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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

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  1. They have confirmed it isn't being extended. Presumably registration cancelled, pointless them holding onto it for a few more days
  2. Still losing cash on a weekly basis you auld cunt (not a question it's a statement) Get your arse back and give us your comedy selections once a week
  3. It will keep on getting proposed by them at least once every 12 months until they finally hit upon a scheme (likely involving some sort of inducement inbuilt into the scheme for lower league clubs) until they finally get what they want. It's all an insurance policy so that if/when the arse cheeks get invited into a new European or British league set up a few years down the line, they have a legacy set-up already in the Scottish league system to act as a feeder towards their "big" teams. And you can be sure that any progress limitations initially imposed will be wiped out asap after this happens and the colts sides will be allowed to progress to the SPL. I'm totally resigned to it happening, for me it's just when, not if
  4. Not looking forward to this one with any great confidence considering who is missing. Cosgrove did nothing on Sunday and tbh he didn't look particularly interested but as I expected, he starts tonight. We are obviously putting him in the shop window but if he plays shite for the next few weeks and doesn't score, his value drops on a weekly basis. I read what Ferguson said about penalties after the draw with Celtic...I read into it that Cosgrove is back on them but I'd far rather Ferguson continued in that role. Kennedy/Wright/Hedges/Mclennan are a pacy attacking unit to assist Cosgrove but a bit powder puff when it comes to doing the dirty side of the game. Ferguson will have to play a bit deeper in the absence of McGeouch. Hernandez makes the bench by default. I want to say 3-1. But 1-1 wouldn't surprise me
  5. Leigh gives us options at the back. Of course he will never be an asset that sells for millions down the line but he's a solid pro at SPL level and getting him in for free is an excellent bit of business. I'd expect his signing will conclude our business for this transfer window...unless we see a couple of late loans heading out of the club. Would still like to see Dean Campbell go somewhere for the rest of the season to get a regular game. He's certainly behind McCrorie, McGeouch and Ferguson for a spot in the side, you would like to think he's ahead of Ojo now but probably not as Mcinnes sees something in Ojo that nobody else does. Campbell would be better served getting a regular game elsewhere rather than 10-30 minute sub appearances and the occasional start if we have an injury or suspension crisis
  6. No mention of it on St J club website. Would surely have been on there by now if he had signed? I find it very strange that an SPL club would take a punt on him, given our medical team/physios couldn't keep him fit for much longer that 6-8 weeks at a time tops. All I could see happening is that he extracts a large wage from a club with a very limited budget for very very little in return. A pay as you play deal could work....but I've never actually seen anybody on a true deal like that....anyone that has nominally a PAYP deal seems to have a guaranteed basic wage before the PAYP kicks in (eg Andy Carroll at Newcastle who supposedly has a £30k/wk basic but triples up to £90k if he plays)
  7. So why did Celtic the club vote against newco being allowed into the SPL in 2012?
  8. 4/5 with Ladbrokes...boosted to 5/6. I wasn't missing that.
  9. Celtic were well aware that the only way Aberdeen were guaranteed second place was if we defeated them, leaving sevco in third no matter what result they achieved. It will never be able to be proven of course...but I think they were more than happy to take the defeat in order to embarrass sevco.
  10. I don't think Killie will go near him now. Just too injury prone, they cant be paying a relatively high wage for a player who looks like he will only be available for half of the matches each season. And playing on their artificial surface would likely only exacerbate this. I actually think he has a player/coach or player/manager position somewhere in the west/south west of Scotland lined up. Ayr/Morton/Stranraer or the likes.
  11. Nah the mainer will be reserved for club officials and players. I'd be amazed if it wasn't the RDS lower that gets used
  12. Ach this time next year he will be opening franchises nationwide. All those ladies out there needing the internal workings of their boilers checked out.
  13. Surely he will be off down south nearer his kids when his deal with us runs out? He's still good enough to play part-time non-league down there. Clearing blockages of shite during the week as his main job then playing football with a load of shite at the weekend. A world of turds awaits the bold Mr Logan
  14. Wow that's a bonus getting him out the door. Even if we have had to pay him say until the end of December it's a good deal. It's a pity it didn't work out but he's just unable to keep himself fit for any length of time to be any use. I think he's being a bit optimistic that anyone else will take a chance on him. On the evidence of his time with us, the only sensible deal a club could offer him would be on a pay-as-you-play basis.
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