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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. Cannot see that Hearts offer an early bird discount but not sure if missing that as their renewal window has closed. Hibs discounts below Look pretty similar to ours.
  2. Prices are outrageous and only a complete mug would have renewed. Did mine today.
  3. Fuck man you were told to keep that quiet as not everyone…….okay Rico hasn’t been invited.
  4. I put it in the other transfer news thread. I was surprised he moved there. I know he has stated he wanted to move to England but seems a really odd move and is clearly more to do with money than career progression. A right kick in the stones for St Mirren that he would rather play at Bolton and Rotherham than play in Europe with them.
  5. Great performance from Atalanta who completely outplayed Leverkusen. Deserved winners.
  6. Some start for Atalanta. 2-0 up after 25 minutes. 2nd was a belter of goal.
  7. Surprised at this one as looks better player than league 1 and one I would have had at Pittodrie.
  8. Even with injury doubts Jack should be nowhere near the squad. He has been pish for Tribute Act and not kicked a ball since March. Sad thing is I suspect he and Souttar are in there as token blue bigots. Really hoped Clarke was above that pish but looks like he is not. 4 keepers seems excessive as does 6 centre backs. Couple of them have not played since March which is a concern.
  9. Right back is definitely a problem. I would consider playing Tierney there even though on his wrong foot. McCrorie did play fair number of games for Bristol towards the end of the season so might be worth a go in the friendlies. Not sure I would be taking Doak or any player who is not playing first team football. That said we are really thin upfront and no idea who we can take. Luke McCowan with 10 and Bruce Anderson with 7 are top Scottish scores in the league after Shankland. Ryan Hardie at Plymouth with 13 in Championship for Plymouth might be a possibility. Ross Stewart managed 4 games at the end of the season after coming back from injury which probably isn’t enough to get him into consideration.
  10. Not strictly managers in Scotland but great news for Hibs as Neil Lennon appointed as Rapid Bucharest manager.
  11. Developing their own players seems to be sensible way for A League to go but McGarry still has me nervous of taking players from there at the moment.
  12. It’s becoming a plague at bigger games and clearly no longer just young kids but banning them is probably a bit extreme. Annoying as it is not really doing any harm. Just tell players to ignore them.
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