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  2. Was out last night so only just catching up and listening to Dave now on Radio Scotland podcast. Sounds like he is trying to create a real siege mentality and would have been as well telling McIntyre to go fuck himself. John Collins touting himself for the job at some point in the future
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  4. I think someone needs to forward it to the dons supporters trust guy, who used the phrase: "statistics are like mini skirts, they can go up our down". Aye, I don't think that's right mate. Fair play to Cormack for going on the show live like. But, he was fairly awful. Getting stuck in to McIntyre after two minutes for firing questions at him, despite having asked only one question was jumping the gun a little. Worryingly, he genuinely sounded like a guy who doesn't see how pish we've been.
  5. Listened to it. I liked most of what he said, and he was right to point out that many wanted Neilson out, and had written off Tam Courts early in the season. But, he was out of order with his comment to Kenny MacIntyre though about wanting Aberdeen to fail or whatever the actual quip was. But, I wonder if that and a lot of his quite noticeable anger on the show was down to what he's been getting on Twitter and also what was written about him in the papers. Bill Leckie wrote a piece about him in the sun that was really going for him personally, and bizarrely comparing him to the Saudi Arabia owners at Newcastle. It also criticised him for promising a training ground and funds in the team, like that was a bad thing. Anyway Cormack has convinced me we're gonna pump Hibs and I've just bought a ticket for the away end at Ibrox too. A magic week coming up, intae them.
  6. I think it's a bit deluded to think we're just being unlucky. If you look at expected goals, which most teams focus on now rather than possession/shots, then we aren't outplaying anyone. The only game in the league we've really dominated was Ross County. We have a lot of aimless possession, a lack of cutting edge in attacking areas and a leaky defence. Teams set up like that don't usually have a lot of success.
  7. Nah, I don't agree it was a car crash. It was a performance certainly with the intention of building some siege mentality to take the pressure off glass..... And with some success too I would say. Most of what he said was fair but there was hyperbole in there too. I don't think he likes Kenny Mcintyre much though, he seemed pretty snippy with him but I suspect that some of that will be showmanship. The short and curlies is glass isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. Basically some should have reminded Cormack of this when he kept going on about data.
  9. Don’t do it while driving or near the bairns or they may learn some new words.
  10. Was on Sportsound just now, haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I know mates have said it was horrendous. Will listen to it myself before passing judgement
  11. That BBC sportsound interview was total car crash.
  12. Agree with your first statement, but what do you mean by the second? He's financially invested in the club, he can't just walk away, there is literally no option for him. We took a large loan (correctly) fae the Scottish government, and took in a shite load of cash in player sales to plug the hole.
  13. The Merkland thing was put on a plate for him by the fans. Fuck knows why Milne didn't do that sooner. But a good move, as you say. There's a certain level of job that you expect complete competence in, and Cormack is at that level. If your only attribute is being able to put money in that you earned in another field, then it's good to raise questions as fans. Unfortunately, "Cormack oot" is not how it works (nor "Milne oot!"). However, Cormack has so far shown complete footballing naivety and that he's not fit for purpose in the role as chairman and thus may be better taking a non-exec role or simply watering down the Chairman's involvement, as happens in most other companies (football being the exception). The Atlanta linkup has so far been an absolute failure. There appears to be little similarity between the teams, and literally an ocean between them. The signing of Hernandez was a disaster, not just because he was a terrible footballer, but the fact that we blew our budget out of the North Sea and I'm guessing that would have raised resentment. His handling of the McInnes departure was awful. We could all see McInnes' flaws, and Cormack did nothing to attempt to address them. The January transfer window was an absolutely disgraceful way to treat a manager and left us a window behind where we should have been. He made no attempt to get a recruitment specialist in until McInnes left, when both club and manager desperately needed one. He took the budget approach to Director of Football, which is fine, but don't do it after McInnes left and don't do it after you've appointed your pre-ordained manager. The appointment of Glass was indeed pre-ordained, and an absolute shambles. The fact that he tried to lie about it was just embarrassing. The appointment of Brown was pathetic, with the club doing nothing to address the racism element and force an apology - it was weak as fuck, and we're left in a weak as fuck position now that our manager is failing. He should never been offered a position on the coaching staff, that should have been a future role based on merit within the club. Jack fucking Gurr. That's just fucking wrong. He's made many errors, and I think it's good that, as fans, we continue to highlight them. It's like watching Milne going through the learning process all over again. He's paid his money, bought his toy. Well done to him.
  14. How are we too good to go down? We’re losing to everyone and not even unlucky about it. Give him a season and we’ll be down. p.s, don’t want cormack out. Not many would have stuck by the club in testing times, for that I’m grateful.
  15. Lots of worry and understandably so but I'm willing to give Cormack a chance. He's pumped money into the club at a time we needed it. On the field I think we are getting knee jerk too. Glass wasn't my choice but he needs a season at least. I know we said the same in '95 that we were too good to go down, but I think we are this year. Think we'll be top 6, maybe 5th or 6th. We needed a brand new team and he's been forced to do that. Taylor was bang average at best, and crippled Hoban was getting worse. Andy is old and in decline, despite being reliable he makes his mistakes. We're blooding two excellent young fullbacks and McGrorie, Bates, and Gallagher aren't bad players. I think they are good additions. They need time to develop as a unit. I don't think dropping Lewis was the right thing, mistakes happen when you have a shaky defense. Plus, we know he's a good keeper, dropping keepers doesn't usually make them better, especially when the back up is average. Our best two midfielders (productivity wise) in the last 10 years has been Hayes and McGinn. They're almost done. Wright had potential but left. Ferguson needs to leave. Kennedy and McLennan aren't good enough. Hedges gets injured. We need(ed) a whole new midfield, on top of a whole new defense. Personally I'd drop Ferguson and would even prefer McRorie replacing him in midfield. We had no forwards last year. I think Ramirez is the new Rooney if given the service, plus you'd get a similar return if you give him penalties too! McInnes needed to go and Glass inherited a total mess. We needed a whoe new starting 11 for the most part. Only fair we give him a little time to try to figure it out.
