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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. It's fucking nonsense, along with Park and Rides and new bus fleets and routes popping up to serve one location every 14 days.
  2. I went up to it a couple of times to see if it got any better. It feels so disconnected from Aberdeen it's never going to improve in that sense. Nobody wants to drink 8 miles from the stadium and leave at 2pm. Bar planned is for 400. Terrible public transport links and extortionate drinks in a tumbler outside. I don't get the optimism.
  3. It'll take a while for the real fans that support the Kingsford bollocks to realise what they've lost, if it happens. Playing in Aberdeen, pubs, walking to the game and being able to go into town hours or minutes before kick off mainly.
  4. Heard from an employee of the football department he was earning just north of that after bonuses since he signed a new deal, and he was very highly paid before it. A few must be taking megabucks to make up our expenditure.
  5. Everyone drives from the shire or the outskirts of the city. Anyone else can fuck off!
  6. First tantrum and it's not been rejected yet.
  7. No. Not during those games. We needed a manager to get us to the group stages in Europe to progress as a club. A manager that understands what defeats in certain games feel like to fans rather than coming out with arrogant trust me and the players shite. We've reached McInnes' glass ceiling.
  8. I'm scunnered with having to continue watching his nancy boy tombola teams. Honestly, bored of McInnes. He's now holding us back.
  9. All the justifications I've seen of proof of his commitment have been of his speech to the select few at Pittodrie where he said 'I fucking better be [the manager when the stadium opens]', as well as how he sounded at the pre-determination hearing. I've seen some of those same people now accept he's going. If the ABERDEEN manager is linked to fucking RANGERS and has no interest in going, is committed to the club as he supposedly is and has told people, he can absolutely make an exception to this speculation dance and say I have no interest in that job whatsoever. He's so blatantly just trying not to be seen as a liar and keep his dignity. His comments about not being happy with the way it's been handled I am certain are a message to the Rangers board for their shambolic approach, and him trying to assert his authority early. Your point about the Sunderland job is correct...because he was interested. My point is he is not committed to Aberdeen and is open to the Rangers job. We have fans who believed the total opposite. Some still do.
  10. I completely disagree. If he had no intention of going to Rangers he could say I have no interest in any vacancies just now and am fully committed to Aberdeen. He actually got Milne to say the committed part and he said 'I reiterate the chairman's comments' without ever saying that himself, only giving the vague 'I see my future at Aberdeen'. Also if he really was as committed as he has portrayed to the poor souls who swallowed it at the Kingsford speeches, he would say I'll be here at least until the training ground is built etc. Say next time the Norwich job comes up and he's asked about it but is interested he can say 'I've not heard anything about that, just now I'm focused on Aberdeen'...which is exactly what he's done but for Rangers. Of course, he's interested and wants to go.
  11. I find it strange it says 6 sites offered and Yule has narrowed it down to 4 they are looking at. These are not the sites ruled out in the site selection (not offered) which are Pittodrie, Calder Park, King's Links, old AECC, new AECC after it was too late, Bellfield, Loirston.
  12. These suggestions are giving me the fear about what McInnes might play. Lewis Logan Arnason McKenna Shinnie O'Connor McLean Stewart May Mackay-Steven Rooney I really fear he will do some nonsense with Ball playing and Rooney wide.
  13. ACC offered something joint with the new AECC in 2013 but the club/Yule turned it down to keep pursuing Loirston and it's now too late. More great work from the visionary George.
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