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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/5d033aa9-3f42-40f1-99cc-131f20c6e4e0#AbojlTgu.copy
  2. Id argue it was billy dodds and duncan shearer that got the dons out of the hole. This is a test of character for all those players in the squad. Does there come a point where they say enough is enough and really start fighting?
  3. Flashbacks to a 2-1 defeat at partick circa 2000 when Leon Mike pulled one back
  4. At this rate we may have our first elimination b4 christmas?
  5. Losing to Georgia & Ukraine stopped Scotland from going through.
  6. The traditional punishment for scoring then
  7. Saw 'Free Guy' the other week. Really enjoyed it
  8. My money is on Brown quitting before Glass
  9. Think they actually managed to appeal that so they only got a fine instead which is why they didnt get relegated last season
  10. Derby County enter administration. Surprising it has taken this long given some of the dodgy stuff their owners (and/or past owners) have been up too.
  11. In the olden days I'd have gone through for this and just handed cash over at the turnstiles but think those days are gone forever so.... Out Working Working while possibly following it on Sportsound Home (seeing if I can avoid the English scores to make Match of the Day more tolerable) 0-0
  12. Coincidence that suddenly a potential loan for another club happens (seem to recall a few have tried over the last couple of seasons) after Strachan starts working for BOTH Dundee & Celtic?
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