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  1. Apparently the lead singer from Slipknot? Slipknot are in no way whatsoever my cup of tea, but this is pretty phenomenal in all honesty.
  2. My best mates favourite band. " In Chains " is a cracking song, like " Pain " and " Red Eyes " too.
  3. Has he actually been credited with the goal? Because he sure as shit never touched it In any case, all 3 goals you mention were fucking pathetic, Anderson's in particular, how Lewis managed to let that happen I'll never know, same applies to St Mirren's 3rd there, as for May's, could have been stopped long before it reached goal, but Lewis again, could have dealt with it so much better. Was more on a tired Ramsay and Gallagher defending like he plays Pub league that one though.
  4. But Woods looked capable enough in his game time last season, he looked far more assured and reliable than Lewis, granted Lewis was excellent in his first 2 Seasons, but he's fast becoming a horror show, and he's been leading up to it too, not like it's been a one game thing, he's been rank rotten for Months now, he seems to be completely devoid of confidence, he should absolutely be our 1st Choice, but he's playing poorly and directly costing us goals with some dumfounding goalkeeping, I think he's very much in need of some time on the bench, a kick up the arse so to speak.
  5. Kind of stayed away from here, trying to give Glass time and see where we are, the guy says all the right things and I think we can all agree there's a bit more purpose about how we try to play now, but ultimately it's not working, there are many reasons for it. First and foremost, Joe Lewis needs dropped, that's a simple one to start off with, guys as good as a goal down these days. It gets more debatable probably here after, for me, cannot for the life of me see what Scott Brown brings to this team, very much in the same vein as Lewis Ferguson, no secret I have never rated the boy, but Brown and Ferguson together is not productive. Calvin Ramsay will definitely go on to bigger things, he's a proper prospect, but he still has so much to learn defensively, MacKenzie I've no real issues with, for me, McCrorie replaces Brown in the middle of the park, McGeouch replaces Ferguson, and whilst he's clearly not started brightly, Gallagher and Bates should be Central Defense, Ramsay and MacKenzie the full backs and Woods in Goal. I'd have Samuels and Hedges as close to Ramirez as possible too, Ramirez is pretty poor all round in my opinion, but he's predatory and will score with the supply, but he spends far too much energy and time chasing lost causes, looked like he could link up well, but that was one game really and that was with Emmanuel-Thomas right next to him. It's been a pretty abysmal run of results, some good play and less aimless hoofball aside, it's not good enough. I'd have no issue in keeping Brown as a bit part Player and coach, I'd sell Lewis Ferguson to the highest bidder, McGeouch may not be a goal threat, but he is box to box and rarely loses possession, always gets about the pitch and looks for the ball, leave that to the likes of Longstaff, Hedges, Samuels etc... Woods Ramsay Bates Gallagher MacKenzie McCrorie McGeouch Longstaff Hedges Samuels Ramirez I appreciate that looks a bag of shit, but you get the idea. I just think we're being held back by poor individuals, and have been even under McInnes, although he never helped himself with poor selections and personnel for a long period of time, the same will happen to Glass if he doesn't shake it up. Sorry for the rant, appreciate constructive criticism as of course there will be many disagreements and hope everyone is well and safe.
  6. Seems fairly obvious Matty Kennedy will be moving to pastures new. I have a feeling we're waiting to see if we qualify for the Group Stages of this Conference League then offering roughly £300k-£500k PLUS Kennedy for McGrath at St Mirren, Goodwin speaking publicly today about Kennedy as well.
  7. Hope we pump these cunts, their Manager is a fucking mouthpiece. A similar performance and result in the 1st Leg vs Hacken would do nicely. If not, I'll settle for a 3 - 0 win for the good guys. ( Ramirez x 2, McLennan )
  8. After going 2 up, we seemed to stop playing and it was only a matter of time before they got back into it. Thankfully Glass was bold enough to make the changes and it worked, never felt threatened at any point in the 2nd Half. But those goals we conceded were amateur as fuck and a genuine concern. We need another CB and we need to start Gallagher from the beginning from here on. Perhaps harsh on McCrorie ( If that's who is replaced ) but he's a midfielder, that's the reality, he was solid in the 1st Leg against Hacken, but he was pish and a liability in the 2nd Leg and last night, their 1st Goal was rather comical and simply doesn't happen if Gallagher was on, would have been dealt with before it bounced. Anyway, seems like we will be fine in the final 3rd, obvious defensive concerns, but surely they'll see that and work on rectifying it?
  9. I'll got for a 2-0 Dons win ( Ramirez, Ferguson )
  10. I know the bottom line of Friendlies is to get match fit and work on shape and stuff like that, but I always find it disappointing not to win, again, I know there purpose is a factor of different things, but winning breeds confidence, no matter the game, just my opinion. Finally back into the action though and the competitive games cannot come quick enough, pretty buzzed for this Season ( Despite a shite draw against ICT ? )
  11. The Club are really milking this Ramirez signing, and when I say that, I mean they are acting, on Social Media anyway, that he's some sort of messiah ( Or Superman ? ) I just pray that it does not backfire and he becomes a Dud. I am definitely going into this Season with confidence, the more time Glass, Russell & Apaloo get to work with them, the better. Perhaps I have just given up with McInnes' eye bleeding negative shite for the last 3 years that anything new was bound to excite me, but I truly believe we're going to be a good team this Season, a team that surprise a good few people. Either that or we'll be mid-table shite and out of both cups early. ( The saving grace there is that Glass is only on a 12 month rolling contract ) Come on you Fucking Reds!
  12. Apparently Ramirez has been granted his Work Permit and will sign this coming week.
  13. Completely agree. I am actually looking forward to this Season. I was extremely against Glass getting the job, but he's here, he's saying all the right things and I have definitely seen a difference in how we approach games and actually played in those games, the more time he's had to work with them, Russell too, Apaloo and Brown coming in, then it can only get better. Hopefully with another 2 additions ( Ramirez & another Striker ) then we'll at the very least, improve on what McInnes did, in what will be a far more difficult League. I'm expecting big things for us, seriously, and to think only 3 months ago I was apoplectic with the fact Glass got the job.
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