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Motherwell - Dons - Friday - *Pitch inspection passed*

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Seems like there is a general air of despair, apathy and annoyance around the club at the moment.  Really need a good victory to not only get the fans back on side, but also and more importantly, get the players confidence back up.  I think that's what's been frustrating about the past few weeks is that it isn't a case of not having the team to do better, we do, they just need to be set up correctly and get their confidence back.  I don't doubt their desire to do well, just isn't clicking at the moment.


Hopefully this is the game to do it, especially since it's tough place to go to. A few strong away performances will set us up well to go into the new year. 



Christmas shopping

Home - possibly listening if I can get away from the family


2-1 Motherwell, McLean

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Usually struggle to get away for Friday night games but as the office is closing at 1 this week I will be making it through. No idea how the team will line up but however it does we have to get a win to try and build a bit of confidence ahead of Tynecastle. Would not want to go there behind the Gorgie minks. Hopefully Rooney is back in as not convinced by Stockley at all especially in the loan striker role.



Couple of pubs from the station to the ground

Away end

Train back to the capital

2-0 Rooney and Hayes.

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Going to the pub. Just got told we're not getting away early tomorrow  :hammer: although having said that even if I had there was no danger I was going down to the game.


3 points plz.


Any of this 9-1 shit again and I will appoint Mezz as the SLO in retaliation.

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