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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. Supposedly there are visual plans going around on Twitter of Stewart Milne's signed off housing plan for the Pittodrie land.
  2. Sorry, you have been awarded 0 (zero) points today. Come back tomorrow.
  3. Jist to clarify, by 'collaboration' I wasn't referring to me as a user. I'm an ordinary bod using a fitba forum like the rest of us. There has been no rallying port of call for Dons fans against Kingsford. By collaboration I mean Kingsford and a project of this type - at the end of the day you are speaking about a project worth £50m - the stadium development should have been based on a more collaborative transparent approach between all main stakeholders as a means of breaking down the differences at the outset. It has never been a positive campaign leading to lies, mistrust, polarisation, anger, spite, argument - and the Aurora thing last week stirred up a hornet's nest. It's ok AFC to say 'this is £50m private investment' but whether they liked it or not the main stakeholders were always going to be 1: AFC 2: ACC 3: Local community action groups impacted and adjacent to plans (for or against). ACC are and have always been a key pivotal stakeholder. Its hardly clever Mr Milne now driving them into a corner now. Forget the views on here. The campaign for this stadium has not been a positive one - it has been a divisive uncollaborative project between the main stakeholders who should have all worked together successfully. More or less now at this late stage one party has driven the each other into a corner via threats i.e. AFC Exec's have forced ACC into a corner with their 'or there is nothing else' rhetoric and NKS have threatened legal action. AFC are hardly stepping into Westhill with a positive approach with certain sections of the community, are they? By the sounds of it the community in Westhill is also deeply divided and polarised and whose fault is that?
  4. Highly creative. Score update today Yes Kingsford (14) points vs. No Kingsford (1) point.
  5. 20 bonus points for being highly perceptive.
  6. Correct. It's all petty point scoring, like Old Firm tit for tat. Using emoji's with a laughing face in response to another post on Donstalk = 10 bonus points. Well done, you are in the lead today.
  7. Don't believe me? You know nothing about me, nothing about my views on free speech, nothing about my research on online use or views on social media use or views on law or the powers at be (Police). The trouble is it's a campaign that has been split into rallying around defined banners when actually the whole god damn issue is more than that on both sides. It's become dislike v dislike when (if you had read what I have said in the past) Kingsford should have been about collaboration. But here we have it. On one side NKS vs. Yes Kingsford. Nothing in the middle and both sides making judgements about each other. Ask yourself, in the murky world of online social media is it really any surprise what has alleged to have been said and the supposed consequences?
  8. Which Dons forum is this alleged to have occurred on? For clarity, it's a divisive topic obviously, but not wanting any person/s into trouble over it. As far as I'm aware there have been a few fisticuffs over this issue between blokes in the past i.e. arguments in pubs that continued outside - its emotive.
  9. Give this is a no win situation given balance of For v Against - An entirely fair judgement for the Council ACC would be to give full planning support to Phase 1. And that's it. The club don't seem to mind debt so use debt for training facilities and AFCCT only. Phase 1.
  10. In this particular instance it wasn't a gloating attempt. For clarity - Annoyed and saddened at clubs failures when they blame everyone else As to whatever has allegedly been said on another forum on this divisive issue no wish whatsoever to see anyone whoever they are pulled up for comments on this topic whether for or against.. I am sure the police IMO would much prefer doing other work. I'm sure many would agree there is a big big difference between words and actions especially on fitba forums (and that applies to all teams).
  11. Of course, the players need facilities. But why are they not in place a long time ago? And why are they now going to cost the guts of £30m+ of debt to put in place? Last weekend I was in Scottish Borders. An amateur football club in borders has just built facilities via SFA grants, lottery grants, and local fundraising efforts. This club has got x 1 Social club, 1 x Football grass pitch, 1 x 3G training pitch, a car park and dressing rooms. It took them 2 years to get it all in place and ready. It's taken our club (a European side, 3rd biggest in Scotland) 17 years and £5m to create a vision for a place that will give the club £30m of debt in creating it and does not have a rationale transport plan for us to get to it.
  12. I understand friend. But I can as a user I can only politely ask or suggest. ........especially with respect to this bloody godforsaken devisive topic where folk are poles apart in terms of it ...........
  13. The response to Manc Don only. * The club have said on several occasions that Pittodrie could not be rebuilt. Last week (w/c 14.08) they said it could be rebuilt but only to 12,000 capacity - really? * Lunacy you say - Stadiums can be reconstructed incrementally. Many clubs across the world have done this, are currently doing it and do it all the time. Believe me when I tell you this - I have been to over 500+ worldwide often watching, seeing redeveloping stadia as build goes on. And this redevelopment (that you call lunacy) tends not to impact on the levels of success teams enjoy on the field. Many, although of course not all of these clubs, are bigger clubs than Aberdeen ever will be. * Levels of success do not remain so all the time as current. Although many people won't accept it AFC will go through its cycle of mediocrity again, McInnes will leave, players will go - and when they do that £30m+ debt Kingsford costs wont go away. it's just the way it is. Having a training academy is great but does not equate in to success on the field of play - see Hibs, Hearts, Rangers etc. * Although Simmie at youth academy would have you believe it we are not going to be producing the next Neymar or attracting Neymar via having a Kingsford. SPL level, good quality Scottish players are on our radar - thats the stretch of it and they will come here even if the team are training on a public park in Tullos. One last thing - you know who - don't bother replying to my posts. Thanks.
  14. We already live in a country where your emails can be hacked, profiling goes on and GCHQ have and know god knows what about you. Facebook membership entails god knows what. Best AFC know about you is what kind pie you like and far you stay. They've got a knowledge sharing thing with police Scotland but then so might your local tesco if they suspect you of knicking tins of tennents. Scottish fitba needs as many people in gate as it can get. Excluding fans, labelling them under some sort of political leaning via data profiling, eyeball tracking is dangerous game if it ever comes to that.
  15. AFC already have a membership scheme with your d.o.b, address, email, age, where you sit, passport ID for euro games. Can't say it's any problem - every time you make a transaction on a visa debit whether in Asda or Wetherspoons it's tracked or traceable. AFC was advertising from some SQL, big data manager person this week. Oh, and another one of the myths was exploded this week if you look and read around. The club revealed Pittodrie CAN be rebuilt but only to 12,000 capacity. Rather makes - we've nae Plan B thing - sound contradictory.
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