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  2. Michael Ruth got his first goal of his loan spell at Falkirk scoring last minute equalisers at Montrose. Conor Barron came off the bench in Kelty’s 1-0 win over Stranraer. Mark Gallagher managed 70 minutes of Forfar’s 3-1 win over Albion Rovers. Jack Milne played 90 minutes of Brechin’s 4-1 win over Forres. Hernades on the bench for Atlanta’s game against Philadelphia. Currently 0-0 approaching half time.
  3. Today’s replay results. Bo'ness v Wick was abandoned due to an injury to Bo’ness player.
  4. Second highest in the league for possession this season (65% average, beaten only by Celtic). Thought Glass said it was Watkins that was injured?
  5. Still punching above his weight,walking stick and all* *well he was,til she ran off with a younger man **if you like silicone filled,drag looking women
  6. A lot of men play in the church I hear
  7. Oot church church church (I play in the band) 1-0 St Mirren (Main)
  8. Youd think(hope) Glass and the backroom entourage will have learned a few harsh lessons re formations/personnel over the last couple of weeks.Only a matter of time before we click.... Tough little game this one,but.. Saints 1 - Dons 4 (Hayes x2,Ferguson,Longstaff) 'MonminReds Edit - Not playing til the morn I see
  9. Lewis Ramsay Bates McCrorie Mackenzie Brown Campbell McGinn Hedges Hayes Samuels McGinn & Hayes in since they did well off the bench last week. Campbell because we badly lacked someone able to pass the ball (I'm presuming McGeouch injured otherwise I'd have said him). I reckon Hedges only has an hour in him then I'd give Longstaff a chance. 2-0 the Dons. Come on.
  10. I think we've clearly dominated a lot more of the ball than we did previously and I'm sure the stats reflect this. ( Although maybe not last week ) We just can't hit a barn door or defend for 90 mins. Someone mentioned forcing players into a shape and I agree. When the full backs were playing at the start of the season, they had freedom and created chances. Now cramming in an extra midfielder means that they have less space to move in.
  11. Aye that hairstyle is pretty offensive.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hedges is back for this one. I love it when players who have been playing shit come out with stuff like, " we need to get back to winning ways" or "the lads are going to turn this around" pish. You're the cause of it you bellend. Just shut up and do your job! 1-0 St Mirren
  14. Nailed on that Curtis Main will score against us.
  15. Going to go against the flow here and say always hated trips to Paisley. Love Street was a dump and new stadium is plastic soulless shithole. Alamo was the one redeeming factor but it’s gone now. Hopefully Bates and Hedges are fit. Thought defence looked better with Bates in instead of Gallagher. Glass needs to pick two from Brown, Longstaff, Ferguson and Ojo as we do not need to play the 4 of them. Personally I would go with Ferguson and Longstaff however fully expect Glass to keep Brown in the team. Have to play someone up beside Ramirez as he definitely does not look like he can play their on his own. St Mirren seem to be struggling to score as well so can see this being low scoring. Oot Flat Out with bairn Out with Bairn 0-0
  16. I used to love a trip to Paisley!! Oot Hill walk or cinema depending on weather Also watching Ryder Cup Gonna be optimistic as we have to score sometime 0-2 Brown & McGinn
  17. That thought had crossed my mind.
  18. Harsh like. I'm not on for players being charged for such minor incidents on the field of play. Maybe they're making up for the fact that they couldn't get him on the grooming.
  19. He has been below par for a season or so now. I know a few people spoke about the captaincy last season affecting him but that has gone to Brown now and Joe is still not the commanding keeper that he seemed to be before. I wonder if an element of complacency has set in with him; he was SO good before I was stunned the no one in England came in for him because it looked like he could have played at the very top level and I wonder whether he too felt the same and the lack of a move on has stunted him a bit. Seems like he has become capable of a dodgy goal here and there. He reminds me of Craig Gordon in that he would save everything before his move to England but when he came back from Sunderland and had recovered from injury, he didn't seem to save anything you wouldn't expect him to save, if that makes sense. The two Motherwell goals the other week are a prime example. Although not massive rickets as such, they were crosses into the edge of the six yard box where a confident goalie would have just come out and punched them clear. Same with Stevie May's goal the other day, again not a howler but it was a shot Joe would have saved a couple of years back. It was by no means a worldy, in the words of Merson.
  20. Shoplifter charged by Police Scotland for kicking flare into crowd.
  21. Next you'll be telling me that Trump's "art of the deal" is self congratulatory pish.
  22. I don’t think Lewis is playing as well as he has in the past but he is nowhere near as bad as is being suggested by some of our fans. He is definitely a far better option than putting Woods in.
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