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Patrick v AFC

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Well if it's just us against some guy called Patrick, I'd fancy our chances at a cricket score  ;)


I could of course claim it was a deliberate error to see who would be first to pick up on it.

Alternatively I could however instead blame it on the dislexia  ;)

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I emailed the ticket office to ask how many tickets have been sold for Firhill tomorrow. I just got a reply to say they have nearly sold out their 1,750 allocation! There are only 86 tickets available on the website. I suspect that there will be cash turnstiles on too as the 'main stand' at Firhill holds over 2,300. Should be a good atmosphere! I'm taking my youngest daughter (4) to her first game and her big sister (7) to her second game! Eldest was at Hampden for the Semi against Hibs. I've had to bring her expectations down a little! 4,500 at Firhill is not going to be quite like 50,000 at Hampden!!  :ultras:



Pre - Football coaching and running aboot like a blue arsed fly

Post - No plans - hopefully celebrating!

Prediction - 2-0 Wright and May

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Certainly a curious line up. DM praises our defense this week then immediately changes it? Reynolds not fully fit perhaps? No pace in the middle of defense is a worry.


Shinnie has been outstanding in midfield, will he be left back, line up suggests so. Interested how Tansey and McLean boss the midfield. Would also like to see Christie wide and Stewart central.

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