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Deek to Sunderland??

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I could live with him going to Sunderland.


The big problem for me is that within a week of being appointed there he would be firing in a 1.5 million bid for Shinnie. And the following week a 750k bid for McLean...






He's nae getting Shinnie but if he comes up with money like that for McLean then I'll gift wrap him personally.

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what they need is an ex-player who will piss away any money they have and thinks tactics are small little sweets, also he will work wonders on their pitch as he has been on gardening leave for 2 years. Ally McCoist come on down

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Nothing will probably come of it but it certainly would not surprise me if Sunderland did make a move for McInnes.


His exploits for us the past few seasons are surely getting him noticed south of the border and it will most likely be a matter of time before an official approach comes in from somewhere.


Of course I would be gutted if he left but I wont begrudge him the chance at another crack down south.


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Well, that's the Daily Express for you. 


I wonder if the media can link a rumour to each of our 1st team & staff before Saturday.




McInnes & Doc














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The one thing that gives me a small glimmer of hope is that Sunderland are a complete basket case of a club.  After what happened at Bristol DM is going to a bit wary of going another club in significant debt and a wage bill to be cut.  His stock is high and if we win the cup even higher.  I suspect he is probably going to leave in the summer but it may well be to another suitor. 


So given that I suppose we better start thinking of a replacement. 


I would still go for Tommy Wright.  Archibald runs him quite close but I just really like how Wright goes about his business.  I've heard negative comments about his footballing style but when you look at what he's working with you have be a bit pragmatic.  You could argue given greater resource his tactical choices could be quite different, he also has a very good eye for a player which is going to be need this summer in particular.  Lastly his players show the same unity and respect for their manager as ours do for DM.  He would be a good fit in short. 

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