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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Dons v Celtic

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Because he has credit in the bank - he is a proven goalscorer. If you genuinely think Rooney would have missed the header Stockley did then fair enough, but to me that was an awful miss and if Rooney was on the park we were right back in that game at 3-2.  But Stockley missed it, 6 yards out, no one near him and pretty much the whole goal to aim at. He missed the fucking target. Just as he did at Ibronx.  Dress it up how you like, but the game is about scoring goals. In two big matches now he has been presented with easy chances which could really have changed the course of the games.  He missed both of them, and missed by miles in relative terms.


Rooney isn't a brilliant footballer, but he is, in Aberdeen and SPFL terms, a brilliant striker. By his standard, I would agree he has had a disappointing season, but i would still play him.  A disappointing season which has still yielded 20 goals.


If we get the ball into the box for him, he will get us goals.  I see nothing in Stockley which would prompt me to say the same.


Stockley will cause teams problems and on the law of averages will get a few goals, and I would love it if one was the winner on the 27th, but i don't think we're giving ourselves the best chance of winning matches with him in there instead of Rooney.


The still scored 20 that everyone says is as dressed up as it gets.


8 non penalty goals in the league in 2695 minutes compared to 5 for Stockley in 829.


I wouldn't back Rooney to be in the position Stockley was in to score that. I can't actually remember Rooney getting into positions for sitters of the same kind.

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Nice stats.  Whats the minutes for Rooney's 8 goals in 13 appearances in the cup competitions, compared to Stockley's 1 goal in 11?


6 in 990 and 1 in 531


Overall 14 in 3685 and 6 in 1340.


Actually worse NPG/90 than Stockley.  :dunno:

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Easily solved!


I'm the Aberdeen manager and I say to Rooney and Stockley in front of the team just before the Hun game...


"Ok, you're both playing this game but whoever is the better player or scores more...gets to play in the final.

Now go prove yourself lads."



It's Nae fucking rocket science really is it?



A strike off.



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