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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Hibees v Dandies (Sat)

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Sleeping probably

Checking out la paz

Much of the same

2-2, Rooney and may


Elgin, will get some photos of the inca trek uploaded when I can get a reliable WiFi connection. Was stunning when we got down to it from the sun gate. Recommend it to anyone, lots of steps mind.

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Really good win, fantastic result. Just saw the second half. We looked decent, with everyone getting stuck in. Battled very hard. The back four looked good (Logan probably the worst of the 4, but still good). McKenna and Shinnie won everything, and Arneson did fit he does. O'Connor made a couple of dodgy passes but was otherwise strong and McLean held onto the ball really well and got stuck in. GMS looked like a confident player.


Well done McInnes, despite the cup(s) shite yiv done exceptionally well in the league. 

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A decent game and a good win. Good to see us stand up to some decent attacking play by Hibs, certainly a hell of an improvement at the back since McKenna has come in beside Arnason.


Good the see GMS grab his first goal set up by a good pass from Kenny McLean, hopefully GMS will push on and show more of the player we know he can be.


Be a shame to lose Christie against the victims and a little worried that DM put on Ball for GMS. Hopefully it was just to stop HIbs playing and to protect our lead and not any warped thinking about starting him against the victims.


Half way through October and still unbeaten in the league a very pleasing start.

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Solid win. Only saw the first half and I actually thought Hibs were the slightly better team. Good goal, lovely pass from McLean I believe. Saying that, I was impressed with McGinn and would rather we had him than KM.


In the last 3 games we've beaten 4th, 5th, and 6th, and 3 shutouts. That's progress. Looks like we've sorted out central defense, curious to know if Shinnie goes back to midfield when Considine is healthy. 10 days to prep for Celtic, who obviously have a semi before that. Would love to see the cup final approach and really have a go. Celtic are good but not that good, if we really put them under pressure at home why not a home win!

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Good result

Still to watch the game.


Happy for GMS and can understand a lot of criticism at him but you can see the lad has talent.


Celtic are a great team when on form unfortunately and will be on form no doubt when we come up against them as per usual.


And their supporters can fuck off with that banner shite.


How anyone can oppose trying to stamp out sectarianism in Scotland is mental.

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Given recent poor health (looking like in next few weeks I'm having an MRI scan on head to be on safe side with our brain injury from birth)  I was shedding a tear or two at full-time as one was rather proud of my team today. 


Thought we did the basic stuff properly and dug deeply then dirtily when required.  Could still do with a few more goals in the 'For' column but shouldn't really complain tonight.  Don't care what anybody says but 'Arnie' showed yet again why he's always been a favourite of mine.  Never looked flustered.  Wonder whether we can replicate Icelandic team spirit and push on a bit.   

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Yeah, Nips and Tatties I've just been struggling with my balance last few months.  Actually ended up in First Aid Room night we played Siroki Brijeg at Pittodrie which gives everybody an idea of how long it has gone on for.  Not sure if our Labrynthitis (left ear which is cerebral palsy side) has returned to haunt me but not really shrugging it off whatever problem is.  Thing being I'm like my Mam who never uttered a word if she was ill.  Yours truly does same thing himself.  Back to see one's GP Tuesday afternoon.  Starting to bring a bit of 'anxiety symptoms' to said table because we're awfully frustrated which just makes Hemiplegia go absolutely daft!!

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