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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Kenny McLean

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Not sure about that but he can't be far off it.  Trying to think of who we've had in between those times, I would say Eoin Jess was a better passer and possibly Scott Severin too.


McLean is doing really well for us but we need to see more end product - either through goals or that killer ball through the middle that Bett produced so regularly.

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I forgot about Seve, it's a pity we only got him towards the end of his career as he did have all the passing ability in the world. Didn't have the legs to run with the ball the same as Kenny and Jazzer can / could.


Jess, i still think of Eoin as being a deep lying striker even though he was used in midfield in his second spell with us. What a player though!

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Aye that 25 year old pensioner we signed could barely walk!


Obviously I never realised Seve was that young when we signed him. But since you pointed it out i looked up his stats and he only averaged 21 games a season for Hearts, i seem to remember him being plagued by knee injuries, so although you're clearing being sarky you're not a millions miles off, mobility was always his issue.

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Maclean is now having to get used to being a focus for the opposition team, so much goes through him and he's become a bit of target.  I would be interested to see his stats for being fouled for the past year, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it increase in the past few months.  I agree about end product though, we defo need to see a little more of him goal/assist wise.

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He may be able to pass a ball but he needs an age to do it.

Far far too soft, hides when the game gets tough.


First half last week he was about as effective as I was.




That sums up most of our players dd, about being too soft & hiding in big games.  Tansey should be an improvement .

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Laughable. But would expect nothing less from a joke club like them. No chance they could afford him


They could though. If they got enough season ticket sales. Which is what the story is really about. Just the daily Hun doing its bit for the establishment club.

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All part of the plan to heap the pressure on us in the run in for second place, to not even be second to Celtic will hurt the great unwashed and us doing it will hurt even more. ;D


Pretty much what i thought when i saw the "story".


They've done Jack and McLean, we should hold a sweepstake for who's next - i reckon they'll keep working through our midfield and next puffpiece will pretend Shinnie gives two shites about them.

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The club would be mad not to offload him for £1m.


His time at the club has been indifferent in general apart from the second half of this season where he has been outstanding.


Outstanding for a reason perhaps?


McLean is a 100% Rangers man - total bluenose as are all his family.  That is the case with other players but to be potentially offered money for him and not take it when he is free to go for nothing at the end of the season would be bonkers.


Easily replaced, plenty of talent with bite and passing ability - in fact they have already got one in ICT player coming in.


Sell, sell, sell, sell

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