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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm


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  1. ACDC are fucking garbage!!! I could make an ACDC album in around an hour.
  2. I wasn't beating my chest you dick! 2 of those managers are arguably better than Goodwin as i said. One managed Grenada who are a far better team than AFC. Your suggestions are mediocre and boring like yourself. Wtf is Goodwin going to do? Get us into the top 6 and maybe a semi final. Wooppeedoo. Stop being so boring. Are you even an Aberdeen fan who wants success? You and Rico have absolutely zero arguments against 2 of those managers other than you both don't know them. I've explained why they might be good appointments. I never said they were the best. They were valid suggestions like everyone else's yet you both decided to criticise them even though other suggestions including your own were shite. You can both fuck off.
  3. There's also quite a few posters here and on other Aberdeen fans forums offering a few foreign names so I don't see why my suggestions are being scrutinised. Ah well. Time will tell who the board appoint. Personally I want massive change and want something different in a manager who has experience in European competitions and knows how to win and what to do to win against the odds in any match.
  4. I see exactly what you did there Rico. Some of the other names in that list have been sacked or done fuck all yet no question mark next to them. I picked those guys out of a hat very quickly because they're available and have done relatively well and would perhaps be interested. They were just suggestions as valid as Ross or Goodwin and Lennon imo. But the 3 names above know Scottish football blah blah boringggg zzzzzz. Granada fc is a very decent team to be a manager of and Lopez who got a team promoted to La Liga has to be pretty good at his job too. Cormack will go for someone safe on that list though because it's the Scottish way of thinking and he won't want to take a chance like he did with Glass.(which was a ridiculous appointment) I'm sure most fans will be happy with Goodwin or Ross though because we 'know' them which shows utterly zero ambition. These manager types have done absolutely NOTHING for AFC in the past. 1 cup in nearly 25 years? It's time for something different ffs. We have the financial backing so let's try something different. Tomasson or Knutsen would be great!
  5. So a cup semi final and top 6. Cool. Let's get him appointed quickly so we can remain mediocre as fuck STILL. YIPPEEEEEEE Even McInnes was far better than that or do you enjoy stepping backwards? What a pish, lazy appointment Goodwin would be.
  6. If we get Ross or Goodwin as managers then Aberdeen FC has lost my support.
  7. I'm talking to a guy who wants Goodwin as manager and who is sad Glass was sacked even though he was utter shit!
  8. Lopez: he led the Granotes to their first Copa del Rey semi-final after defeating Villarreal in the last minute of extra time;[18] they lost that tie 3–2 on aggregate to Athletic Bilbao, again after extra time.[19] On 4 October 2021, López was fired, having earned only four points from as many draws at the start of the season. He had managed a club record 133 top-flight games, and had a lower losses percentage in the division than any other Levante manager bar Joaquín Caparrós.[ Diego Martinez: He later managed Osasuna and Granada, achieving promotion to La Liga with the latter. Labbadia: he's free 2 of those are better than Goodwin.
  9. What do supporters want here? A mediocre manager who can get a few results sometimes or someone who will transform us into a team who might challenge for the top 3 spots? Is there any ambition? Deary me.
  10. I think Norwich want Knutson btw.
  11. BigAl you can't have a foreign manager!! These foreigners who probably have links to some great foreign talent, have experience in playing and winning against some good sides in Europa leagues etc, who have different styles and mentality to the Scottish game, who aren't afraid of the magnificence of the 2 cheeks, whose vision is different when recruiting players. No, no, no totally unacceptable from our boring support. We need someone like Lennon who had a fortune to spend and still fucked up. Maybe give McInnes another crack at it if we can lure him away from the mighty Kilmarnock. There's surely Scottish managers out there who know our league and are still shit at taking arguably the 3rd best team in the SPL and doing absolutely fuck all with us AGAIN. Zzzzzzzzz.
  12. This group of players are mostly shite and have flawed abilities. Why would a foreign manager be stupid? Ask Celtic if it's stupid? Jesus let's stop looking for easy options who bring absolutely nothing new or unique to AFC. It's so boring and insipid.
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