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  1. Aw I'm so sad about Rob Burrows, it has really gotten to me, keep crying at all the lovely tributes.
  2. I was in France in 2019 and Wembley for the Euro final in 2022 and have been to a few Scotland internationals here ( not since they moved to Hampden permanently) but for some reason I have absolutely no interest in club football in the slightest. Dunno if it's just cause we are saturated with football these days and I like to leave room for some other sports, also none of my daughters played football so that may have made a difference if I had seen them play every week. I think each to their own tbh
  3. That was an incredible game to be at, the fans were terrific and oh my the team, so proud of them, and 3 fantastic bounces for the goals! Sad this morning waking up and remembering we are not actually gonna be in the final, that performance deserved a better outcome. Credit to Leven for working so hard with these players and let's have some of that fighting spirit for the rest of the games.
  4. This applies to me too I really can't believe I've got a ticket and I'm up v early before half 5 and I'm at a party in the evening wtf was I thinking
  5. Omg I never want McInnes back I had enough of him way before he left!! We could probs keep us out of relegation but then he would bring everyone back from Killie and they would all play as pish as they did when they were here the first time Interestingly I was in London last week visiting youngest daughter and was in an Adidas shop buying trainers. Got talking to the sales guy and he said he had never met anyone scottish that didn't support either Celtic or The Rangers. He knew Warnock had been our manager so the publicity with that had reached Battersea
  6. That was brutal, VAR decisions were both frankly embarrassing dare I say it I actually thought Beaton had a decent game. Thought we started quite well but every pass was just a little bit off. Then we had no clue!! 2nd half belonged to St Johnstone and fucking having no sense of urgency until the 8 mins injury time is infuriating. Tynecastle up next yikes
  7. Not loving this pessimistic outlook Manc thank fuck I can't get away from work in time to take a lift to the game haha I'm gonna go for a silky 2 nil win Clarkson and Duk
  8. C'mon Bolgna is the food capital of Italy, amazing incredible dishes, let the laddie stay there a bit longer and enjoy
  9. I'm really pleased that we won and sounded like some really good stuff but does it not make everyone just a little bit pissed off at all the times we knew this should have been the way we were lining up and leaving Barron out of starting line up in League Cup Final just looks criminal now!! Also Happy New Year everyone
  10. No McKenzie, Shinnie & Clarkson on the bench!!
  11. How good was Sokler's goal great finish Morris was so delighted after we scored against Hearts I can see him with the winning cross on Sunday
  12. I've had far too many texts from my jambo mates pretending they actually think that their dismal run at Pittodrie will continue - will be raging if we lose our record but after watching the Killie shambles I'm quite fearful we will!! Do not want see Hayes in the starting line-up - do want to see Barron
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