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Aberdeen v Dundee Sat 19/8

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Given their start to the season fully expect Dundee to come up and sit it and try and shitfest their way to a point. Think we have the players to break them down but we may have to be patient.



Train up the road


Family BBQ

2-0 May and Stewart

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Pleased that there is a week between games. Will do the team a world of good.


Absolutely, they played a lot of football in a short space of time, despite it being the start of the season.


Dundee usually bring a decent crowd do they not?  i'd think there should be goals in this one, albeit a slow start given their recent performances.  Hopefully Elgin is about right for the crowd too.



Lake district

Wedding - I do love when people choose Lord of the dance as one of their Hymns  8)


3-0 Dons, May, Christie and GMS


Hopefully someone will be able to join you in the chat mbt!

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How're ticket sales for this looking? It'd be great to see another 14k plus attendance. Have a gut feeling may is gonna get his first goal today,  I know it's already in my prediction, but I was mightily impressed by him last week. Sure a clear week would have helped the team no end.

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2-1 May (x 2) Scored when Dundee had two players off injured but I give not a fuck, this seems to be a strange and unacceptable performance, but a win is a win ( If we hang on )


Hamilton destroying Hibs at Easter Road, 3-0 up and still goalless at Iprix between Huns and Hearts. 2 Results that would suit us just fine, unless of course Hearts score a late winner, that'd be fucking ace.

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A pretty forgettable game apart from Stevie May.Never managed to get going in the forward areas.Going to take a while to work out who works best with who etc,but nobody seemed to be on their game.....but 3 points again.

  Dundee offered nothing early on til we gave them encouragement,and showed that they could probably cause a few teams problems,starting soon hopefully.

  The good news is,Stevie May looks like he's still got it  :thumbsup:  O'Connor did well,the rest can do better


Crowd 15'646. Surprised by that,me and my fellow Main Stand curmudgeon both thought around 13 - 13'500.Maybe tickets were bought but not attended.Very good if correct though.

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No chance more than 13k there.


Stevie May's two goals were the only things positive. The man has a great instinct.


McInnes is a prick. What has Wright done to him?


Shambolic performance and quite frankly embarrassing.


This team can't get close to winning the league.


You dreamers crack on and celebrate whatever you interpret as success. AFC is shite.

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Weird old day, weather wise, strangely disjointed performance from the dons today, with the likes of Shinnie & Christie having poor games.  2 good ,well taken goals from Stevie May(the 2nd especially).  Thought Gregg Stewart looked really lively when he came on.

They say it is a sign of a good team when you play badly & take the 3 points ;D

Decent crowd,poor dees support.

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