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Dons v ICT Tuesday night

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Fuck , forgot about this game!


There is no way we can follow on from Friday's game with a similar result, but i'd still expect us to win.  Caley are rancid but always seem to dig deep against us.



Cycling home

Home - listening to the game and chatroom



2-0 dons, Hayes and Taylor.

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Need to keep the concentration for this one as Caley are going to be fighting hard to avoid the drop plus they always seem to raise their game against us as this is a job interview for most of them. As long as no injuries would expect the same team as started against Dundee.


Oot - I hate mid week games


Flat radio or stream if I can find one


2-0 Dandies


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It's possible DM may think about  shaking it up slightly with the hordes of mordor coming over on Sunday in mind.  Maybe just a couple of changes, get christie and pawlett in perhaps though I'm not sure who for.  If anything else many have commented on how this might be quite a hard fought match and ICT have a few players who are a bit clumsy in a challenge.  Maclean was rested against dundee with his fairly early sub so he's likely to start but perhaps McGinn or Hayes could be rested.  Is Stockley available for this game? He could be a good option to have if ICT start getting physical. 


One thing I would add is that this is the first time since the 7-2 Motherwell game that we are facing a side with a competent striker.  McKay is pain in the arse to play against sometimes and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he scored.  Inverness have defo improved since we played them last and the club in general has an ever growing grievance against us plus a lot of their fans actively despise Aberdeen.  In short they're going to be well up for this game but will be shitting it a bit after the Dundee game too.  Early goal could be key in this one, if we get that we could give them a bit of a shoeing 2bh but if it's still goal-less at half time it could be a really frustrating 2nd half.




Walk the dog listening to post match on RS

3-1 dons  Christie, Jack and Logan.


Really hope we win this as most of the boys in my darts team are Inverness fans.  The seethe would be glorious if it was all ex players on the Aberdeen score sheet I might add  :dance:

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Driving there and back strangely enough.

This will be as tight as usual. I'm expecting a bumper turn out which history suggests means it'll be a frustrating game. I reckon we'll win by the odd goal and i hope the crowd will be regularly reminding ICT that Mr Tansey will be wearing one of our shirts soon.

COYR  :thumbsup:

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Pitch is looking good ahead of tonights game  :thumbsup:


Apparently if Consi plays, he'll pull level in terms of appearances with Brian Irvine  :o


Pitch in good condition?  :o now there's a turn up for the books  ;)


Considine will be tied 9th on the all time appearances list according to twitter, good on him... can imagine he'll climb quite a bit higher too.

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One thing I would add is that this is the first time since the 7-2 Motherwell game that we are facing a side with a competent striker. 


Can't agree with that min.

Since the 7-2 we've come up against Boyd of Killie , Boyce of Ross County , Scott McDonald and Doolan.  All competent strikers in my book

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Well, we always struggle against ICT but the three points were always more important here. Another clean sheet to boot! How many is that we have for the season?  Momentum maintained and confidence really should be flying going into the game on sunday against the promoted team.



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Just back -  Started off bright enough,lost our rythym a bit mid match,and picked it up again near the end.A good 3 points though, against a tidy ICT.Their hammer thrower tags a bit harsh these days IMO.Should have been 2 nil but for a terrific goal line clearance from Storey  :o.

  Drop Rooney for Considinho on Sunday and it could be a barrowload    :P



Highlights  -  http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39414137

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