
  5. Chris Meuller? Saw last night he had sign precontract with a Scottish club and thought it might be us. He has looked decent in Orlando games I have watched and thought he might be a decent addition. Wonder if that means Boyle is away next window.
  6. Not in the men’s competition thankfully.
  7. Finished 4-1 to Mexico. Currently 1-0 to Brazil after 10 minutes in next game. Brazil looking like they might get revenge for World Cup humping at the moment.
  8. Olympic football tournament on BBC red button and Eurosport currently. Got Mexico v France on just now. Currently 2-1 Mexico with 16 minutes to go. Brazil v Germany on at 12:30
  9. Hernandez goal for those interested.
  10. UEFA squad lists suggest he is suspended. https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaconferenceleague/clubs/50122--aberdeen/
  11. Two managers sacked for not doing that now…..
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