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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. I was chatting to Guy Learmonth (2nd fastest Scottish 800m runner)last night in one of the great bars here where a lot of the athletes go to at night..good guy and we were talking about Callum. I told him that we never quite get acclimatised and its a phallacy imo. its great the athletes take time out to chat. Having said that, McCartney the kiwi pile vaulter was a drunken biatch last night and quite rude. To think I was cheering her on too. Awesome games but really shite closing ceremony.
  2. Just shook jake wightmans hand and got a selfie with him
  3. Aye we have a great chance of beating aus in the s3mis. Didnt even know we had that good a basketball team tbh.
  4. Nice one kowalski. Another superb evening. The womens pole vault was excellent. I fancy about 6 of them ha. Was right at track side again telling them well done And Castor Semenya is even more manly from a few metres away
  5. Hi manc how are you? Yes i was there last night and going tonight and tomorrow to the athletics then the closing ceremony on Sunday. The poorish turn out is due to scaremongering by the press and road congestion problems. The stadiums have been nearly full mostly as far as ive seen. There's been tickets available for most events. Its been flooded by mostly aussies then english i would say. Not loads of international fans i feel but im only going by the lack of loud cheers and lack of international flags in the stadiums. The athletes and team officials are loving it and loving the athletes village as Ive spoken to a few who have been dotted around. Great atmosphere for the locals and visitors who didnt "leg it elsewhere".
  6. Brilliant night last night! Fantastic venue, superbly organised and great night of entertainment. Thought the womens 200m final would bring about a games record. Got a cracking big smile from Eilidh Doyle down at trackside when she saw me with my Scottish flag . I used to run middle distance but to see those guys kick with 300 metres to go at the pace they run is awesome. Seeing Kathy Freeman and especially Usain Bolt topped a great night off.
  7. I could read through and post the various replies you have made to my opinions on MATCHES. You're the infantile one here. YOU are the one who resorts to personal insults on football matters. Just argue your point or discuss things with me instead of resorting to stupid jibes that I am an imbecile or don't have the knowledge to have an opinion. It's just the way you are and I don't mind.you mean nothing to me. It's like you can only come up with one argument...I'm stoopid and ur clevaaaa. That's the real immaturity here. Like You said yourself, I'm not the only one you have picked arguments with. you keep saying you're a self confessed cunt. Big fucking deal. We have a cunt on a forum. Well done. I'll take my ban now please. Bye everyone. Haha
  8. Me?? Read again Al I tried the peace sign with rocket and yet again he is a smarmy bastard. Read the Hun thread please. This cunt started it
  9. Rooney out wide Rooney up front on his own Shinnie in midfield Shinnie left back McGinn back McGinn gone Formations not right DM with bad tactics back 4 being changed around all the time Players injured McLean tracking back McLean pressing up the park Attacking the Huns Sitting back from the Huns DM playing his favourites Mismanagement of players Etc etc It all means nothing when you don't have good enough players which we clearly haven't. Many fans here and other forums are as blindly loyal as DM is to duds not performing. We need to appoint a recruitment manager or better scout. Buy better players...find better players. Take some gambles. Look past the SPFL. don't let our aspirations be the domestic cups ONLY. Arrange better pre season friendlies. The likes of Arbroath and Cowdenbeath or whoever won't make us a stronger team. Try a 2 or 3 team tournament in Holland or something pre season. Maybe it will attract some foreign players out of contract.Who knows? And yes, take a gamble with some money. Even just 1or 2 hundred thousand could've made a big difference to this season. The man city lad is hopefully a great loan but we need about another 5 or 6 of those with the possibility to buy.(not from man city of course as we can't compete with youth wages nevermind first team) We need an overhaul and Milne and co. need a plan to make fans realise there is a successful future with AFC. At the moment the future is bleak and that's not just as a result of last night's game.
  10. Just cant help yourself eh? Ive been ripping the piss out of you too. Im going nowhere. You cant go anywhere else since you are always getting banned so no choice for you. Do you like being hated?
  11. Ill tell ya what rocket. Im not going to argue with you anymore. Let's discuss topics like adults or just not answer each other. I apologise for things i've said to you in the past okay. Losing to the huns never helps.
  12. Think you're the only psycho here rocket. You have no idea. I deal with dangerous people most weeks. I'm not intimidated by you one ounce.
  13. DM fucked up the January window because he was more concerned about the hun job and fully expected to be their boss so why give a fuck about Afc's transfers.
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