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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Guys watch Ted Lasso. (Only on Apple TV unfortunately) You'd laugh at the similarities.
  2. As soon as we went out the cup we were doomed.
  3. The saddest thing for me is probably no Europe for at least 2 years. That bastard is hard to take.
  4. Speaking of shite managers and needing a win badly: Has anyone watched Ted Lasso. I think it's brilliant! Highly recommend it.
  5. Thank fuck the Scotland team are doing well and keep my interest in the sport. I stopped watching EPL games about 20 years ago. Wonder if I'll stop watching the SPL soon.
  6. Said it ages ago...Ferguson is pish. No idea how anyone values him. If we still get an offer anywhere around $400k for him , we should take it (and that would be great business). Oh and btw...Fuck off Glass.
  7. Give Glass time..he'll turn it around. Aye right. Basically said we were shite months ago with Glass' team. It's scandalous really but typical.
  8. Overtime this week for you young man!!!
  9. I think we will beat Moldova just by 1 goal again and Israel will be beaten by Austria who's pride has taken a huge knock as they were expected to be at least runners up. When you look at where we are atm from the group teams at the start, we have done ourselves proud. It's just a shame we have donkeys for strikers. I'd still have liked to see Nisbet get way more chances like a start for the Faroes game. That was the perfect opportunity to give him confidence and see what he could do for at least 70 mins. Clarke knew the faroes were well equipped defensively and was going for an aerial threat coming from dykes (which he doest really have in terms of headed goals for us). We really shouldn't fuck this up but if we get to the play off's, I can't see us getting through 2 matches whether we end up seeded or not. We just havnt the one talisman who can score goals like most other teams have.
  10. Great for guys like me then at the other side of the world And the foul given to Italy in euro 2008 qualifiers for a start which stopped us from going through.
  11. It's all good. I thought v Israel it was very close to a head kick from certain angles, though not after VAR.(obviously the cheating Israeli tried his luck) Last night looked like it could've hit Dykes' arm though would be unfair to not give that either. The very fact that VAR was used for both goals surely makes them contentious. Anyway, 6 points. Happy days It would be crazy after all the bad decisions and bad luck we've had over the decades for a Scottish supporter to want fair ruling.
  12. Both goals were extremely contentious though and VAR confirmed they stood quite rightly so. I'm all in favour of close calls being scrutinised especially with our luck in the last 6 decades. Both times VAR was used for us they took a max of about 5 minutes. I know I'd rather have a paltry 5 minutes of time out from around 187minutes and make sure of the 6 points.
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