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UEFA Europa Conference League Qualifier:

BK Häcken v Aberdeen

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  1. How tha fuck did the Huns beat Real Madrid????????
  2. HaarDon


    Hey mate Totally agree with you there. I like Dan Andrews. Scomo should be replaced and I feel he has failed Australians. The NRL debacle is a disgrace!! And as far as these selfish dickheads protesting, I hope every one of them suffer from really bad covid symptoms...not die...but suffer badly. I have zero guilt about saying that.
  3. Hacken look to appease fans Hacken have signed fans hero Nasiru Mohammed in a bid to win back supporters, writes Mark Walker. The Swedes were blown away by the rampant Dons in the second qualifying round first leg as they crashed to a 5-1 defeat at Pittodrie. They appear to be as good as out of the competition, but they have moved to bring back Ghana international winger Mohammed to the club after a spell in Bulgaria with Levski Sofia. The 27-year-old made over 200 appearances with the club in an eight-spell at the Gothenburg outfit and is delighted to have returned to Swedish football.
  4. HaarDon


    Fuck the rugby league!!
  5. HaarDon


    A few street disturbances/protests here. I fucking hate people. There's 2 types in this world cunts and non-cunts. Suprising the amount of the former.
  6. HaarDon


    Nobody cares much about the uk as far as I have spoken with ozzies. It's about Oz numbers and lockdowns here and a general world thing and how good they've been. I think plenty governments have failed their citizens. Why the fuck are ALL airline staff not vaccinated. They're the ones bringing it into countries with passengers. Bojo ofc is an utter contemptible baboon who I despise. That prick has zero conscience.
  7. Watch the above link and you'll see them. It was a dodgy link so maybe some parts were on repeat
  8. Not his performance last night Al but his signing. I wanted him in the squad. I'm a fan of his, I just think Ramirez will be our next Rooney. Hopefully they're both great.
  9. I think Ramirez will be the cult hero cos he will score more goals imo. A few fans didn't rate JET. I do but he gave away possession last night which other teams would make counter attacks from. He needs to sharpen that side of his game. I think he's cool af.
  10. I'm not saying he wasn't but he stood out as giving the ball away on numerous occasions. That's all. I like him and think he has good vision, patience and great footwork.
  11. That was pleasing on the eye and a fantastic result. The only negative I would say was JET gave the ball away quite a few times. Nice to see us score 5 goals though. I thought with a name like Hacken there would be a lot of fouls. Why were there 8 minutes of extra time?
  12. If anyone has links to extended highlights or the full match replay, I'd love to know please.
  13. I told you Glass knew what he was doing. Too easy. I predicted 3-0 so as good as haha. Yesssssssssss
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