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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Well that was a tremendous watch, sore throat from screaming and nearly peed my pants when the winner went in That game had everything, great free kick, missed penalty, wtf was the ref doing with var and that goal, late winner wow!!
  2. The 2nd half promised so much then completely changed with our sending off. Horrible goal from Curtis Main but Lewis again for me Still hoping we can somehow get a draw cause was such a nice change watching that first half
  3. I did predict he was gonna score ha
  4. Anyone taking a shot on our goal one to one I'm not confident Lewis is saving it Ffs thought we were playing ok tho we are awful when we reach the penalty box
  5. I used to love a trip to Paisley!! Oot Hill walk or cinema depending on weather Also watching Ryder Cup Gonna be optimistic as we have to score sometime 0-2 Brown & McGinn
  6. I watched the game from the comfort of my living room with a rather large glass of wine and it's just not enjoyable knowing the moves are gonna break down every time - Ramirez just looked pish, I thought Feguson was trying too hard with no finesse, we were slightly better with the introduction of Hayes & McGinn but hard to see where the goals and points are coming from. You also just knew May would score against us!!! At this moment I'm not optimistic that we are ever gonna look like a team that has a clue - I was a bit meh about Glass being appointed and the football we are playing is not giving me the slightest inclination to actually go to a game!!
  7. I love every single sport could watch it all day long - was screaming at the show jumping yesterday and the pole vault today and canny wait for the artistic gymnastics and artistic swimming on Saturday And there is a scottish guy in the marathon and Laura Muir in the 1500
  8. Aye I agree not reached the usual high standards - been cracking to watch tho - defo gonna try for tickets for Paris 2024
  9. I went back to the cinema today and saw Judas & the Black Messiah, a very good watch!!
  10. We did it in 89/90
  11. Aye I heard that about China too
  12. We have been pish since November, were very pish today and will most probably be pish in our last 3 games of this season. That was awful to watch but at least there is now no pretending about how big of a rebuild Glass is tasked with. I actually have plans for the whole weekend of the semi finals and Eurovision is same day as final so at least no clashes any more ?
  13. Well done the team for getting through and scoring 5 penalties at a time when their confidence must be so low! McGinn's goal was class ? Wasn't a pretty watch but really important win and bring on Utd
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