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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

ūüĒī‚ö™ÔłŹ Come on you Reds!¬†‚ö™ÔłŹūüĒī

Caley jags vs Dons

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Back to proper football this weekend and we're away at caley.  we've got a bit of an iffy record there and their home from this season has been quite patchy too. Would love to see us get 3 points given those teams around us. But obviously it is incredibly important for the team to have some confidence ahead of the final.


In/out: out

Prematcher: hungover

Match: flat

Postmatcher: dinner somewhere

Prediction: 2-2, rooney and pawlett

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Nae gan, 1-0 the dons. Logan.


Be interesting to see the line up for this one. Will McInnes revert to type, or continue with the Partick line-up. I'd like to see Considine and Shinnie continue in centre back and left back respectively. Given the temperature is supposed to be near freezing at the weekend, I'd expect a solid and rutty pitch not conducive to decent fitba. I think this is the reason we bought Stockley, and I'd like to see him start alongside Rooney. If it's a midfield of Jack and McLean, I'd be happy for us to be reasonably direct and avoid getting bogged down in a physical midfield battle.

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In / out...... out


Pre-match...... applying Anusol to haemorrhoids


Match.....lying on sofa listening to bbc commentary


Post -match..... inserting ice cubes up sheugh


Prediction..... Urgent GP appt Monday to get ass grapes attended to............oh and 0-2, Consi and Burns

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I would hope we will continue with the back 4 that started against Partick as thought it looked solid. Would give Storey a run alongside Rooney on this one as players going back to their old clubs usually score... well they seem to against us.



Taking and collecting daughter from dance class

Edinburgh City v Cowdenbeath


2-0 Dons Storey and Rooney

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In or Oot  -  In if hill forecast for Skye is good.Will pop in past the fitba en route

Pre/Post - Driving

Prediction - Unpredictable games these.Forms maybe picking up though, 3-1 Dons  :dunno:


                                                                                            My arms have legged it      ^^^^                                 

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In/oot: In + 2

Prematcher: driving so just the half for me somewhere.

Match: back row ahind the goals.

Post: Southbound, then on here to find out how ten caats haemorrhoids are getting on.

Prediction: frantic game, loadsa goals. We'll score more than them.

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In/out: Oot - still in the bad books with the Mrs after last weekend


Prematcher: Taking Mrs oot for lunch in attempt to be in good books for next weekend


Match: Tuning into radio and following on @BTMAberdeen on twitter


Postmatcher: Belated firework party in the street.


Prediction: Straight back into wifes bad books due to some drunken shenanigans at fireworks party. Also think the

Dandies will get a draaa'

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Interesting to see how we line up for this one, it's the widest pitch in the country. I would very much like to see the same back line from the PT game as it looks like it's got potential.


Probably out as I'm just about to fly back from Iceland and it's easily the most expensive place I've ever been.


Walk the dog then maybe the pub


Crafty 1-0 the dons or an epic five goal thriller

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Proper fitba resumes, after a two week break because of a game last Friday against the guffs, I really wish we could go back to international games being on a Wednesday only and not interruptto the proper stuff at the weekends, just like the old days.


I see a tough game ahead of us up at Caley, but we should have enough and would expect the players have a point to prove ahead of next weekend.


I'll go 2-1 the dons, Stockley and McGinn to score.

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Some team news nicked from the Beeb site...


Inverness Caledonian Thistle are without the suspended Greg Tansey and injured pair Liam Polworth and David Raven for Aberdeen's visit.


Iain Vigurs, Brad McKay, Carl Tremarco and Aaron Doran are all available, but long-term absentees Ryan Esson and Kevin McNaughton remain out.


Aberdeen have a full squad, with defender Ash Taylor pushing for a place and winger Scott Wright fit again.


I heard on the radio that we only took one point out of a possible 9 off those horrible bastards last season.... They  most definitely raise their game for us.

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Polworth being out is pretty big for them, he's been playing really well under Foran.  Raven was one of the best rb's in the league a few seasons ago but has lost a yard of pace the past year or so and Tansey always shows up against us these days so all in thats really good news.  I'll revise my prediction to 3-0 dons Stockley rooney and Mcginniesta ;)

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Strange bench today, Morris, Taylor, and Reynolds but no Storie?? Bring Taylor on for Maddison with 15 mins left, uggg...


To be fair Maddison was on a booking so had to come off, and Taylor needed a run about in case he's called upon next week. Hopefully he won't be required, but I can see McInnes playing him.

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