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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

ūüĒī‚ö™ÔłŹ Come on you Reds!¬†‚ö™ÔłŹūüĒī

Ryan Jack

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It looked like stokes made more of a forward motion than Jack did but regardless it's piss poor refereeing to be sending either of them off for that.  Well that's what I thought when I stopped laughing anyway, hun cunt.  If anyone should have been off it should have been Dorrans for his grab to the throat on Silvka after he was taken down by him.

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Hun cunts have appealed. Looks like no actual contact occurred but intent is enough to warrant a straight red. Orc hordes are complaining that Stokes wasnt also red carded for his part in the incident. Probably a fair enough point.


Even funnier though is that if you watch the incident earlier where Stokes gets yellow carded it really should have been a straight red at that point for him so Stokes shouldn't even have been on the pitch to get involved with Jack anyway.


Fuck Ryhun and fuck sevco.

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