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  1. We havnt even finished this season yet and Glass is bringing in quality with back ups I believe. He's pouncing on a decent player here in JET (if true) and has a very good defender and midfielder already. More quality will come I've no doubt. I much prefer his recruitment strategy than waiting the last minute for mediocrity like D.M. did.
  2. Im going to go against the grain here and think JET could be a decent signing tbh. He's obviously shown he's got skill and composure and with Glass and Russell, he must just be a good signing and has aerial threat. I also dont believe for a minute he's our no.1 striker target so what's not to like?
  3. It's not even that. The fact a Scotsman took on the position of England's fucking striker coach should have alarm bells ringing. Big no no for me.
  4. Well I just placed at the bottom of my water tank, a jobbie to the left and a replica Scottish cup to the right. Angus my pet octopus just moved to the right and grabbed the cup with all 8 arms. Next season is going to be a better for us.
  5. Unbelievable eh? I'm gonna give McLennan another chance as I think with the right direction , he could learn to run.
  6. Can we also rip up the players with contracts?
  7. There is a God. He's better at kicking a human than a ball.
  8. Hope not. Mind you, it's easier to spend when you have financial backing. I'm waiting for a decent striker coming in soon as I think that's the most important position we need. Goals, excitement, hope and crowds back to experience it all.
  9. Hiw did the Tories manage 31 seats? Anyone who votes Tory in Scotland is an utter cunt.
  10. With this rebuilding of our team , I'd keep Hoban on the bench. I like him but in the last few games I've seen some pretty poor marking and mistakes. Yoohooo ....Griffiths. Hurry up and join us.
  11. Good signing I think. And we already have a song for him. Bat Out Of 'well
  12. Cock too long for standard shorts?
  13. I just saw Alan Tate had signed for us on another AFC forum. I'd accidentally clicked on an old topic from 2014. Thank fuck for that.
  14. Let's just beat the hun fucks on the last day to fuck up their stats.
  15. I think kirkcaldy just means we should be beating Hibs historically lol but our season ended a while ago. Hibs are a better team than us this season. That's a fact. So we already fucked it up. The £250k and 3rd spot isnt that important I dont think. Getting fans back, good season ticket sales and new players in, playing great football is what matters now. I actually think in some weird fate, we will beat the huns.
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