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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. Hat trick for Lookman Southgate and co possibly regretting stringing him along and not picking him beyond England U21
  2. Convoluted way to watch europa league final for free. Sign up for free content account on discoveryplus Thought it was irritating enough having to watch it on youtube
  3. Cancel that. Raith ticket office underestimating their own fans as they have now had to open sections of the traditional away end for home supporters County Allocation about 550
  4. Anyone tuning in for the Raith V County first leg will potentially be greeted with an empty stand behind the left hand goal. County fans are getting put in the old railway stand 'out of sight' of the cameras
  5. 2-1 now On paper they had the 2nd best defence in the championship. Unfortunately rhey had the 2nd worst attack.
  6. Somewhere in Edinburgh seabass's jambo equivalent has just caused a meltdown by saying something similar about the Tennents 6s
  7. Continuing where he left off in hamilton Stranraer score two late goals to beat EK in extra time
  8. Ridgers having a mare in the Caley goal
  9. tom_widdows


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/c4n1ndlknk1o If they chuck it how long would it take doncaster and co to follow suit?
  10. Time to plunder the scandinavian leagues for this generation's Stavrum, Soldberg, Kjaer, and Guntveit.
  11. Depends which Uni you are researching for. One of them owes me money
  12. tom_widdows


    Sickner for Coventry today too Ex Ref Bobby Madden was on Off the Ball yesterday and said the 'we need it in the SPL so Scottish refs can officiate champions league/ euros etc' claim is bullshit. He also said he would take VAR back to what it was meant to find such as Henry's handball vs Ireland, Lampard's goal vs Germany. Paraphrasing: 'If there is any element of doubt leave it to the referee' VAR for Offside and major errors (Henry handball etc) only' Just thinking of great moments in past games ive watched that VAR could/ would have ruined. Aguero vs QPR Solksjaer vs Bayern Munich Stan Collymore last minute winner vs Keegan's Newcastle Mackie vs the Tic in the 2008 quarter final replay Chris Clark vs Hibs opening day of the season 2002/03 Andy Dow vs SEVCO in the League cup quarter final and so on
  13. In the all ireland final several years back hawkeye ruled out a point despite all 5 umpires & the opposition players giving it and TV pictures showing it went straight down the middle Result At halftime they checked the replays, awarded the point and decided to play the 2nd half without hawkeye. UK seems rife with 'the computer said it was wrong'
  14. And would have guaranteed safety from automatic relegation. Assuming SEVCO steamroller Dundee on Wednesday, the Dons have chance to fuck them over next weekend (not that I am still bitter about April 7th 2001). Dons win would mean either Motherwell or Hibs take 6th spot. Dons draw + hibs win means hibs take 6th
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