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Re: Scotland squad
« Reply #700 on: November 18, 2018, 09:12:18 AM »
How was the performance?  Four goals and seemed to be by and large, a team on form?

Well placed first goal but horribly slow defending. Then a ridiculous red card and game over.

The test of a good team is being able to compete with other good teams and consistency in beating up the shite teams.

Beating a really shite team reduced to 10 men not the greatest examination paper but should surely give confidence and inspire them to whip Israel (who thrashed an even shitter team a few days ago).
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Re: Scotland squad
« Reply #701 on: November 18, 2018, 10:53:44 AM »
How was the performance?  Four goals and seemed to be by and large, a team on form?

Convincing win but achieved on the back of Albania being reduced to 10 men for 70 minutes (red card given correctly for a headbutt on Christie). We had taken the lead with a very good goal 5 minutes earlier but at that point Albania were giving as good as they were getting with the sevco winger Grezda causing Paterson at right back all sorts of problems and with Paterson on an early yellow card.......Grezda copped a booking for diving under a challenge from Paterson late first half still 1-0, replays looked like there was indeed a bit of contact and the ref could have given a penalty and poss red card to Paterson.

We then got a penalty on the stroke of half time from a free kick, defender in wall adjudged to have handled....ball clearly struck his arm but it wasn't in an "unnatural" position and I honestly believe 8 out of 10 refs would not have given it.

At 2-0 we were then comfortable all second half, added 2 good goals and could (should) have had at least 1 more when McTominay hit top of bar from 12 yards with just keeper to beat.

McKenna was steady, had a decent block in first half preventing an on target shot from 6 yards out from possibly giving Albania an equaliser. Didn't look too comfortable (alongside all the defence) on the few times Albania got crosses in from the flanks and was beaten in the air a few times by the Albanian centre forward, eventually picking up a quite unnecessary yellow card mid second half by climbing all over their CF and flattening him in the challenge.