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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Indeed, you do have to wonder what their angle is
  2. According to former director Andrew Little DC and his American pals are into afc to the tune of 20 mill. It's hard to say he's not put his money where his mouth is. Glass was always a gamble (and it doesn't look a good one at the moment) but it was his to make. Unless we get caught up in the relegation dogfight you would think, as cormacks man, glass will get the season but we don't really have any previous form to compare to. Maybe he will be ruthless
  3. We were poor the first half but I have to say I thought the faroes looked a pretty decent team. Clarke was right to mention the Danes took the same amount of time to score against them as we did, they're no mugs. Got the fear about Moldova but at least it won't be roasting hot. Even if we win we still have a long way to go. Play offs will be tough
  4. Christie for me, faroes will be stodgy and he's got guile.
  5. Utterly bonkers isn't it. As for the game, again there was a lot to like about us but we are just too sloppy at the back. Kyogo might have great movement but bates should be getting his head on that though I concede it was a tricky ball in to deal with. Easy to put it past your own keeper.
  6. Tims have their own problems, namely they are wide fucking open at the back. No idea how this will go but both teams to score is probably a safe bet.
  7. I think Ramsey is the better prospect to be honest. The only thing that Paterson has on him is he's slightly faster but Ramsey is better in all other departments both physical and mentally imo. He's so composed.
  8. Best I can say about woods is that he's a competent back up. I wish we still had cerny.
  9. Hayes should have gone for that
  10. Cormack will give his chosen man a bit longer than Xmas.
  11. At the moment we seem incapable of keeping it tight
  12. The fermers are never an easy game. I'll take any kind of win
  13. I think the most interesting thing about this is the collaboration of the 5 clubs. By terms of number of supporters that's the biggest 5 in the league outside the ugly sisters. It seems a statement of intent to me, time will tell if that's true or not but it has potential if so. What that intent would be is another fascinating question to think about. The American involvement in Scottish football is still something of a puzzle for me. Clearly they see potential for return of investment. For some context I heard former director Andrew Little say on the here we go podcast recently that he believed cormack and his yank chums are invested in afc to the tune of 20 million. Anyone else find that a bit nuts? I would love to know how much of that is cormack himself. The only thing I can think of that would justify that kind of investment is CL qualification..... Not impossible but still a long shot to say the least.
  14. This has tense 1-0 shit fest written all over it. Not sure what I would do with the defence to be honest but I would like to see JET start as he seems to be the only player we have that can split a defence with a pass. Out Red tv Fuck knows what after 1-0 shit fest no idea who to though.
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