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  1. Not necessarily. Shinnie v same opponents in his first season with us won us a penalty in nearly the exact spot he did today. We lose a massive attacking threat when he's not at left back.
  2. Despite the fact we scored three against them? Not saying we deserved to win, but suggesting Celtic aren't there to be got at seems strange to me when we've just done that despite not being at our best.
  3. In the first half, trying to man mark too many of their players done us. Considine pulled out of position so Logan had to tuck in killed us as the ball slid into the channel was just too easy. Ball's effort then McKenna being on his heels gifted the chance to Sinclair. The three goals conceded in the second half could have been a slideshow of Aberdeen-Celtic games of the past few years. Target the full backs, get in behind, cut back, goal. It was embarrassing how easy it was for them. I really liked how high we sat today in terms of putting pressure on their back line - particularly first half. But it's so hard to keep that going for the 90. I would liked to have seen Bruce Anderson on the park today, give them something different to think about. But, if we're scoring three goals at home and still losing the match it's clear where the issues are.
  4. good stuff. He's absolutely right. Really wanted to go today but couldnt make it unfortunately, but that is a brilliant result today. We've come a cropper at this time of the season in these matches in recent years, especially in front of big home crowds which makes today even better. Any more views on how Campbell played?
  5. That's being kind, Al. He was woeful, first half in particular
  6. Cosgrove did well, probably his best game for us actually. May... looks a bit better, but still when he's through on the keeper just leathers it straight at him. That isn't good enough. Thought Logan looked a lot better today than he has done for some time, a lot more assured defensively. McGinn was good and his deliveries got us both goals. Shinnie, in the first half in particular, was very poor. Great to get the three points in horrendous conditions and puts us right back into the mix now
  7. No, I think we're saying he should only be a squad filler, not a starter.
  8. Who is saying he shouldn't be squad filler?
  9. Spot on Jute. If he's regularly in the team we will regularly struggle. For the amount of ball he gets in his position, he just isn't good enough with it - we need more in there. He finds himself there because of how poor the other signings for that position have been, which is ironic.
  10. Wonderful Every player put in a fantastic shift, subs included. Any of the back line could have had the motm, also thought Ferguson was brilliant - loves a bit of shithousing and he had 3 players on him towards the end when he was the target for the long balls from Joe - always stood up for himself though and fought for everything. Loved the way the players celebrated at the end, came over to the fans and could see how much it meant for them to get those points. Need to keep this going now - no point doing this then dropping points to Saints (x2) or Livi. The Subway Loyal Supporters Club was out in full force tonight - a magnificent sight seeing that place empty with 10 minutes left
  11. Is the rumour that some of them are just shite? I can confirm, if so.
  12. Having just watched the highlights, the goals were even worse than I had remembered. In each of them, one of our players hasn't been strong enough - Logan, May and Considine. Soft as shite. They need to show they want it. There was nothing to us yesterday, no leadership.
  13. It was a nothing game for the opening period - Shinnie could have had us ahead but shot wide. Then all of a sudden we were 2 down. Bad mistake by Mcginn at the first, compounded by Logan not being strong or smart enough. After that we just didn't have the desire or minerals to get ourselves back into it. Everyone bar Ferguson was shite. Ferguson continuously tried, always tried to get us forward and play football. Every team has their off days but we're having more than we should this season. Another day as well that Motherwell have absolutely battered us - it's becoming a regular occurrence. Don't think anyone has mentioned it but Mcginn started centrally for us today, wonder if that's with next week in mind.
  14. Agreed, absolutely brilliant game and the atmosphere was amazing. There's a Boca documentary on Netflix, for those interested.
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