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  2. Main, Taylor and Wilson were all signed early in their windows, as were Gleeson, Forrester, Tansey and Ojo. McInnes regularly signed players early in the window giving himself plenty of time to recruit further when he realised his signings were absolute horseshite.
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  4. We havnt even finished this season yet and Glass is bringing in quality with back ups I believe. He's pouncing on a decent player here in JET (if true) and has a very good defender and midfielder already. More quality will come I've no doubt. I much prefer his recruitment strategy than waiting the last minute for mediocrity like D.M. did.
  5. Curtis Main was the best player on the pitch against once. That’s not scouting, it’s lazy
  6. The spectre of Nick Blackman looms large
  7. Fuck me, if that's your criteria for signing players nothing has changed since the Curtis Main show in the cup semi a few years back at Hampden. With the greatest of respect, I'll pass on that being our criteria for signings Oh and he wasn't even their best player, never mind the best on the pitch
  8. The Euros anthem is callled We Are The People. FFS.
  9. He was the best player on the pitch when we played Livvy recently so there's that.
  10. Can't say the standard of player we're being linked with is filling me with any great enthusiam for next season. To be honest, it seems to be pretty much the same bog standard of players that McInnes pursued latterly Don't think it is going to get any better than Brown & Gallacher to be honest
  11. If McGinn is leaving, Watkins would be an adequate replacement. Not as a “No. 9” though.
  12. Marley Watkins has been released by Bristol. Worth bringing back? I dont think we've played any decent attacking football since he left! Won't score us many goals but helps us build attacks.
  13. Agree with this. We haven't had anything from the bench that caused confusion and made life difficult for defenders since magennis. That said, I don't think jet really bothered anyone with hold up play, it was more when he got turned and facing the goal when he caused problems. He barely won a header against Considine but he was half decent when shifted onto McKenzie. I'd like to see us do better.
  14. I don’t think he’d be a good fit for us but if he’s free and wages are not too high, good option to throw on from the bench to give opposition defenders something different to contend with. Too often we're in a position where our game plan is not really working and you look to our bench and see the same usual faces that are not going to change anything.
  15. Im going to go against the grain here and think JET could be a decent signing tbh. He's obviously shown he's got skill and composure and with Glass and Russell, he must just be a good signing and has aerial threat. I also dont believe for a minute he's our no.1 striker target so what's not to like?
  16. Wouldn't be a great signing. At 30 years of age he doesn't have much room for improvement and he hasn't been all that great over the course of his career.
  17. Well he ticks the boxes then. Fuck me, I know it’s only speculation, but if we are to re-sign shite like Devlin & Anderson (0 goals in 10 games for Hamilton), & sign Clark Robertson & JET, we’re in for a long 21/22.
  18. 13 league goals in 5 seasons. Why in the name of fuck would we sign him? Is it the Curtis Main syndrome where you sign a shite striker because he’s scored a good couple of goals against you?
  19. That as well. His fitness records not the best either.
  20. Livingston fans elsewhere claiming there is an extension option that Livingston have triggered but a gentleman’s agreement between the player and Martindale that he can leave for free if deal in Far East that fell through is revived.
  21. Why would there be a fee for an out of contract 30 year old? Don’t trust what that junkie, weegie ned says. PS - check his goals record - he’d be a shite signing
  22. Thought there was a fee due? According to Martindale.
  23. Because "optics". It's made to be a thing because football is analysed to an absolutely insane degree and for some bizarre reason held to some ridiculously high level of social responsibility (I'm more than guilty of that too of course, see the Scott Brown thread for my hypocrisy in action). You normally would never hear who the offender in Russell's situation was, other than a brief mention perhaps, it's only his association with England that gets it in the news. If he'd been the driver, there'd be more of a case here. To be honest, I didn't even know that "letting someone drive your car" was
  24. Meh, sounds like an absolute non-story to me (not to belittle the injured party) as far as Russell's involvement. The insurance thing is an irrelevance, it has zero bearing on whether an accident occurs or not. If my brother told me after two pints (double the limit) that he was fine to drive, I'd just believe him. I'm always a bit wary over stories like these, where the effects of alcohol are possibly overstated (I think the drink drive limits are correct). A 39 year old man after two pints? Probably about the reaction speed of a 70 year old, or perhaps someone older than 50 on medication. Or
  25. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (JET) signing on a free transfer from Livvy.
  26. Looks like another Gordon Bennett situation.
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