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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪️🔴


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  1. Do we play them at home first or second if we beat this Cyprus mob?
  2. Dinna get me started on DJ Hamilton..... The thing you have to remember is that for every sports star who has decided to go down the 'brand' route there are a hundred more who don't give it a second thought. That's the way I see it anyway. Must admit I am quite fond of my 'Alan Tate for men' aftershave. The women love it.
  3. Jesus H Christ. You would think they had been humiliated enough without trying to get the team thrown out because one of their players took some extra strong asthma medication. Coming to think about it how hilarious would it be if they were successful with that complaint....... 'The mighty Rangers.... back where they belong.... big European nights.......' ......papped out again in the 2nd round by some diddy team from Cyprus.
  4. They need not worry as a certain Alex Mcleish has already popped his CV/begging letter in the post. Brilliant news and more good times to be a dandy. Management confirmed, Europa draw on Monday, 1 new and 1 semi new player to look forward to seeing and some big hints at a bit of cash to splash. We give the board a lot of stick but I reckon it's our turn to play our part and help bump up the season ticket sales.
  5. ^^^^ Looks smashing crazz but you nae being a bit snide with the beef in those olives?
  6. Gutted, I have already paid for mine but now I know you wont be going I might try and get a refund Joining a supporters club doesn't guarantee you a ticket for Ibrox or the cup games. As for Europa, for the more popular games the club usually do a ballot so it's pot luck. The atmosphere at Pittodrie is, as you have said, dire to say the least. North East folk like to go to the games and just watch football. It isn't all down to the club.
  7. There's a 50% chance Mrs Tyrant will be raging. We don't know where we play first leg until the draw. They pick a seeded ball and then an un-seeded ball and put them both in to another bowl. A quick shuffle then they take one out and whichever team that is will play at home first.
  8. I've not checked my ticket from Friday night yet so you never know
  9. mondo


    Slowly making up my mind on T2. Watched it 3 times since my original post and definitely growing in to it. A few things bother me though: There is way too much reminiscing to the original. It was a classic and it was a long time ago but it's well over done. Is it a new film or a sequel/anniversary/best of all rolled in to one? I find the relentless nods to hibs a bit sickening (yes, we get it after the first one but come on huh?) Which leads me to my main point. With all the hibs stuff (flags and strips everywhere, graffiti on walls etc) I presumed that the scene after renton and sickboy have looted the lodge where they are having a coke fuelled table football binge and then end up sliding on their knees celebrating was filmed at Easter Road. I read that it is actually filmed at Tynecastle which I thought would be a big no no, no matter what filming constraints were in place. Now just watching the film again I can't make up my mind which stadium it is. It looks like Easter Road to me but then, when the shot pans right out, the flood light pylons and overhead, white gantrys make me think it is Tynecastle. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Is that some kind of ancient proverb that I haven't heard before? The old plastic bottle next to a drain thing....
  11. Set your series link tonight. Band of brothers is starting from scratch on Sky Atlantic at 9pm. In the top 5 tv programmes of all time for me. Outstanding piece of television.
  12. mondo


    Gifted - Cracking little film, brought a tear to my eye. Only just seen T2.... watched it twice but still haven't made up my mind. "Choose life, verrrrronica" Watched Logan a while back - Excellent Kong Island - Shite
  13. 'atta boy. Stay positive Just wait till June the 19th like everyone else, book your flights and enjoy yourself.
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