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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Sake Dodged off work early having assumed this was a Friday night game. Only noticed when i went to double check the k/o time. In or oot - now oot Pre/post - Up North Prediction - Like we say every weekend,must be due a change in luck.Dens is a happy hunting ground is it not,so... Dee 2 - Dons 4 Hedges x3,Ramirez 1 COYRFTLOF
  2. Yip,grim watching so far,fortunate to go in level. Would like to see more of the old Fraser,running at their defence,bit more quick imaginative movement from the others
  3. This caught the ear on the way home. JJ cale - travelin' light
  4. Aye,I meant Lewis form probably aligning with a settled defence,inc the early McKenna/Devlin combo,McKenna/Considine/ even Taylor
  5. Aye,thought Woods looked decent enough in his stint last year. Do we persist with Lewis while we tinker with what the best defensive combo is,and hope his confidence returns with a settled line up. Dont think its any coincedence that his form,along with the rest of the side,has dipped since McKenna left/Devlin got injured.
  6. Did Cormack not agree they might have got the pricing wrong for the Euro game? Embarassing crowd incoming
  7. If we could get the defence settled for once,you'd hope it would boost the rest of the team a bit,inc Lewis. Not sure if that means patience with the existing personnel,or another dip into the transfer/loan market which seems wasteful when were as bloated as we are. I do think Glass could still turn it round(dont ask me why),but whether he'll get the time to do so??
  8. Still punching above his weight,walking stick and all* *well he was,til she ran off with a younger man **if you like silicone filled,drag looking women
  9. Youd think(hope) Glass and the backroom entourage will have learned a few harsh lessons re formations/personnel over the last couple of weeks.Only a matter of time before we click.... Tough little game this one,but.. Saints 1 - Dons 4 (Hayes x2,Ferguson,Longstaff) 'MonminReds Edit - Not playing til the morn I see
  10. Hard paper round.Hard to believe he was still playing low league fitba 5 years earlier
  11. ill be honest I assumed he'd died years ago.He looked about 60 on Saint and Greavsie. Great show though,great player too.
  12. Oo err missus^^^ Hoping for Glass' sake he starts getting a turn in fortune soon.Think he'll become a good manager eventually,but it may be he'll end up biting off more than he can chew with us. Hope not though.Into these farmers,theyre overdue a good thrashing.... Dons 3 - St J 1 Jet,Longstaff,Ramirez
  13. Wonder if ramsay himself would feel ready for a move like that,or maybe another year or 2 with us....plus an 8 year extension to his contract
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