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Dons - StMirren - Sat - 12:15

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Buddies are unbeaten since early December so should be in decent form. Sadly I doubt they'll be playing clangers so no "home-coming" for him.  Early kick off and on tv so could hamper the crowd if the weather is truly shite.


I'm assuming McGinn will be making his return debut in this fixture.  Other than him, I wouldn't change too much from the last fixture pre-winter break.



Dog sitting



2-0 Dons,  Mcginn and Shinnie

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I can only see a defeat here.


Swanning around , full of ourselves after a jaunt in the sun.






Obviously I'd rather see us get at them straight from the start.

Refreshed after our well deserved break we score two early goals, then take our foot off the gas but cruise to a 4-0 victory.

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Glad this is not away as could have been a difficult tie down there. Hopefully McGinn is fit to start as he is a step above the other wingers at the club and will create chances for Rooney to stick away. Stupid kick off time and this being on TV mean I am out.





Local Lowland league game if any are on.

3-0 Dons Rooney x 2 and McGinn

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SSW as per.

Too early for a prematcher.

There winna be a post matcher either as oot at night.

I wasn't impressed by anything i've seen the last couple of games they've had shown on Alba. Even the boy Morgan didn't look all that even tho he's been scoring, the opposition looked shite! We're a different kettle of fish, therefore...

Aberdeen 3 - 0 Smurn

Niall McGinn to rattle in the first on his come back.


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