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  1. Situation became similar to the McInnes scenario at pittodrie, style of play became predictable and boring so a change was necessary. Had a few fresh candidates who held the interim position, before settling on an exciting new prospect to fill the role on a more permanent basis. Far from the finished article, I’d say she still hasn’t reached her full potential, however we’ve had some exciting performances along the way.
  2. Haha F’like min? Yeah I decided to take a few years off!
  3. Purely coincidental I’m sure….but Alex Mcleish flew into Aberdeen this afternoon.
  4. Gallagher rumour, problem flagged up during his medical apparently. ?
  5. Lots of Tims turning on Lennon tonight. Remember debates on here in the past about how much of a ‘winner’ he is. Only really a winner in domestic football whilst a player/manager of the team with the biggest budget? Or could he do it elsewhere? From memory he won fuck all at hibs.......
  6. White collar and cuffs on the home kit look horrific, but somewhere on the payroll at Aberdeen fc there’s a person who must think that looks ok. Wtf the fuck? Away kit is the better of the two but still a bit busy for my subtle taste. The grey one, the blue one, the gold one....nice kits but the wrong colours, and now this. How do the club get these things so wrong?
  7. CtS


    Government possibly worried a ‘good day’ will hinder the lockdown process which the masses are only recently buying in to?
  8. Wasn’t pretty, hope we get St Johnstone in the draw tomorrow. I just rounded off a good evening by watching highlights of the huns getting pumped at tynecastle again. Our name’s on the cup
  9. 3 changes at half time, bold move or desperation? Either way, an admission he got the starting line up horribly wrong.
  10. Interesting selection again, 3-1-4-1-1 or something Like the look of the bench tonight though, think for the first time this season the subs are nicely split between defence, midfield and attack, options of youth and experience, even after losing Ojo the squad still looks strong. Fingers crossed for a good result, hope it’s a great night for everyone who’s travelled.
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