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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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Aye, play like that against Slovakia and we'll get beaten. Need two Lithuania (away....) type performances next month. Easily possible, but the Slovaks didn't look pish against England. Three teams in the mix who all need 6 points now, so should be very interesting. Any draws will mean the 2nd place team from our group probably won't make the playoffs. Even with 20 points we might struggle.

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What a horrible game. It made me angry! I didn't see the Lithuania game, but I'd rather watch the dons ten times out of 10. Shockingly bad, and Malta were so shit. The movement of the team was awful, few showing for the ball, and it was sideways and backwards for much of the game. Fuck, we were playing Malta! Misplaced passes, poor control, fumbling the ball, dribbling out of bounds, awful.


Forrest, Phillips, McArthur, and Griffiths in my eyes were particularly shit, yeah Griffiths got a goal and assist but was still shit. Biased obviously but I'd rather see Shinnie, Wright, Christie, and May any day.

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Just a bit biased



Griffiths is the best striker we have had since mcfadden...wouldnt be hard mind.


And phillips is a great player.


We have a very good team.


It was a bit of a non event this one and we were always going to beat Malta.


Some folks are never happy i tell ya.


Luxembourg drew with almighty france who are probably the best team in the world right now or in the top 3.


Im happy its not all over and its down to the last 2 fixtures.


Going to be a huge game against Slovakia.



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