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Hopefully he'll get the last 5 minutes when we're 3 up. Obviously he's just there to make up the numbers, but it's still great for the loon. I'm not sure it says much about Deek's faith in youth, more through necessity.


Anyway, it'll be an interesting one tonight in terms of the line-up. I suspect we'll go 3 at the back. Shinnie in midfield alongside McLean, in a sort of fucked up 3-4-3, merging into a 3-6-1 for most of the game. Although injuries will probably mean we have to go with 4 at the back, and he might consider O'Connor in midfield again.


As an aside, with their season finished, why can't we have Smith back from St Mirren?

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Home (or straight fae work)




2-1 the Reds  ;D  McLean and a last minute Ash Taylor header from a corner.


Should be a good crowd given the demand for tickets for the final.  ;)


It would be very sweet to see some team derail their unbeaten tag and who better than us.


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Not at all confident about tonight. Thankful that shite Friday night football prevents me from attending. Hopefully team prove me wrong.



Flat unpacking after week away

Flat watching stream


0-2 Celtic.

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Fucking embarrassing. 2nd place tied up? If these cunts go on this way it could be 7 0r 8 tonight. A sevco win of 4 of 5 goals against a rank rotten jambos isnt entirely out the question either and that would bring the huns back to within touching distance. Fucking 4 centre halves!!!!

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I'll say this, despite the scoreline I'm finding this a quite exciting game.


Reminds me of January 1999 against Sevco when it was 2-0 after 10mins followed by a Newell diving header and Jess passback free kick to equalise. red Card for Scott Wilson only for a blatant kanchelskis dive in the 88th min to undo the whole thing.


I don't know if Celtic are feeling the strain or have just taken their foot off the gas but if it goes to 3-2 (especially b4 half time) I wouldn't rule out a sneaky draw.



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So it takes going 3-0 down with defending straight out of the Oor Wullie coaching manual for us to have a right old go at these cunts and finally find out that when we do they really arent that good at all...


however every time they get a set piece or corner they cause fucking havoc. Need to find a way of getting Reynolds out the door on the heels of Taylor.

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We need to clone Shinnie before the final. One to play left back and one to play holding mf.

We looked better with Stockley. Would cause problems with Rooney on too, maybe. Taylor needs to go now. I thought Reynolds was all over the place trying to cover Taylor's mistakes. O'Connor did well in midfield. Hayes great again. Delighted for the wee lad who got on, someone could have passed to him though so he at least got a touch ?.

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