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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. Nice goal,playing well now.Great Dons supoport for some reason
  2. Don't think the full house at Pittodrie thought it was a glorified friendly. The McGhee fiascos at Parkhead, and Raith Rovers at home taught me not to take fitba too seriously. Darvel was a good laugh as a result
  3. Oot Good riddance to Livi,hopefully a long time to not return. Hoping the match is played pretty competitively,be good to see if Duk and Sokler have the makings of a decent partnership 3 - 0 Dons Sokler x2,
  4. Like it,...but £68? nae that I buy tops, but still
  5. I was thinking this guy might be actually be a bit mince,til he shut me up with his goal.Hopefuly gives him a bit of belief,and his backs not too buckled after Duks slam
  6. ^^Haha. Boyd the legend, with a 4th. 4- 0 FT
  7. Stream here,decent Dons support despite the cost http://www.fawanews.com/Hibernian vs Aberdeen --- CH 2.html
  8. Guessing South islands far left on horizon,or next along? Whats happening because of subdivision ? Meant to get out this weekend but faffed about in the garden instead,hopeful next weekend
  9. Probably oot,working til after lunch Saints have lost 4 of their last 5,pretty poor for a team scrapping for survival.Should have enough about us if we avoid being as dull as first half v Motherwell Prediction - 3 - 1 Dons, Duk hat-trick
  10. Fair points.They could have exposed the mens game that way,and potentially embarassed us into doing the right things
  11. Why not play at a better stadium in proportion to the popularity of the sport. If theyre used to playing at grounds like Balmoor or Cove,then play finals at a step up Stadium like Fir Park or McDermid that would suit the potential crowd?.Hampden seems a bit OTT
  12. A frustrating first half where Motherwell showed how to move the ball up the park far quicker and more effectively than us,only poor play nearer goal stopped them going in front.Was annoying watching us pussyfooting about from side to side,where not enough players seemed to know how or where to be available, to get things moving forward. Better second half though,and a win was the main thing. Results went our way too. Looking forward to a break from this season when it comes...
  13. Hopefully Saturday gained us a bit more confidence in what we're capable of ,potential to seal our fate this week end too... In Pre - Greenhouse Post - Sunny Moray Prediction - 3 - 1 Dons Miovski x3
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