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Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Taylor gives me the fear every time he touches the ball. How long is McKenna sidelined for?
  2. in normal circumstances that would be the case. Going out after a shite performance against the hun would attract the usual comments and then we would all get on with life. However, the guidelines that were put in place to allow football to return and be played are much stricter than the usual club guidelines. For 8 players to ignore these guidelines is inexcusable, indefensible and utterly astounding.
  3. it was actually subject of much rumor from people within East End Park at the end of last year that we sniffing around Nisbett, not sure if that interest has cooled. Will need to check into that one.
  4. can't wait until the hordes of unwashed suss this one out. Reduced away end allocation for all games at Pittodrie announced by the club, seeing the total number of away tickets available cut to 1662. https://www.afc.co.uk/2019/07/24/dons-announce-enhanced-safety-measures-for-new-season/
  5. 5pm kick off for this tomorrow. Just had to start moving meetings around to make sure I'm out of work in time.
  6. Cosgrove, Main, May, Wilson. You just know that there's going to be players stuck out in wide positions that don't fit their style of play just to accommodate them (Ref: Stewart, Aberdeen). I've always felt that a striker needs to play, you're never going to get the best out of a forward if they only ever see the arse end of 15 minutes a game.
  7. Mark O'Hara rumor. Going on the assumption that the ugly sisters would have far more money to spunk on players than O'Hara, then that only leaves us or Killie, or at least so this article goes on to surmise. "Peterborough United owner Darragh MacAnthony has confirmed that a ‘top 4’ SPFL side are interested in United midfielder Mark O’Hara. The Scotsman moved to the Posh last year after a fruitful spell with Dundee. It hasn’t quite worked for him though, with the Weston Homes Stadium side farming him out to Lincoln City on loan for a spell. O’Hara is wanted by a top four SPFL club according to the Posh chairman. Now owner MacAnthony has confirmed Scottish interest in him. Responding to a fan on Twitter, he said: “Lincoln want him but need to raise funds to do deal & SPFL club also now in for him… top 4 club”"
  8. 25? Fuck me, according to Wiki it was back in 2009 that he made his debut for us.
  9. McKenna looked to me as though he was playing zonal. Quite often appeared to be isolated in the middle not marking anyone and seemed quite happy to let players drift off him and end up being picked up by somebody else (mainly). Didn't think he looked very comfortable at any point while I was watching it.
  10. Just saw his picture and he's not even the Motherwell player I thought he was.
  11. Barry Town was possibly the wettest that I've ended up being at a game of footie. I'd only popped out for a couple of pints the previous night and found myself on a coach to Wales. Had to phone in sick to work from a service station.
  12. Having a permutation of Taylor/Devlin/Considine in the middle of our defense next season doesn't fill me full of confidence.
  13. He's a decent LB, certainly a decent SPFL left back. Having just signed a new Derby contract before coming to us on loan, he'll cost a few quid if anyone wants to buy him, which would rule us well and truly out.
  14. Am going, but not sure I'm particularly looking forward to it. We have a threadbare squad, we're not playing well and you know they'll get their usual helping hand by the officials. Kick off at 1230, probably in the bar by half 1.
  15. I'd look at that question from the other side and ask all of the folk that threw their toys out of the pram about the whole DNA philosophy, just how much of a negative impact did it have on non-DNA members.
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