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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. He is some player and, despite his build doesn't shirk a challenge. Obviously I'm biased but I think Calvin Ramsay is a better full-back than Paterson but it's typical of Scotland we produce 2 really good left FBs at the same time and now we've got 2 really (potentially) good right FB at the same time. Maybe someday we'll have 2 strikers...too far?
  2. Fucking excellent win...and fully deserved on our 2nd half play. But even the final corner into the area was crap but we got the break...you just know it's going to come back and haunt us.
  3. Why on earth would you let Dykes take another penalty, he got lucky against Austria and any keeper reviewing his last pen for Scotland would have thought "he'll put it down the centre again". But then again all our corners/free-kick have been rank...good to know we've got a set-piece specialist on board.
  4. As with May, Main, Jet we'll probably buy him.
  5. They don't have to try to infect the whole league.
  6. I was going bananas when Hayes passed the ball back to the keeper only to realise he'd fucked up and we'd scored. No question about the MoM - Ramsay is some prospect and will only get better (he was really pissed off on Thursday when he realised he wouldn't be taking the penalty), Campbell played well in the first half as did Samuels, Longstaff looked OK and nice to see him having a shot from outside the box...how many of our players do that?
  7. If Watkins does play I wonder how many reporters in the media will use the oxymoron "second debut"?
  8. Got the lottery numbers? 2 up Ramirez, Ferguson
  9. Neither Portugal nor Greece were any great shakes either but they managed to win the Euros...a good path to the final, don't concede and take your chances (and getting both the semi and final at a full Wembley) helps.
  10. Reminded me of this...
  11. Which is ridiculous really as his ineptitude as Health Sec should have seen him sacked about 13 months ago. (My daughter is about to enter her final year as a med student and she says that she hasn't met any health care professional who has anything but the deepest contempt for him). He'll be back in the next or next + 1 reshuffle to ru(i)n another department of state.
  12. And journalists and various other hangers-on and which caused a huge spike in infections in the St. Ives area but Spaffer isn't one to pay any attention to the data when he can be on TV glad-handing other (k)nobs.
  13. They have been excellent, despite going behind against the run of play, they've not let their head drop and got their rewards.
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