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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Tribute Act v Dons 29/11 & Dons v Tribute Act 03/12


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Got to laugh at the usual McLean haters on here. Of all the things to be worrying about in the last hour or so, McLean's performance isn't even remotely important.


^^^^This. His performances shouldn't even be on our radar a the moment, easily in the top 5-6 players, no point in even mentioning him - especially not in every fucking match thread.


McKenna the only one who didn't disgrace himself tonight, with a decent performance (Lewis was a'rtie I suppose).


But, as everyone has already mentioned, shite-bagged it before the match started. No one on earth would have picked a back 5 with our personnel. Awful management.


We're way short in centre mid. I was given abuse for suggesting that Tansey was nowhere near good enough to replace Jack, tonight showed that he's barely on the same park. It's blatantly obvious that he doesn't have the pace and positional ability to play the role that McInnes expects of that midfielder, I can't believe he looked at Tansey and saw something there. It's like his Storey signing. Visibly not good enough. Unfortunately, O'Connor is proving inept in that role too against any above-average opposition. As expected, cause he's clearly a fucking defender.


What made it worse was, because we started with such a fucking awful formation, we effectively needed two subs to restore any form of game plan, and McInnes was never going to do that. If we'd started with the team that began the second half, we wouldn't have been chasing the game and, if we had lost a goal, we could have made positive changes to alter it instead of having to rip up our entire game "plan" and start again with little room for error.


Christie now missing for the weekend, so looks like we'll have to start two of Stewart, Wright and GMS. Although I expect to see Reynolds in midfield with Considine on the wing.

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He always does.


He's shite scared of the weegies


Exactly. McInnes has absolute form against the hun for this shite setup. He did it in the game here last season and was bailed out by a Maddison free-kick. He also tried it against Motherwell and the Tims with the same fucking awful effect. And against a really shite Hertz team and got a draw. It's nothing to do with the speculation and everything to do with McInnes' absolute cautious approach to management as shown over the last few years. He sets his teams up to manage the opposition (or attempt to) rather than playing to our own strengths in the most important games. He didn't shitebag it against the hun at Ibrox the last time, and we won convincingly. We're good enough to beat them, but we're not good enough to beat them by not playing our most potent formation and style. Especially when our personnel - Tansey, O'Connor, Considine - cannot play in the roles they're being selected for.


Fucking fuming. When's thon Black and Gold night so I can give McInnes a right good earful?

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Didn’t watch the game or listen to it but saw from the line up we shat it yet again. Play our formation and attack against a shit rangers team. What a disappointment but wtf - against both rangers and Celtic DMs tactics are usually complete shit and the performances and results usually prove it. Booooooo!!!

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Disgraceful performance. Manager completely shat the bed with his tactics again. Cannot understand why you stand off a team who are low on confidence. Surely we should attacked from the off. Tansey's challenge for penalty was unbelievable. Would not lose any sleep if he was freed in January. Christie should be fined heavily for his sending off. Needless. Tonight's performance made worse by Green Orcs dropping points. Better get a reaction on Sunday from Manager down.


No idea why folk having a dig at McLean. He was okay tonight.

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What I don’t understand is that when we are playing rangers or Celtic we are not man united playing in Barcelona.we don’t have the players or ability to sit and absorb pressure and counter attack with speed and quality. We cannot play that way.


The bigger issue is that rangers are shite. They should get no respect and we should be looking to smash them, attack from the off. Celtic are obviously better opponents but fuck me DM, what are you thinking???? This is blatantly obvious to pretty much everyone....

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What are our strengths at the minute?

We are minus an entire midfield, almost. As has been seen against Motherwell, the sevco, and timothy.

Tansey not good enough (on current form), O'Connor a CB, no RM at all. Shinnie, spends his time covering for Considine, who has not been good enough this season, and Christie who is not our player but I'd suggest is a number 10 ideally. We have two LM's but neither get a start and one is invariably brought on at RM. McLean has downed tools so not even worth the mention.


This is where managers (good ones) create a system and convert players. Players have a month. Currently;












I'd keep Rooney and Considine, Tansey to see if he can improve, everyone else can go in order to improve starting line up in the deficient positions.


If you stick best players in the SPL in those positions  we win the league, which while never realistic, indicates how close we are and again good scouting could identify those players.



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The one who really has shocked me with his decline is Logan. His consistancy this season in being totally honking is only topped by McInnes' apparent lack of ideas in how to deal with it. Consi may get pelters for being shyte and he probably is but I dont think there is a game where he goes out and doesnt try 110%. Even when he is played so obviously out of position at left back which is over 90% of the time.


Logan was superbly consistent in his first 3 seasons. I was amazed he signed a new contract late last season due to his family circumstances as it looked like he was offski to a club near his kids. However he resigned with us and at the time I was very pleased he did so. Sadly over the summer his form diminished. I presumed due to his previous consistancy that it would return within a couple of months. Not a bit of it. He doesn't look a bad player....he can't because he is too invisible to reach that level.


Disappearing down south for 24-48 hours after each game to see his kids cannot help. I hope to hell a new right back is top of DM's  (or whoever) shopping list in January.



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Considine is clearly not shite. He's a good SPL player. Not afraid to take the ball. However, he should never ever be playing left of a back 5 especially not as a wing back. He has been consistently decent at left back in recent years defensively, and puts in a shift every week. He's been hung out to dry on numerous occasions this season due to obviously shite tactics not just not suited to his strengths, but actively targeting his weakness (pace).


Agree regarding Logan though. He hasn't offered anything going forward for about a season now. He checks back all the time, and never hits the touchline when he clearly has the pace and ability to. Compare that to Tavernier today, and it's night and day. That said, Tavernier was quickly covered by Jack and the ither cunt every time he fucked off up the park. I wonder if McInnes tells Logan to take no risks on the ball? I don't think it's that, I think it's his own caution, but it's really stifling his game.

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3 goals tonight came from Consi's side. I know if I was an opposition manager I'd be telling my players to get at him. He isn't a bad player, but against the better sides in the league he isnt a particularly good one, especially with no real cover in front of him.


As others have said, another shitshow from the manager in Glasgow. Almost as if he was playing the huns of 20 years ago, not the garbage who plays for them now. Knew he was going to do something ridiculous with the team after the Reynolds sub on Sunday. There was no plan B without making a sub either. We were defeated before we started.

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