  16. I'm waiting for the price to come down after relegation
  17. I thought going into this season that we'd made the defence worse. Just about the only decent thing about us last season was that we looked fairly solid with Taylor, Considine and Hoban at the back. We've turned that into Bates/Gallagher/McCrorie with Gary Woods in goals. It isn't a great mystery why we're conceding more, we have substantially worse defenders. Our problems really start from that. There's no point trying to reinvent the wheel when you can't defend properly. It reminds me a bit of McGhee who came in with grand plans to have us playing progressive football but mismanaged the defensive side of the team. It certainly isn't as bad as that yet and some of it wasn't the fault of Glass (e.g. Considine's injury) but teams that have loads of ineffective possession and cough up cheap goals on a regular basis end up in relegation battles.
  18. Yeah and have I missed the lenghty queue of wealthy folk waiting to buy him out ?
  19. While I don't agree with everything Dave Cormack says or does, the boy has put money into the club, not only helping fund the training ground but also steering the club through a pretty rocky 12-18 months due to covid and then giving the manager funds to invest in the team afterwards. He's also tried stuff with the merkland which has proved popular. If we're calling for him to go after that then I don't see why anyone would ever want to take us on.
  20. Indeed, you do have to wonder what their angle is
  21. Last week
  22. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/5d033aa9-3f42-40f1-99cc-131f20c6e4e0#AbojlTgu.copy
  23. According to former director Andrew Little DC and his American pals are into afc to the tune of 20 mill. It's hard to say he's not put his money where his mouth is. Glass was always a gamble (and it doesn't look a good one at the moment) but it was his to make. Unless we get caught up in the relegation dogfight you would think, as cormacks man, glass will get the season but we don't really have any previous form to compare to. Maybe he will be ruthless
  24. Guys watch Ted Lasso. (Only on Apple TV unfortunately) You'd laugh at the similarities.
  25. Finished watching Vigil last week. Really good although a few suspect moments. Started watching Cobra, which I believe is a Sky production from last year? Seems ok, although I didn't understand why Sky news would still be broadcasting when no-one has electricity (apart from govt agencies etc).
  26. At the start of the season when we were playing well, Brown was getting most of the praise. I don't think he's playing great but he's very far from being the main problem in that team. Brown's position in the team should be between the two centre halves, stepping into midfield when needed. We need an extra body in defence. It was something Brown was effective at earlier on in the season but he appears to be trying to push further forward in games. Just sit back and do the simple stuff min. Problem is, if he does that we need the midfield ahead of him to take command. Ferguson and Ojo are both ineffectual. Jenks and Longstaff haven't done anything yet. JET is the best player out of the lot of them but just stands still. One player I like the look of is Dundee United's Ian Harkes. Get Ferguson sold in January and use the money to get him and Jamie McGrath.
  27. Agree about McGinn. However, I'm far more concerned about Brown than Ferguson. He's been good in a few games this season, but overall been average. Last night he was honking and being outplayed by Adam who he was directly up against (unlike Ferguson). I said it when we signed Brown, his best attribute was getting in people's faces, winning the ball and being fit. He hasn't been the guy advancing forward with the ball, making amazing passes, moving the ball quickly and taking the odd shot. He's not the ageing pirlo or modric. He's just ageing. He's not even Barry Robson. I think he's beginning to see it too, as are his teammates and most certainly the opposition. Look at what Adam offered his team and his fellow midfielders last night, it was night and day from Brown. He brought others into the game, quickly moved the ball on, used his attributes to their limits. Brown doesn't have any attributes to offer us anymore and that should have been obvious when he was playing for the Tims last season. He's nowhere near the level Shinnie was when he left us a few seasons back and that's the standard we should be aiming for at Aberdeen, or have a player that's capable of working towards that. For the money, we should have got someone far better, with far more of a future ahead of them. Brown is by no means poor, but he's not good enough to do what we're expecting of him (and he's suffering from our failed setup as much as everyone else). It's difficult to estimate how poor a signing it was to be honest. It reeked of inexperience and insecurity. Compare it to the signing of Robson by McInnes. McInnes kept it professional, signing a guy with fantastic qualities and making him a part of a team that McInnes was firmly in control of. He didn't make him captain, he didn't bow to his demands at being an assistant or a coach without evidence (I can guarantee that it was discussed and McInnes will have said it was a possibility if he proved himself, which he subsequently has). That allowed us to drop and recall Robson as and when required and use him as an example for guys like Jack to learn from and he bossed around by. He was used as a transitional pawn to take us from the Brown era to something better, with an improved Jack, Shinnie, McLean and even Ferguson following on from. That's what managers do, they don't build some guy up into some sort of superstar who's going to blow everyone else out of the water (see McGhee with Hartley). It shows the absolute naivety of the manager and the chairman. Where does Cormack go from here? Sack Glass, but keep Brown? Insist that Brown retains his place in any future management team? Demote Brown to player only? Sack Brown alongside Glass, leaving the rest of the team bitter and a bit rudderless? We've played ourselves into such an obvious hole, it's embarrassing. That's what "the process" has done for us. Ferguson's a young lad, struggling in a formation that doesn't suit him in a place he doesn't want to be. He's a sideshow.
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