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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 13 August - kick-off 3pm

Aberdeen v Motherwell

Stand Free!

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1 hour ago, BigAl said:

Aye pretty sure a few of us qwould have seen that one coming. 😉

In fairness Taylor is probably a decent signing for them 




Agreed, Taylor will do very well in that league and will probably score aye least 5 goals too if the have anyone half decent at taking a corner 

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On 13/01/2022 at 05:25, BigAl said:

Sam Cosgrove to Salford City on loan allegedly 

Doubt we'll be seeing any cash from sell on clauses anytime soon 😂

I see he never got on against Liverpool. Five subs and he still never got a game. Not sure if he was carrying a injury or not... 

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10 minutes ago, Madbadteacher said:

I see Longstaff is playing for Newcastle today, watching it live.

Doesn’t appear we’re missing much

It's his brother that is playing

Edit: Baggy beat me to it




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5 hours ago, Madbadteacher said:

Yeah, so I see now.

Watford aren’t very good are they?

No but neither are Newcastle. Some poor teams in bottom third of Best League in the World ©. 

Have Everton sacked Benitez yet?

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£30k transfer fee allegedly. Administrators reducing costs by selling off anyone they can get a fee for. Wigan are 3 points off top in league 1 with 5 games in hand so probably only a temporary step down for Shinnie. 

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See the huns are being linked by the boy Romano, with a loan for £400k p/w Ramsey from Juve. 

Almost hope it's true in a "win or bust attempt at the auto ECL spot", with the obvious caveat that it ends up in failure and BUST!! just like the old club. 

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