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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. Can somebody explain to me in the simplest way possible the new European format in Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League. It sounds absolutely crap!! I guess what I'm wondering is like in Champions League as an example you'll be playing eight different teams in your Group of Nine right? However you'll not be playing four teams home and away right like traditional play from years gone by correct? You'll be playing each team once and luck of the draw who you'll get home and away? God somebody save me from embarrassing myself and just spell it out for me my 33% brain damaged self is losing a few more cells as we speak stressing about it!! Maybe use nine different teams to elaborate if one can!
  2. I'm not really counting Super Cups because they're just glorified friendlies at the end of the day.
  3. I meant it to say in a European Final Kowalski! I'm blaming my 33% brain injury from birth for my mistake!!
  4. I found myself tossing and turning in bed at 3am this morning. Then all of a sudden our defeat to Darvel started to bother me. I wasn't around when we beat Real Madrid for Cup Winners Cup glory in 1983 but it got me thinking. For those that were about for that magical night how do you look upon us being last team to beat Bernabeu club but also being on the wrong end of the biggest Scottish Cup shock ever only a couple of years ago?
  5. Wondered if you could all give one of my radio shows from 2012 a wee listen and get me some views on our YouTube channel please. Going to put a couple more up if you're interested in listening to them too. Below one has an Aberdeen Football Club connection to it.
  6. Got myself a second and third image done. Fourth one not long been ordered. I just like what this guy does.
  7. Back in 2002 when I used to report on Coldstream East of Scotland side for Berwickshire News they played a friendly at home to Celtic and lost 6-0. Guess who was on the bench that night? None other than Mark Fotheringham! He played with a guy called Kevin Franck who was on loan from Real Madrid at time. Ex-Aberdeen striker Bryan Prunty too! Scotland internationals Stephen McManus and John Kennedy plus future Scottish Cup winner outside of Old Firm St.Johnstone's Chris Millar also. David Van Zanten had a decent career with Hibernian and St.Mirren no? Legendary Parkhead player Stephanne Bonnes made an appearance. Surely this is evidence he's good enough for the Pitttodrie hot seat!! P.S. Yes that is the original team sheet I was given for the game.
  8. Don't ask me what inspired this selection given our poor run of form since January 2nd!!! That's my Cheltenham Festival Week bets sorted now!
  9. Panda, When Connor Barron scored within a minute on Saturday really thought it had done the trick regardless of if the players had seen it or not!!
  10. You get like 250 characters or 600 maximum if one pays a little extra to ask the talent you request to put together something. I just gave this Jesus Christ impersonator a wee blurb on how badly we were doing. A line he came out with that I had no say in just hit me so hard because it is funny but makes a great point: "Get your heads in the game!" I so hope we can somehow get the players to watch this.
  11. I was so enraged by Wednesday's debacle to combat my anger we requested the following Pep Talk from a Jesus Christ impersonator for our heroes on Cameo. I must admit this three minute clip cheered me up so much. I wonder if there is a way we can get it to the players themselves. Could be the light relief and reminder of what they need to do to get out of this mess we're in. Let me know what you think please!
  12. I'm still wide awake at nearly 3am Thursday in utter disbelief we actually put these two bets on!! That's (11/2) Last Goal and (14/1) Two Or More!! Thing is would Mr Luis Lopes Duk have got sixty minutes off the bench had we not been 3-0 down after 27 minutes? Probably not but despite falling out of love with my team last four or five years I continue to back them with selections like these. At final whistle not that I'm religious or anything but we thanked God out loud for not messing up my Valentine's Day with at least a stirring comeback that won me £185.50 profit as we also did £9 Bojan Miovski First Goal (4/1) and £9 Bojan Miovski Two Or More Goals (8/1). If I'm honest Valentine's Day ain't great for me nowadays with it being the date my Mam was diagnosed with her primary Lung secondary Brain cancer eleven years ago before dying 55 days later. Sorry for going on but I wonder whether she too had a hand in taking my mind off such a hard day with Duk having won me this money last night. I firmly believe had she still been alive we'd have had so many great conversations about '911 Emergency Services' as I call our enigmatic duo.
  13. Just done a quick bit of research. Bojan's thirteen goals have been responsible for SIXTEEN of our 25 points amassed in league so far. Scored in two of three League Cup matches that got us to Final too. Also opens scoring in Last 32 Scottish Cup tie. Wins us a point at home to HJK Helsinki in European group stage. That's seventeen of his twenty goals being responsible for a positive result. Of course he is paid to do that but the guy needs the burden taken off his shoulders at some point.
  14. Simple question. Why has Duk not kicked on this season from last campaign like Bojan has??
  15. Anybody get better than (9/1) like I got at a North East England betting chain? Given Bojan's current scoring form and us being the home team I couldn't believe price they were giving.
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